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Friday, October 5, 2012

More Details Released On Oland Murder

Search warrants released  in the Richard Oland murder investigation are shedding more light on what happened the day the prominent businessman was found dead in his Canterbury Street office including his strained relationship with numerous family members and extramarital affair.

On the day Oland was killed, building owner John Ainsworth described hearing an exceptionally loud thumping sound, "like somebody banging on a wall", coming from his office as well as a "shuffling" sound from the same direction.

The warrants also outline testimony from the last person to see Oland alive who's considered the prime suspect in the case. It's believed the suspect, who had a strained relationship with Oland, lied about what he was wearing the day of Richard Oland's death. When seen entering Oland's office, he was carrying a red bag containing an unknown object or objects. Oland had lent the suspect $85,000 to pay for a divorce, and $500,000 for a mortgage. 

Richard Oland's wife, Constance, describes him to police as being verbally and emotionally abusive. The documents also show Oland conducting a long-term extramarital affair with a woman named Diana Sedlacek and advised his children to "handle it" without telling their mother. His daughter, Lisa Bustin, told police he expected everyone to perform at "150%" all the time and was extremely difficult to please.

The warrants also include a description of the items seized during various searches including cell phones, lap tops, and clothing.

The Best Folk Musicians In The Country Will Be In Saint John

The best in Canadian folk music will be will be honoured in Saint John next month from November 15th to the 18th with performances to be staged around town. 

The climax being the awards gala at the Imperial Theatre on the 17th. There are 86 nominees in 17 different categories. Folk musician Dave Gunning tells CHSJ News Saint John is a great place to host this event and the Imperial is one of the best sounding theatres you will find anywhere.

Blues singer, guitarist and composer Matt Andersen will be among the performers on stage for the gala. 

He's also nominated as solo artist of the year and will be joining forces again with renowned harmonica player Mike Stevens. Cindy Church and Susan Crowe will also be performing despite the death last weekend from cancer of Raylene Rankin at the age of 52.

E Building Opens At NBCC Saint John

You may have seen it dropping off your son or daughter at school in September but, the new E building on the campus of NBCC in Saint John just had its official opening.

NBCC President and CEO Marilyn Luscombe says the building focuses on the learning needs of the engineering technology students.

She says it's built on LEED energy standards and they hope to get a silver rating adding part of the construction is exposing some systems to be used a learning tools for some students.

The "e" in E building stands for energy, environment and engineering.    It has space for more than 500 students and also includes a public engagement facility that can be used by students, the community or business groups.

Kredl's Owner Speaks Out About Beef Recall

As one of Canada's largest recalls continues to widen, a local cattle farmer says none of thing would have happened if meat were produced the old fashioned way. 

Dave Wolpin is the owner of Kredl's: he says when you start with healthy animals that eat real food you don't run into too many problems.

Wolpin says if you want to get really good beef the best bet is to buy local so you know exactly what you're getting.

Exhibition Park Raceway To Be Revamped

On your mark...get set....get read for a new racetrack in Saint John....Horse Racing NB revamping the raceway at Exhibition Park to market the sport to a new, younger audience. 

Jeff Malloy of Horse Racing NB tells CHSJ News there's the added benefit of creating 150 jobs and perhaps even more spin-off jobs.

The new, expanded raceway won't necessarily include more seats, but simply a brighter, more modern look and feel. It will be built in a partnership with the Woodstock First Nation.

Confusion Over What Authority Common Council Has To Change City's Pension Plan

Common Councillor Donnie Snook wants clarification on how much authority the city to make changes to its pension plan with the province repealing the city of Saint John Pension Act.

He's confused after being told the city dosesn't have the authority to dismiss the Pension Board.

Mayor Mel Norton says they were talking about that one narrow issue and more legislative steps would have to be taken to get rid of the Pension Board which was created by provincial legislation.

He also points out there's the agreement to hold off doing anything until the Task Force on the Shared Risk model reports to Council.

When that will be done is uncertain but the Mayor expects it will be soon and he argues the city has control over what the future holds for its pension plan.

Julian Austin In Town Performing To Raise Money For Cystic Fibrosis

It'll be hopping tomorrow at the Saint John Marina with the third annual Britney Hanson Memorial Fest to raise money to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

It starts at 1 in the afternoon and continues until 2 Sunday morning at the Saint John Marina.

Country music star Julian Austin has been involved from the very beginning after meeting Britney before she died and being inspired by her courage.

Austin, Southern Comfort and Steve Waylon will be among the performers. There will also be an auction all day tomorrow.

Britney's aunt, Betty Melanson tells CHSJ News one in four people carry the gene for Cystic Fibrosis.

New Brunswick M-P To Endorse Trudeau For Liberal Leadership

Justin Trudeau will be making a trip to our province today to be endorsed by Beausejour MP Dominic LeBlanc, a lifelong friend.

LeBlanc ran for the federal Liberal leadership himself back in 2008 before stepping aside for Micheal Ignatieff. 

There had been speculation he might give it another shot but had not organised any sort of campaign team.

An insider close to Trudeau adds no pressure was put on LeBlanc to stand aside in favour of his childhood playmate. The Liberals will be choosing their new leader next spring.

Leblanc's father, Romeo was a longtime Trudeau cabinet member when Justin's father was Prime Minister and later served as Governor-General. He is also credited with saving the Admiral Beatty from demolition when it closed as a hotel before being turned into residential housing.

Popcorn Recall In Province

There's another recall to tell you about.......You're being warned to avoid consuming an American made popcorn because it may be contaminated with the Listeria bacteria.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says two lots of Indiana brand Aged White Cheddar popcorn are affected by the recall.

The best-before dates are February 18th and 25th of 2013.

The popcorn was sold in New Brunswick along with the rest of Atlantic Canada.

Barking Squirrel Beer Debuts

You may have never thought you would want a barking squirrel in your life.  But it's a beer, then maybe yes.

Barking Squirrel Lager is the most popular offering from Hop City Brewery who hosted a launch in Saint John last night.

The brand is owned by Moosehead Breweries.

Ray Gracewood tells CHSJ News there will always be a place for macro beers but more and more there is demand for craft beer.

He says the better beer movement is about food pairings and trying new things so it's an exciting part of the industry they are happy to be part of.

Hop City has three other brands available in Ontario and Gracewood tells us they would like to see them all available here at some point.