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Monday, October 31, 2011

Negotiations At A Standstill As Bus Strike Looms

A bus strike could be coming: talks between Acadian Coach Lines and the union representing 70 employees have stalled.

VP of Communications for Acadian Marc-Andre Varin tells CHSJ News the company is ready to go back to the table but the union has stepped away for now.

If a deal is not made, service could be distrupted as early as November 21st.

Varin says as of right now, Acadian does not have a contingency plan in place as he is hopeful a deal can be worked out.

Issues in the negotiations include driver assignments and wages.

Two Saint John Residents Killed In Weekend Crash

A weekend crash in Kent Junction taking the lives of two Saint John residents.

58-year-old Monique Marie Daigle, who celebrated her birthday the day before, and 57-year-old Vincent Daigle were killed Sunday afternoon when their vehicle lost control and were hit by a truck on Route 126.  A passenger, 47-year-old Donna-Lynn Martin of Miramichi was also killed.

Another vehicle also rear ended the truck but the other drivers were not seriously hurt.

RCMP says road conditions were slippery and snow packed at the time of the accident.

End Is Near For Bridge Grid Lock

City Not Alone In Pension Woes

Scotiabank's Chief Economist Warren Jestin says the city won't be alone in struggling with it's pension woes as other cities will be undergoing the same financial pains.

He tells CHSJ News the baby-boom generation is galloping towards retirement and low interest rates are leading to much lower return rates.

He says you will also find the same pension woes with the federal government and the private sector.

He says there will most likely be reforms in how pensions are handled in 2 to 5 years.

Meanwhile, the city is proposing to get rid of indexing to the cost of living in the latest revision to its pension plan.

Power Still Out In Rothesay

An update on the power outage in Rothesay.

NB Power tells us power should be restored soon but 232 customers are still without energy according to the the utility's website.

There are also about 45 homes in Sussex without electricity either.

A Late October Storm Is Not Unheard Of

It was an ugly end to the weekend with strong winds, rain and heavy snowfall catching many in Greater Saint John off guard and unprepared.
Environment Canada's Meteorologist Claude Cote tells CHSJ News the Saint John Airport reported 15 centimetres of snow.

In the Greater Saint John area, Cote says we got between 7 and 15 centimetres with strong wind gusts to 70 kilometres an hour making for a nasty Sunday.

It was a rain event in Moncton with over 50 millimetres but, our American friends were not so lucky with residents of Hartford, Connecticut digging out from 70 centimetres of snow.

Residents In Water Dispute Can No Longer Afford Lawyers

The hearing in from of the Mining Commission about whether 26 residents in Penobsquis will get compensated for damage to their homes and loss of water could last another year. 

One of the residents is Heather McCabe and she tells CHSJ News they no longer have a lawyer because it was getting too expensive. 

She says the group has already spend 10-thousand dollars on legal fees and they haven't been able to raise any more money.

McCabe says one lawyer they talked to estimated the legal bills could amount to 200 to 300 thousand dollars by the time its all said and done.

New Tourism Web Site To Be Developed

Discover Saint John plans to unveil a new website well before the next tourism season to try to attract more visitors to the city.

Jen Tupper of Discover Saint John tells CHSJ News the new website will be more interactive than what was inherited from Saint John Tourism with people able to get any questions they might have answered.

The current website got 127 thousand views this year, 95 thousand of whom were first timers.
Tupper says they were happy with the numbers but would like to engage people more on the website. 63 per cent of the people who visit Saint John live elsewhere in the province.

Empty Lots Replacing Torn Down Buildings In North End

The city is making a concerted effort to demolish over a hundred dilapidated buildings around town but the big question remains........What, if anything, will go up in their place?

Tammy Calvin of One Change in the North End tells CHSJ News the empty lots themselves are proving to be a problem with garbage being dumped on them.

Calvin goes on to say they have taken the old tires that have been dumped on the empty lots and filled them with flowers.

She also tells us on one of these empty lots in the neighbourhood, there are rebars sticking up which are a danger to the children who are using it as a playground.

Arson Suspected In Fire On West Side

There was a suspicious fire early this morning shortly after 2:30 in a vacant building at 418 City Line.

There was also a very brief harbour rescue yesterday afternoon between 2 and 3 when the winds were raging at the Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club in Millidgeville after a boat crashed on the rocks.

Two men, one wearing a lifejacket and one without, both got out of the water on their own. The boat, though, was left foundering on the rocks.

