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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adult Store Gathering Support From Petition

An adult store in Sussex is fighting to keep it's doors open.

Crytsal Henderson is the owner of new store 'Intimate Desires', and she's gathering signatures on a petition to keep her store running after the Town of Sussex ordered it closed.

Support for the store has also gathered online, where a facebook group has collected almost 300 members.

The lingerie and marital aids store was open for less than a week when it received a cessation notice from the town.

Cherry Brook Zoo Might Lose Council Support

One of the only councils that help support the Cherry Brook Zoo is questioning whether it will do it again for their next budget.

According to Mayor Bill Bishop, Rothesay Council was the only municipality to give money to the zoo last year, and the zoo is back asking for financial aid again. When CHSJ news asked Mayor Bishop if Rothesay is hesitant to donate funds, he said yes he's hesitant himself. Bishop says it looks like the zoo will be going out of business pretty shortly, so putting money in won't improve their desperate financial situation.

Rothesay Council has referred the request to finance.

Rescue Boats Sent Looking For Missing Boater

It took just over a two hours for the KV fire department to find a man adrift in his boat the Kennebecasis River.

Deputy Chief Dan McCoy tells CHSJ news they got the call he was in trouble around 7:30 last night. McCoy says the man had left the peninsula side of the river, had mechanical problems, and was found further down the river. 

The man had left from the Renforth yacht club and was found on his boat in shallow water. McCoy says they were able to find him before external resources like Saint John and Penniusala fire departments arrived on scene. He says the reason it took so long to find the missing man was because the man thought he was in a different location than he actually was.

McCoy says the man was cold and disoriented, but did not have to be sent to hospital.

Autopsy Scheduled Today For Body

Photo Courtesy of Tina Durelle
An autopsy is scheduled today for the body that was found in the waters by Long Wharf just before noon on Saturday.

Police say the body is very decomposed, making it impossible to determine the gender or identity. Members of the fire department removed the body from the water before it was transported to the Saint John Regional Hospital.

VIDEO: Historic Name Change For NB Regiment

Members of government and high military officials speaking to a large crowd at the Marco Polo Cruise Ship terminal.

The special announcement marks the official name change of the 3rd Field Artillery Regiment of New Brunswick to it's historic and original title, "The Loyal Company". Being created in 1793, the artillery regiment is one of the oldest in Canada.

UNB's Dr. Lee Windsor tells us the change honours and recognizes the regiments contributions to the War of 1812, World Wars and more. Windsor says "The Loyal Company" is a foundation of our modern Canadian army, and the name change connects us to our past.

The Loyal Company's name was changed in 1975 for multiple reasons, but MP Rodney Weston says in the minds of people here the name never left. Weston had approached Defense Minister Peter McKay about restoring the name earlier this year.

Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Strachan says the regiment is better equipped than it was 220 years ago, but it's still a citizen army made up of members of the community in Greater Saint John.

Mayor Gung Ho On Fourplex

Common Council wants to have a fourplex built by the time its mandate runs out 3 and a half years from now.

It would be made up of 3 NHL sized rinks as well as an Olympic sized surface for figure skaters and might have other features like a walking track.

 Mayor Mel Norton says the fourplex would replace the existing rinks around town that are aging and will be in need of major upgrades.

Norton says the fourplex would give the city one more additional rink over and above what it has now.