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Friday, June 5, 2009

Ambulance NB Responds to Highway Crash Response Delay



A spokesperson for Ambulance NB says there was a bit of confusion at a highway accident near exit 137 last night because dispatch in Moncton only received a call for one accident--when in fact there were two. Sophie Cormier tells CHSJ news there was a crash on each side of the highway at the same exit--but--they were not visible to each other.

Cormier says they were only notified of the second accident by police at 8:45pm and were asked to respond with an ambulance by the fire crew at 9:05pm. She says the entire call and response logs will be reviewed.

Ambulance Takes Over One Hour to Respond to Highway Crash



One Rothesay Man is thanking his lucky stars after walking away from a serious truck crash last night on the MacKay Highway.  Ben Scholten lost control of his truck while trying to avoid a deer and flipped end over end several times before landing in the woods.  Scholten is especially thankful he wasn't seriously hurt because he says it took an ambulance more than an hour to arrive on the scene--and-- that has left him asking a lot of furious questions.

Scholten says he crashed the truck just after 8pm and RCMP were the first to arrive on the scene at 9pm, followed by fire trucks and finally an ambulance. He says the paramedics told him that they had only received the call five minutes before arriving. We have placed a call into Ambulance NB and have been told they will look into the incident.

RCMP Dismantle Two Marijuana Grow Operations



RCMP in Charlotte County are making gains in the illegal drug trade. Officers say they have dismantled two indoor marijuana growing operations in the past couple of weeks. More than 140 marijuana plants, 900 grams of marijuana, several firearms and marijuana growing equipment were seized from homes in the Pennfield and Oven Head areas.

Three people have been arrested and will appear in court at a later date. They include a 39-year old man and a 39-year old woman from the Pennfield area and a 54-year old woman from the Oven Head area.

71 Year Old Woman Charged in Stabbing



A 71-year old Smith Creek woman has been charged with one count of Aggravated Assault today after an attack on a 53 year old woman left her with a slashed neck and leg wound. Elsie Meehan has been remanded to custody for a 7-day in-jail assessment. The victim has been stitched up in hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Meehan is due back in Sussex provincial court next Friday.

Province Announces Financial Assistance for Flood Victims



Victims of spring flooding near Miramichi, Restigouche and the St. John river are eligible for provincial assistance.  Public Safety Minister John Foran has announced the Disaster Financial Assistance Program for those who experienced property damage and loss during the ice-jam flooding.

Money will be available for their homes, large appliances and the cost of cleaning up. While water levels this spring did not reach the levels of the 2008 flood, there were several regions affected, particularly in the Hartland area.

Local Project Benefiting from Affordable Housing Funding



The $99 million dollar joint investment for affordable housing by the provincial and federal governments is helping get a local project underway.
Chairman of the Abby St. Andrews project Peter Jollymore says to receive more funding they will increase the amount of subsidized units.

Jollymore says the project will offer a mix of 55 subsidized unit and 41 market priced units.
Jollymore says he hopes to break ground in early July to be finished over a year later.

Salty Jam Festival Gets Federal Funding



The federal government is giving over $13 thousand dollars to the organizers of the Salty Jam Festival.
M-P Rodney Weston made the announcement today, and says the money comes from the Building Communities Through Arts and heritage program.
Chair Renea Sleep says the money is allowing organizers to put on more free shows, and also increase the amount of artists.
Over 50% of the artists performing are local, with the entire lineup being Canadian.
Headliners include Plants and Animals, and Tokyo Police Club.
The event runs through July 9th to 11th, at various venues across along the Saint John Waterfront.

Arrest of Someone Selling Dope



Following several complaints of possible drug trafficking in and around Kings Square toward students, City Police acted quickly and have made an arrest. Yesterday morning at 8:30am, officers arrested a 17-year old and charged him with trafficking in a controlled substance. 

Scales and a large quantity of marijuana was seized. The 17-year old has a court date scheduled for July.13th. 

LifeGuard Schedule for City Beaches Released



If you have been itching to take a swim at one of the Public Beaches in Greater Saint John, something to keep in mind. Lifeguards don't go on duty until the 20th of this month and will be in the big chairs until August.23rd between 11:00am in the morning and 5:30pm in the days a week.

Fisher Lakes, Dominion Park and the Lakewood Reservoir are all ready for another season but Lily Lake is closed until further notice due to the construction in the area. It hopes to open for the season on July.10th.  


New Home for Saint John Transit



The transition phase continues for Saint John Transit. As demolition crews continue to tear down the current facility on Fairville Boulevard, construction crews are putting on the big push to finish up the new building at the corner of MacDonald and Loch Lomond Roads. General Manager Frank McCarey tells CHSJ News, it's been a tight squeeze as crews work on tearing down their facility.

McCarey says they will be into the new facility be the end of the month. 


Cleaning up Work for Brunswick Pipeline



Employee's with Brunswick Pipeline continue to go over the area where they buried their 145 kilometer project. This is to ensure they restore all of the area's to the condition they found them. Spokes-person Susan Harris tells CHSJ News, they began in the urban area's back on the 25th of last month.

Harris says the jobs range from small, medium and large with the hopes of fixing up a kilometer and a half a day. The work will continue until September.

Stabbing in Sussex Corner



A 53-year old woman had her neck slashed and was stabbed in the leg last night. RCMP say they were called to a home in Sussex Corner last night just after nine o'clock. Several stitches closed up the woman's wounds and she will make a full recovery.

A 71-year old woman has been taken into custody and will be in court later today to answer to a charge of aggravated assault.

Rothesay Police Make an Arrest



Quite a find for Rothesay Regional Police last night. One man is locked up on suspicion of stealing from vehicles all over the Province. Officers were working on another file when they recognized the man in a video as someone they have been looking for. Officers say the vehicle the man was driving was loaded with stolen goods including gift cards and cash to name a few.

Ironically, this man was arrested by Rothesay Police a few years ago but since moved out of New Brunswick. E-mails have been sent to police departments all over the Province to see if officer's recognize this suspect related to any other thefts. He will be in Hampton Court later today answering to several charges including possession of stolen goods.