Yesterday's storm caused numerous power outages with as many as 15 hundred people in Rothesay being left without electricity.

Activist Fears Transit Cuts May Impact Crescent Valley

Cuts to City transit service may be hurting the people who need it the most.
Crescent Valley activist Juanita Black tells CHSJ News they are afraid that will lose bus service in the evening and on Saturday.

She says she knows Frank McCarey at Saint John Transit and would not want his job but, she thinks Crescent Valley residents should be consulted on potential cuts to their bus service.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cuts To Bus Service Will Hurt Low-Income People

The Human Development Council says the upcoming cuts to transit service and hours will hurt those in the low-income bracket.

Executive Director Randy Hatfield tells CHSJ News certain families, students, and the elderly take the bus because it's the only means of transportation they can afford and cuts to the service will mean longer and harder days for them.

He says our transit system is not in a good position as ridership in Canada's ten largest urban areas is up by over 5 percent in the last year while our numbers are stagnant.
He says new funding model that does not rely on property taxes will need to be established for cities.

City transit recently announced a reduction in service and 12 employees will be let go in order to deal with the city's pension deficit.

Nor'easter Hits Saint John

It looks like mother nature is giving us the trick rather than the treat.

Saint John and the surrounding areas are under a rainfall warning -- according to Environment Canada, a low pressure system is tracking south of Nova Scotia  is bringing the slushy mess.

Meteorologist Doug Mercer tells CHSJ News the rest of the day will not be fun, saying that we should expect more rain mixed with snow and strong northeasterly winds.

Baby Barn Catches Fire

A baby barn ablaze at 54 Champlain Drive East.

The wood frame structure caught on fire shortly after midnight, and caused damage to a nearby vehicle.

No injuries, but the fire department tells CHSJ News that they are treating the cause of the fire as suspicious.

Sea Dogs Raise Championship Banners

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bay of Fundy Continues Drive To Be One Of The World's 7 Natural Wonders

The crashing tides of the Bay of Fundy receiving some international recognition. The bay could be named one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.

Bay of Fundy Tourism executive Terri McCulloch states that the bay is running against major tourist sites like the Grand Canyon, Dead Sea, and the Galapagos Islands. An important goal of the campaign has been to get some visibility for the Bay of Fundy.

Politicians and celebrities, including comedian Rick Mercer, are getting behind the bid. Mercer recently featured the bay in a segment of his TV show.

Over 440 sites entered the contest: the Bay of Fundy has made it into the final 28. It is the only remaining Canadian entrant.

The winners will be announced November 11.

To vote for the Bay of Fundy, click here.

Community Paper Celebrates 3 Years

The free paper "Around the Block" is a familiar sight to readers in Saint John's priority neighborhoods. The publication is celebrating its third anniversary this week.

Coordinator Juanita Black tells CHSJ News that the paper has taken important lessons from communities throughout the Port City, such as learning from one another.

According to Black, the paper has come a long way since it started in 2008.

The goal of "Around the Block" is to give a sense of pride to priority neighborhoods.

Night Of Champions At Harbour Station Tonight

It's a truly historic game at Harbour Station tonight between the Saint John Sea Dogs and Chicoutimi as the 2011 Memorial Cup and President's Cup banners will be raised to the rafters.   

The "Night of Champions" also features the presentation of championship rings in a ceremony at center ice.
Sea Dogs CEO Scott McCain says they laugh at it in Toronto since the Leafs haven't raised a banner since 1967 but Saint John is raising the most important trophy in junior hockey.
The team is asking fans to be in their seats by 6:30 for the 7 o'clock start time.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Historic Gun Returns Home Tomorrow

A historic gun will return to it's final resting place tomorrow as members of the 3rd Field Regiment unveil the Gun monument at Barrack Green Armoury.
The gun was decommissioned in 1920 and positioned on Patridge Island where members of the regiment used it to protect Saint John.
Captain Waters tells CHSJ News in the fall of 1981 it was loaned to the New Brunswick Museum and after a full restoration will be returned back to the 3rd Field Regiment-the oldest serving artillery unit in the country.

The infantry regiments all have battle armour or flags but the artillery is unique because they have been in almost every battle ever fought and their guns are their colours.

The ceremony at the Barrack Green Armoury on Broadview Avenue gets underway at 11am tomorrow morning.

Williams Turns Himself In

The Mounties got their man.

