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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

City Releases Garbage Totals From Area Where Most Saint Johnners Get Their Drinking Water

It cost the city over 26 hundred dollars at the landfill just to get rid of all the garbage that was collected in the cleanup around the Loch Lomand watershed last week where most people in this city get their drinking water.

The city reports it collected more than 23 and a half metric tons of trash. That amounts to 52 thousand pounds of garbage.

The junk included a pool table, couches, tires, scrap metal, heating oil tanks, oil containers, mini propane tanks and diapers.

Two Possible Locations Mentioned For K-V Skateboard Park

(Skateboard Park Chair Robin Parks)
      (Photo by Brian McLain)

The committee formed to get a skateboard park built in the Kennebecasis Valley has a couple of possible locations in mind. Committee chair Robin Parks tells CHSJ News being close to the Q-Plex and at the Culture Park by the town hall come to mind right off the bat.

Having a location in mind is one thing but then comes the hard part.........Where will the $500 thousand come from to build it? Parks is hoping for business sponsorships, government funding and money from fundraisers.

She goes on to say Rothesay Regional Police are on board because they're tired of getting calls about young people skateboarding where they shouldn't and parents are getting fed up with having to take their children to skateboard parks in Saint John and Moncton. It's estimated there are 800 regular skateboaders in the valley.

Parks says if there is enough land, as part of the project, basketball courts and even a splash pad could be added later on.

Christmas Card For Troops In Afghanistan Vandalised In Market Square

(Christmas Card At Market Square Kiosk To Be Sent To Troops)
                 (Photo by Brian McLain)

Some fool with a black felt marker has vandalised the large Christmas card at the Market Square kiosk that people were signing for the troops in Afghanistan.

Some sort of grafitti type marking was scrawled on the inside of the card. Artist Norm Jackson came up with the idea of the card and tells CHSJ News he's disappointed.

Jackson is hoping he can clean the card up but concedes some of the names and messages might be lost.

He's urging those who signed the inside to come down and have a look to see if their names and messages are lost. If so, they can sign again once the card is cleaned up.

A Call For An Increase In Social Assitance

The cry for more cash for those on social assistance can be heard coming the Common Front For Social Justice. Spokes-person Aurea Cormier tells CHSJ News, the Alward Government must realize the rate isn't competitive:

She says it's one of the lowest if not the lowest in the country and it's long overdue that it be adjusted.

Cormier points out that between 2006 and this year, basic items like eggs went up by 21.9%, cheese 36.7%, rice by 42.6% and flour by 84.9%.

Armoured Car Workers Going Back To Work

After months of walking picket lines around the Province, members of the Teamsters Union are going back to work.

Armoured Car Workers with G4S Secor Cor Cash Solutions have voted 85% in favor of accepting the latest offer from the company. The vote was held earlier today but no details are being released until it has been ratified.
Workers hit the picket lines over two months ago over several issues including a wage increase, saying no to current and new employee’s being subject to a polygraph test and looking for back wages from the previous contract.

Management has been filling since the strike began and employees are expected to be back on the job with-in weeks.

Premier Plans To Keep Campaign Promise to Seniors

(Premier David Alward)

The Premier says it's full steam ahead with his property tax freeze for seniors over the age of 65.

David Alward tells CHSJ News it's an important campaign promise that he intends on keeping.

He says he doesn't have a date for the freeze in place yet but wants to make it happen as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Saint John Mayor Ivan Court says such a freeze would sap millions from the city coffers and makes planning municipal budgets problematic.

Eyewitness Testimony In Alma Street Stabbing Case

Eyewitness testimony was delivered at the second degree murder trial of 27 year old Crystal Dawn McKenzie who's charged in the stabbing death of her of her common law husband, 29 year old Patrick Thomas, back in March.

A neighbour in the Alma Street apartment building where they lived testified McKenzie ran into her bedroom out of sorts, saying she wasn't going to take it anymore. 

McKenzie grabbed a broom and after scrapping on Waterloo Street where she was put in a headlock by Thomas, McKenzie went back into the apartment and got hold of a knife.  She then stabbed him in the neck and shoulder while he was choking in her in the doorway.

Saint John Police Kept Busy This Morning

The search is on for two men in their twenties after a home invasion in the South End this morning.
It was just before two o'clock when a man was woken up by a knock on his door at 240 Duke Street.
Two masked men with a weapon greeted the 26-year old and demanded dope and cash.

He told them he had neither, so they grabbed his Blackberry, charger and DVD's.

Nobody was hurt.

