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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fire on West Side

An early morning fire has left two families homeless on the West Side.
Crews responded to a fire at a 100-year-old, two-storey building at around 2 a.m. today.
Officials say the cause was reported as electrical, although the investigation continues.
There were no injuries, but firefighters say the building has been gutted.
[Information provided by Canadian Press]

Stolen Vehicle Results in Teens Being Charged

A stolen vehicle has four teens facing serious charges today. The vehicle was pulled over on Loch Lomond at 5 o'clock this morning under suspicion of impaired driving. The teens have been charged with possession, assault and property theft. No word yet on a court date.

Impaired Arrests Up

The number of impaired drivers being arrested by city police is higher this year than in previous years. Sgt. Jeff LaFrance with the Saint John Traffic Division says that could be because more officers being trained to recognize when a driver is impaired by drugs--and not just alcohol. Sgt. LaFrance says officers can tell by looking at drivers whether they are impaired by drugs or alcohol and there are a number of tests they can do to confirm it. He says if they didn't have that training, the drivers could still be out on the roads.

Fire in South End

Lots of smoke in the south yesterday afternoon. Crews responded to a structure fire on Carmarthen Street in the South end around 2:45 and arrived to find smoke coming out of a third storey window. Crews were able to contain the blaze in a third storey kitchen and put it out within an hour.
There were no injuries and a cause is under investigation.
The building sustained smoke, fire and water damage.