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Monday, February 10, 2014

Some Icky Weather May Be Coming This Way

We may be in for some icky weather later this week.

Environment Canada issuing a special weather statement saying a storm may bring a lot of snow and strong winds to the province on Thursday and Friday.

Since it's a few days away, it's unclear now how the system will evolve.

Environment Canada will continue to monitor the system as it develops and provide warnings as needed.

Pot, Molly & Stolen Goods Seized At KV Home

Two men being arrested after the Regional Street Crime Unit seizing pot, the street drug Molly and stolen property from a home in the Kennebecasis Valley.

Members of the Rothesay Regional Police, Saint John Police and RCMP finding the drugs and stolen goods while executing a search warrant at a residence on Sierra Avenue in Rothesay.

Both men will be making court appearances to face charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one will face charges of break, enter and theft.

Mayor Mel Offers Support To Russian Gay Community

The City of Saint John is showing its solidarity with the gay community of Russia.

Mayor Mel Norton tweeting a pic of the rainbow flag flying in front of City hall.

In the tweet, he says "to Russia with love".

SJFD Discuss Cause Of Union Street Fire

After two weeks of investigation by the SJFD, the cause of the blaze that destroyed much of the corner of Waterloo and Union may remain undetermined.

Divisional Fire Chief Mark Wilson tells CHSJ News it was almost impossible to collect evidence on the cause of the blaze due to how rapidly and quickly it spread.

Wilson says they're interviewing the people affected by the fire, but there are limits to what they can know, and the specific cause of the blaze isn't clear at this point, nor is it likely to be.

A Suspicious Car Fire, Resisting Arrest, And Other Tales From The Police Blotter

The Major Crime Unit is investigating after a 2000 Dodge Caravan was engulfed by flames on the corner of Victoria and Elgin in the North End.

The fire looks suspicious and the van was taken in for forensic analysis.

As well, a 22 year old arrested on an outstanding warrant is facing charges after taking a gamble with his life on Chesley Drive. Police got that call late on Friday about someone walking in the middle of the street, with traffic, wearing dark clothing and listening to an Mp3 player and clearly posing a danger to himself and to drivers.

Police checked the man out and determined he was wanted on an outstanding warrant; however, when they tried to arrest him he refused and started fighting with police. He was taken into custody until his court appearance on charges of resisting arrest and breaching probation.

Gallant Speaks On Hope and Fear

A full house at the Delta to hear the Liberal leader give a speech to the Board of Trade with the theme of hope versus fear.

Brian Gallant tells CHSJ News he is someone who is focused on hope.

He says people in the province don't focus on instilling pride in themselves enough but if we work together we can get our province back on track when it comes to the economy and jobs.

Gallant re-iterated his pause stance on a shale gas industry adding there are two major studies coming out this year and he thinks government should wait to see what they say.

Concern Over Release Of Sex Offender In Sussex Area

People who live in a small community north of Sussex are up in arms after learning a convicted sex offender is returning after serving his time, albeit with a list of conditions. 

54 year old Terrance Leger was convicted on three charges of sexual interference involving young boys. 

Dave Mantin is Director of the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and tells CHSJ News where Leger plans to live is too close for comfort with a school bus stop and church nearby. He claims Leger will be violating the conditions of his release everytime he walks out his front door and wonders if the RCMP ever checked where he was going to reside.

The Parole Board concluded Leger was at high risk to reoffend. According to Mantin, 68 per cent of sex offenders who have a preference for young boys reoffend. 

A public meeting on this will be held tomorrow night at the Millstream Recreation Centre starting at 6:30.

Woman Facing Coke Dealing Charges

A 29 year old woman is looking at charges of dealing coke after an operation involving RCMP and the Fredericton police.

Last Wednesday, Laura Karen Burton was arrested facing two counts of trafficking cocaine and one count of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

She was in court the next day and will remain in custody until her next court appearance tomorrow.

Police Commission Chair Concerned Over Escalating Policing Costs

The escalating costs of policing are an issue facing municipalities across the world, and newly-minted Saint John Police Commission Chair Jonathan Franklin tells CHSJ News the expenditures in some areas are simply unsustainable. 

He says if we built high rises and concentrated the population of Saint John into a smaller area, we could cut our policing budget by half, but the fact is that we're spread out and that makes policing more complex.

Franklin had been scheduled to present a report on policing costs to common council, but the request was withdrawn after commission members raised concerns the report didn't represent their views. 

He emphasized the report wasn't personal, it was just a look at the facts, and there needs to be more discussion of the options.

Man Arrested With Weapon

City Police tell CHSJ News they were called to an uptown bar early this morning after a man was threatened. 

Two other men were arrested, one of whom was armed with a weapon.

Counsellor Delivering Workshop On Sexual Ethics

Most of us get our sexual health education in high school, but New Brunswick Community College counselor suggests we may not be learning enough. 

Kris Trotter is giving a Valentine's Day presentation in the Port City on sexual ethics, something she says isn't really covered in our educational system. Trotter tells CHSJ News teachers and parents tell her that young people are learning about the hardware, they know about biology and sexual acts, but there hasn't been enough in terms of managing what she calls the software.

Trotter says it's largely about being able to accurately read someone's body language and checking in if you're unsure. The workshop is being held on Friday, February 14 at 7pm at Saint John High School and is being offered through UNB Saint John Leisure Learning Courses. For more information contact or call 648-5962.

Warning About Deer Attracting More Coyotes

There's a lack of acknowledgement about the presence of Lyme Disease in the province.....So says Anne Downey of Model Farm Road whose dog "Gus" was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. 

She likens dogs to canaries in the mine shaft because once a family pet is afflicted, it's just a matter of time because it spreads to people. She also warns the growing number of deer are attracting coyotes that see the deer as lunch.

Downey's husband, Robert tells CHSJ News they also have a real problem with deer on Darling's Island, Millidgeville and Deer Island.

Downey also says just one deer eats a ton of food a year and for every one you see, there are six others roaming about. He blames the Bambi syndrome for inaction thus far but would like to see people fined for feeding deer and special permits issued to bow hunters.

Cabinet Minister Says Province Is Doing Teachers A Favour

Provincial Finance Minister Blaine Higgs wants legislation passed during this session of the Legislature to change teacher pensions to the shared risk model.

Higgs maintains the government can’t continue to make special payments that have averaged $83 million annually over the last 10 years. 

Provincial Attorney General Ted Flemming tells CHSJ News there's been a lot of fear mongering on the part of those who want to keep the status quo.

Flemming says the change means teachers will have to contribute more to their pension plan, if they decide to retire in their mid fifties then they'll get less than if they worked longer and cost of living increases will depend on how well the fund performs.

He also argues the government is actually doing the teachers a favour if you look at what is happening elsewhere. Flemming points out even a city such as San Jose, California in Silicon Valley, no less, is on the verge of bankruptcy because of unfunded pension liabilities.