Then roughly about a half n hour later, City Police were called to the parking lot at 411 Ellerdale Street East to find a man unconscious.
He was taken to the Regional where he remains getting looked over.
No word on what happened but Major Crime has been called in.

Construction At Sussex Mine Continues

Construction of the new Potash Corporation Mine in Sussex continues to make steady progress.

General Manager Mark Frachia tells CHSJ News, there are close to 1000 people working on site and that number is expected to grow to close to 1200 in the new year.

Frachia adds a dispute with the contractor working on the compaction plant has been resolved and it's expected it will be finished early in the new year and commissioned by January.

As for the rest of the project, salt mining is still on schedule to begin in 2012 and potash the following year.

Amalgamation Talk Still On The Table

(Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop)
        (File Photo)

Amalgamation remains on the discussion table for both Rothesay and Quispamsis.

In a letter to Quispam, Rothesay asks if the topic can be discussed and the answer is yes.
Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News, if a decision is to be made, he would rather have it done on this level than be mandated into it.
Bishop adds it would only be wise for both Town's to do their home-work before there is any pressure from the Province.

Alward Government Is Asked For An Increase

The group Common Front For Social Justice is calling for action by the Alward Government when it comes to social assitance.
Calling it one of the lowest rates in the country, it is looking for an increase as the price of everything continues to climb.
Spokes-person Aurea Cormier tells CHSJ News, their data shows that a walk through the grocery store is no easy task for those on a budget.
Some of the numbers show the price of basic items like eggs went up by 21.9%, cheese 36.7%, rice by 42.6% and flour by 84.9%.
Cormier says the fact thousands of people in this Province go to bed hungry is a shameful result of our political leaders’ inability to govern in the interest of the common good.

Heavy Damage To ATV Trails Around The Province

Thousands of dollars in damage is being reported on ATV Trails through-out the Province.

This after the heavy and record rain-fall over the past few weeks.

Spokes-person Jacques Nadeau tells CHSJ News, in some area's, culverts have been exposed and bridges washed out.
Nadeau adds they made need to get approval from the Province before moving ahead with some of the repairs but hope to have everything fixed soon.

No Cash For Amalgamation Study In Quispamsis

Quispamsis Council has voted down, almost unanimously, setting aside 30 thousand dollars in next year's town budget to study the implications of amalgamating with the town of Rothesay.

Councillor Gerry Maher was the only vote in favour and warns Rothesay and Quispamsis are being targeted for amalgamation by the Province.

Mayor Murray Driscoll says the two towns will talk about merging but he disputes the contention that those who would be directly affected by a merger will do all they can to scuttle the process for their own self interest and preservation.

Driscoll says there's not enough money in his job as mayor to be looking out for it.

Push Is On For SkateBoard Park In Quispamsis

(Skateboard Park Spokes-person James Buchan)
               (File Photo)

A big turnout at Quispamsis Council to show support for construction of a skateboarding park in the Kennebecasis Valley.

Town Councillors were told the need is there with an estimated 800 regular skateboarders in the K-V and that could be low balling the actual number.

Council heard from an active skateboarder, James Buchan who offered his opinion of the skateboard park in Saint John.

The estimated cost of a skateboard park in the Valley is pegged at half a million. It's hoped development can begin in the spring but the town has not committed itself to providing any money yet.

Insurance Bureau Of Canada Backs Alward Government

A 36 per cent reduction in provincial insurance premiums since the $2500 cap on soft tissue injuries was brought in proves it's working.

That from Bill Adams of the Insurance Bureau of Canada who say they will work with the Alward government's review of the controversial legislation.
Critics of the law say the payout is nothing when accident victims are suffering with life-long injuries that require treatment and medication.

Resident Rattled After Home Invasion

Major Crime has been called in to investigate after a home invasion in the South End early this morning.

City Police tell us someone in an apartment was woken up by noise just after two o'clock and called officers to come and check things out.
When they arrived, the person who broke in had already taken off with a few items. No one was hurt.

Peoples Alliance party Leader Elected

(Peoples Alliance Party Leader and Minto Councilor Kris Austin)
                           (File Photo)

The Peoples Alliance Party Leader has a new voice after being elected a councilor in the village of Minto following an unsuccessful bid at becoming an MLA in the Provincial Vote.

31-year old Kris Austin captured 440 of the 920 ballots after coming in third in September's provincial election in the riding of Grand Lake-Gagetown.

Admitting the loss was a tough pill to swallow, Austin says he still wants to contribute to his community and the municipal seat was one that he couldn't pass up.