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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waterfront Union To Receive International Honour



Local longshoremen are being honoured for their help in getting eleven trade unionists released from prison in Argentina thirty years ago.
The waterfront union refused to load a cargo of heavy water worth 120-million dollars bound Argentina's first nuclear reactor on July 3rd, 1979.
The event has been described as the "the single most dramatic example of Canadian trade union solidarity with workers in the third world."
The Longshoremen's union will be presented with the Order of the Liberator San Martin which is Argentina's highest honour for citizens of other countries in the near future.

Water Levels Easing



Water levels are expected to begin dropping along the rivers in the greater Saint John area.
Provincial emergency measures organization officials say water levels are near flood stage locally -- but -- should drop off between now and Friday.
So far there are no reports of any flooding problems in the Saint John area.

Saint John Energy says LED Street Lamp Bulbs Too Expensive



Saint John Energy says going green may cost a little too much. President Eric Marr tells CHSJ news by tomorrow night the city should have three L-E-D test lights in street lamps on Sheerbroke Street on the West Side. Marr says L-E-D's are the way of the future but they are currently too expensive to peak Saint John Energy's interest in making the full switch. 

L-E-D street lamp bulbs cost about 425 dollars more than the current incandescents but last 11 years---which is about the same length as the payback period.  Marr says that's still not enough incentive to incorporate the environmentally-friendly bulbs.

One Man Taken to Hospital After West Side Industrial Accident



One man in his thirties has been taken to hospital after an industrial accident on King William Road in the Spruce Lake Industrial Park before 2PM this afternoon. WorkSafeNB is on site investigating after the worker got his finger caught in a dump truck. Police say they are not sure at this point if the finger can be saved.

Common Front For Social Justice Calls for Raised Social Assistance



The Common Front for Social Justice is accusing the provincial government of abandoning people living in poverty. The group says it very concerned by Premier Shawn Graham’s decision to break his promise to raise social assistance rates to the Atlantic average. Spokesperson, Sister Aurea Cormier tells CHSJ news New Brunswick has the lowest social assistance rates in the Atlantic Provinces, while we still maintain the lowest minimum wage in the country.

The group says raising the social assistance rates to the Atlantic average, as was promised in the Charter for Change, would cost about 30 million dollars.

Still Swine Flu Free



New Brunswick continues to be free of any confirmed cases of swine flu -- but -- the province's chief medical health officer -- Dr Eilish Cleary says there has been an increase in the number of people showing up at doctors' offices and clinics.
Cleary says they are being processed in a normal manner at this point -- and -- she says she wouldn't be surprised if we eventually do have a confirmed case.


Prisoner Patted Down For Patches



There may be some wired inmates at the Dorchester Penitentiary -- Corrections Canada says its officers intercepted 60-Nicoderm patches at the pen Monday.
The patches were found during a routine search of a prisoner and are valued in the three thousand dollar range.

MADD Welcomes New Driver Regulations



news-madd logo.jpg

It's a welcome move -- Mothers Against Drunk Driving local president Lora Skead is reacting to new regulations for drivers under 21.
The province has announced those young drivers or new drivers must maintain a zero alcohol blood level while behind the wheel beginning June 1st.
The regulations will apply to residents and visitors operating motor vehicles - motorcycles - or - commercial vehicles.
Skead says the next step will be to get the legal blood alcohol limit lowered from point-zero-eight to point-zero-five under the Criminal Code.

Record Temperatures Around the Province



It was an un-believable day for many area's in this Province and Nova Scotia as temperatures hit heights we normally don't see until July. Many records were set including at the Fredericton Airport which hit 29.6. The Moncton Airport topped off 28.2. St. Leonard came in at 22.8, Charlo 22.5 and Bas Caraquet was 21.4.

Here in Saint John.....18.3 was the high but not a record. St. Stephen posted a high of 31.7 and Gagetown came roaring in at 29.8.


New Rules for Drivers Coming in June



As of June.1st.....there are new rules for young and new drivers around the Province. Anyone under the age of 21 will be required to maintain a zero per cent blood alcohol level when driving. This includes drivers of cars, motorcycle and commercial vehicles. This new rule applies to residents and visitors, those who have just received their license, and anyone who has been driving for two or three years.

The new rules also include several improvements to the graduated driver's license program. They can be found at the Public Safety