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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Opposition Calls for Committee to Oversee Refurbishment

The provincial Opposition Leader wants to see a committee set up to to oversee the refurbishment of Point Lepreau. David Alward says continuous delays are costing New Brunswickers more and more. The extra cost of the refurbishment was originally estimated to be about 150 million dollars when the project was five and a half months behind schedule. It is now seven months behind schedule, and said to be completed in early 2010. The project was originally pegged at a cost of 1.4 billion dollars.

Alward has been calling for a non-partisan committee to oversee the work for months. He says such a move will promote transparency and accountability.

Survey on Quality of Life Launched

The Greater Saint John Community Foundation is looking for public feedback on their quality of life in the Port City. An online survey has been released to measure the vitality of our community, identify significant trends, and grade 10 key areas that determine quality of life.

Between July 30th and August 7th, participants will be asked to grade data related to the Gap between Rich and Poor, Safety, Health, and Learning among others.

The Greater Saint John Community Foundation will release its fourth annual report card--Vital Signs 2009--in October. The survey can be found at

School District 6 Supports Education Minister's Transportation Decision

School District Six is breathing a sigh of relief following the Education Minister's decision regarding recommendations from the Coroner's Inquest into the deaths of 7 basketball players and a teacher. Roland Haché announced the recommendation to use Class 2B drivers and school buses for extra-curricular trips will not be enforced. Learning Specialist Paul Smith tells CHSJ news this is good for the district because the restrictions would have made it too expensive and difficult to continue many activities.

Smith says money has not been put ahead of safety and that no school vans will be used to transport students--but--parents will be allowed to help shuttle students to and from nearby activities.

Lotto Ticket Still Unclaimed

One lucky New Brunswicker may not even know he's lucky!! The Atlantic Lottery Corporation says a secondary prize has still not been claimed from the largest advertised jackpot in 6-49's history. The prize is worth 220 thousand dollars and the deadline to claim it is August 8th.

The second prize winning ticket was sold in Westmorland County for the August 8, 2008 6-49 draw that had an advertised 43 million dollar top prize. The jackpot was split two ways with top prize wins in Ontario and Quebec.

Fencing Repairs Completed

You may have noticed some damage to a section of the new wildlife fencing along Route 7 near the Petersville hill -- the fencing was damaged as the result of a single car rollover earlier this month.
A caller to our 648-3000 News line expressed concern the damage could eventually allow moose onto the highway -- we checked with the Transportation Department where a spokesman tells us repairs have been made to the damaged fence and other sections of the fencing damaged by heavy snow and fallen trees over the winter.
And CHSJ News has learned the Department is now developing a policy on maintenance of the fence to outline how often it should be checked and how repairs will be funded.

Update on Charges City Hall is Facing

We have a few more details today as to why City Hall is being charged with a violation of the Water Quality Regulation of the Clean Environment Act. Officials say it is related to a delay in notification by Saint John Water, a condition of its approval to operate, to the Department of Health back on June 29 of last year.

The court date is scheduled for the 13th of next month and the charge was made public yesterday.

Mayor Court Comments on Changes at Paper

No stranger to controversy with the local news-paper, Mayor Ivan Court is commenting today on the dismisal of Jamie Irving and Shawna Richer. Court tells CHSJ News, hopefully the T.J. will turn a page as they provide a valuable service with excellent reporters.

Court and the administration at City Hall have been under heavy scrutiny almost on a daily basis by the paper since taking office last year.

Changes Confirmed At Local Paper

A spokesperson for Brunswick News confirms Jamie Irving is out as publisher of the Telegraph Journal - she also confirms Shawna Richer is no longer editor of the provincial daily.
The vacancies come as the paper published a front page retraction of a story about Prime Minister Harper pocketing a communion wafer during the state funeral for former Governor General Romeo LeBlanc earlier this month -- the story gained national and international attention and Harper called it a low point in journalism.
The paper apologized to Harper and the reporters involved in the story for what it termed unfounded statements being added during the editorial process.
There's no word on replacements for Irving or Richer.

Moosehead Has a Hit on It's Hands

It appears Moosehead Breweries has a hit on it's hands. Moosehead Light Lime is the companies most successful launch of a brand in the past 25 years with 1.2 million bottles sold since June.27th. It was only available here and over on the Island for the first month but cases are being delivered to Nova Scotia this week.

President Andrew Oland says the product has exceeded their expectations and they are thrilled with the response. Production at the brewery has had to increase to meet the demand which means extra shifts for staff. Light Lime is the breweries second new product this year.......Cracked Canoe hit NB Liquor store shelves back in the spring.