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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tent Fire at Occupy SJ Encampment

A peaceful protest getting a little heated on Saturday night---and we mean that literally.

Two tents in the Occupy Saint John encampment caught alight at roughly 4:29am on Sunday. A passing driver noticed the fire and called city fire department.  

The tents that went up in smoke weren't "occupied"--and there were no injuries. Fire officials aren't sure what caused the blaze. City Police are also investigating how the fires started.

(Photo Courtesy Of Ashley Dow)

Construction Site Arson in Clair, NB

Police are looking for the culprit in an arson case in Clair, NB. Fire and RCMP responding to the call around 3am yesterday at a construction site. They found a dump truck totally consumed by fire, and evidence of a few smaller fires.

Someone had tried to ignite several utility trailers nearby, but didn't succeed.

The fires were set on purpose, say officials. Anyone who knows anything about the fire should contact the RCMP or Crimestoppers.

Community Supper at Occupy Saint John

Just days after the Occupy Halifax  protest was expelled from their protest site, the Occupy Saint John movement is attempting to drum up support for its efforts.

A community supper will be held at the tent village in King Square at 6pm this evening. It's taking place with the support of local veterans and business owners. Habib Kalisi will be in attendance--the local chef says that he's looking forward to providing sustenance and support for the protesters.

There will be a general assembly at 5:30pm, after which they will present the mission statements of the movement. Following the presentation, supper will be served. Anyone interested in the Occupy movement can attend.

More Cuts Could Be Coming To Moosehead

The recent 27 job cuts at Moosehead Breweries may not be the last.

Councillor Bill Farren, who works at the company, tells CHSJ News there could be layoffs in the packaging and uncasing department once the 20 million dollar expansion is complete.

He says it's because the new gear would require less manpower.

Given the labour dispute earlier this year, the layoffs, and the death of Moosehead family member Richard Oland, he says things have been tough but everyone will persevere.

He says if the cuts were to happen, they would most likely occur in May.