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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Campaign for Bicycle Lanes in Quispamsis

A cycling enthusiast from the Kennebacasis Valley is asking Quispamsis council to support implementing bicycle lanes on all developed roads in the municipality.

Brain Gillis tells CHSJ News, there is a need and desire for bicycle lanes in the area, and if there were lanes---non cyclists would likely starting hitting the road.
Gillis says the estimated cost of the project is around $56 hundred dollars, and hopes the town considers implementing lanes on future road developments.
Gillis says the town should be making it easy for residents to use human powered transportation.
Quispamsis council tabled the issue until they receive more information about it.

Free Flow Of Cross Border Trade Remains A Priority

(Premier Graham speaking at the wrap up news conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers - photo by Gary MacDonald)

It's now history -- the 33rd conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers has wrapped up here in the city approving a number of resolutions mostly focused on renewable energy and the green economy.
The final resolution quietly dealt with promoting open and secure trade within the region and across the border -- but -- in response to a CHSJ News question -- Premier Graham says the free flow of goods remains a top priority.
The conference also approved a resolution to continue coordinated planning to deal with the expected swine flu pandemic.

Graham Welcomes New Talks In Doctors Dispute

Premier Graham says it's a positive move with the doctors and province back at the table talking.
But Graham refused to be pinned down on which side made the first move -- he would only say it was a joint release to announce the talks were back on avoiding Wednesday's court case.

Irving Urges Caution When It Comes To Mega Infrastructure Projects

A word of caution from the C-E-O of Fort Reliance formerly known as Irving Oil -- Kenneth Irving told the conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers at the Delta governments should be careful about committing to major infrastructure projects especially energy related projects.
He says we should develop strategies that are flexible enough to respond to the future as it unveils itself.
But Premier Graham isn't taking that as a warning about moving ahead with a second reactor at Point Lepreau -- he says nuclear energy plays a big role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2016.
Meantime -- Graham meets with N-B Power head David Hay later this week to discuss delays and cost overruns on the upgrade of the existing reactor -- problems the Premier is putting at the doorstep of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited which is overseeing the refit.

Doctors and the Province Not Going to Court

They were due in court tomorrow but cooler heads appear to have prevailed. The province and Medical Society are back at the table discussing the issues that were forcing the court date. Doctors around the province want the Graham Government to honor a tentative agreement from December of last year and were willing to present their case to a judge to make it happen.

The Province responded to that legal application by introducing legislation to block it. In a news release on the provincial government website.....both parties have asked that tomorrow's court date be adjourned as discussions have resumed.

Nova Scotia First Out Of Gate On Tidal Power

Nova Scotia is about to get a leg up in the race to harness tidal power and produce it commercially.
Minus Pulp and Power has been given environmental approval to begin building a tidal generation facility -- and -- company president Scott Travers told the conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers underway at the Delta there's a lot of potential in the Bay of Fundy.
Travers says construction will begin later this month and when the facility comes online -- it will be the first in the world to commercially produce tidal power -- something that's not of great concern to Energy Minister Jack Keir.
Keir says working on renewable energy resources in this region is a partnership -- New Brunswick is leading the way in wind generation while Nova Scotia is leading on tidal power with the objective to get the energy online as soon as possible.
Fort Reliance - formerly Irving Oil - is currently studying a number of sites on this side of the Bay of Fundy for potential tidal power generation facilities.

National Neo-Natal Day Celebrated

A Saint John woman is honoring what she calls ""HEROE'S"" at the Regional Hospital. Today marks National Neo-Natal Day and Isabelle Logan knows first hand the amazing work performed in the unit everyday. Logan's son Tristan was born April.4th of last year three months premature and spent five months in the unit before passing away four months later.

Logan tells CHSJ News, she entered a team in this years Rally of Hope in memory of her son to purchase equipment for the unit and raised close to ten thousand dollars. Logan says what-ever event takes the place of Rally of Hope she will take part in memory of her son.

Imperial Theater Receives Cash from City Hall

The city is giving the Imperial Theatre a $25 thousand dollar shot in the arm for the next 4 years. The theatre originally requested the city kick in $50 thousand dollars to it's "Keep It Live Capital Campaign" for the next 4 years, but are receiving half of that.

The $25 thousand dollars will be included in the operating budget for the next four years under Arts and Culture.

Cash for New Parking Meters

Pay and display parking meters with upgraded credit card readers are being purchased by the Saint John parking Commission. Common Council approved the $77 thousand dollar purchase for this years budget as well as the over $80 thousand dollars needed for installation on next years budget.

The meters will be installed on Princess, Prince William and Charlotte Streets.

City Hall Meets with Waste Commission

A major decision by common council is being put on hold until a special meeting can be set up. Council plans to meet with representatives from the Fundy Solid Waste Commission to discuss the merits of a user pay system for garbage pick up. Councillor Chris Titus says before a meeting is scheduled, council needs to indicate to the solid waste commission what direction the city is planning to take.

The possible user pay system suggests residents will be billed for garbage removal on their water utility bill and will possibly be provided 5 free bags per year to be used during heavy refuse times like Christmas.

Protest in Front of the Delta

               (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Trades workers for the second day in a row staged a protest outside the Courtney Bay Inn. This is to voice their displeasure with workers from Alberta coming in and taking jobs at the CanaPort LNG Terminal while many of them are looking for work. Spokes-person Terry Maceachern tells CHSJ News, this just doesn't make any sense.
The crowd was loud but well behaved with a strong police presence on hand video taping the demonstration. The workers were hoping to get a word in with Premier Graham as the New England Govenors and Eastern Canadian Premiers Conference continues at the Delta.

Tradesmen demonstrate outside Delta Hotel where the 33rd conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers was underway - Tuesday - September 15, 2009.

Rothesay Considers Bicycle Lane Request

A group of cycling enthusiasts are hoping to make the town of Rothesay more bicycle friendly. Spokesperson, Brian Gillis says they want the town to build future roads wide enough to acommodate a bicycle lane--and--to mark existing roads with a white line and add signage for bicycles.

Director of Operations for the town, Scott Hatcher tells CHSJ news there will be costs associated with this request. The group's report will be sent to the public works and infrastructure committee for review.

Rothesay to Deal with Flooding in Oakville Acres

(About 75 Rothesay residents crowded into the Town Hall last night to speak about flooding concerns)

A group of Rothesay residents may finally see some action taken to reduce flooding in their area. The town is aiming to hold a public meeting the week of October fifth for residents of Oakville Acres. Homes in the area have been flooding--most recently during post-tropical storm Danny on August 31st. Grace Murphy was forced to leave her home when a stream nearby turned into a raging river.

Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ news not all residents may be satisfied with the solutions being proposed. Two of the possible solutions include open ditches and retaining ponds. An engineers report that was completed months ago will finally be made public on the town's website and the findings presented to residents at the meeting in October.