Just before 4pm,  a man wanted on a Canada-wide warrant turned himself in to the RCMP office in Moncton.

The police issuing a warrant for 29-year-old Tyrone Jermain (TJ) Williams, in connection with a shooting in Moncton last Saturday.

Williams faces 5 charges including discharging a firearm with intent and assault.  He has been arrested and is being held in custody before a remand hearing tomorrow.

Two East Side Men Plead Guilty To Robberies

A Champlain Heights man has pleaded guilty to three armed robberies and 9 charges of stealing gas. 

The robberies took place from April to August at two Petro Cans and a convenience store on Hickey Road. 

20 year old Lucas Bradley Hebert of Dorothea Drive will be sentenced on December 12th. 

21 year old Zachary Golden pleaded guilty to one of the robberies that took place April 19th at the Petro Can and he'll be sentenced at the same time as Hebert who also pleaded guilty to having his face concealed while committing the holdups.

Moncton RCMP Issue Canada-Wide Warrant

RCMP isssuing a Canada-wide warrant for a Moncton man in connection with a shooting that occurred last weekend in Moncton.
29-year-old Tyrone Jermain "TJ" Williams is wanted on charges of discharging a firearm with intent, use of a firearm, careless use of firearm, pointing a firearm and assault.
Williams is black  about 6 feet tall and 240 lbs with  brown eyes and black hair in dreadlocks.
He may be armed and if you see him, contact police immediately.
Anyone with information is asked to contact RCMP at 506-857-2400 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Police Bust Pitt Street Biker Bar

City police busting an illegal bar at the Bacchus Motorcycle Club's clubhouse on Pitt Street.

The Street Crime Unit conducting the raid yesterday under the Provincial Offences Procedures Act and seizing booze, cash and other items.

Police tell CHSJ News charges are pending.

The Sea Dogs Get Set For The "Night Of Champions"

It's going to be a very special night at Harbour Station tomorrow when the Sea Dogs hoist their championship banners to the rafters. Sea Dogs President Wayne Long tells CHSJ News the players will also be getting their championship rings.

He says the rings are beautiful and they will be presented one at a time to everyone who contributed to the team's success over the years.

Long says both cups are celebrated on the ring and those wearing them will need strong arms and hands because the rings are big and heavy.

The Sea Dogs plans to start the ceremony at 7 but, fans should be in their seats by 6:30 or so.  Tonight the Dogs host Cape Breton, game time is 7:30pm.

Liberals Call For Abolition Of New Brunswick Insurance Board

It's time consumers in the province got a price break by getting rid of the Insurance Board which regulates what you pay to insure you vehicle.

So says Chris Collins, the consumer affairs critic for the Provincial Liberals who tells CHSJ News the Energy and Utilities Board would do a better job than the Insurance Board which he charges is looking out for the interests of the insurance companies.

He argues the Insurance Board is made up of political appointees who don't have the necessary expertise.

He also points out the New Brunswick Court of Appeals has been scathing in its criticism of the Insurance Board when it wouldn't or couldn't provide a rationale for its approvals of rate hikes.

Theo Fleury To Speak At January Fundraiser

Former NHLer Theo Fleury is the guest speaker of the 2012 Gala Dinner for the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Foundation.
The foundation raises money to eradicate family violence.
Dinner Co-chair Natalie Godbout tells CHSJ News she thinks its important that high profile individuals bring attention to this event.

She it strikes more of a chord when you hear it from Theo Fleury who outed violence in an industry that isn't so inclined to talk about it.

For the first time ever, the event's honorary chair is an organization, the Saint John Police Force, instead of a person.
The Gala dinner is coming up January 18th, 2012 at the Trade and Convention Centre.
For tickets click here

Fire In Lorneville

The fire department called out to Lorneville early this morning just before 3:30 to Luna Avenue.

They found a large pile of logs and timber brush on fire.

We're told the fire crews had some difficulty because of the location with an embankment.

It took them about an hour and a half to extinguish it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

City Tests EMO Plan Today

There was a lot of chatter about a hurricane devastating Saint John but, it was only an exercise.

Saint John's Emergency Management Organization along with City police, fire, Saint John Energy and others are exercising the City's emergency plan.

All talk relating to a train derailment, chemical spill or a hurricane was part of the City's annual test of it's emergency plan.

Province Plans Royalty System For Shale Gas

Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup on the hot seat today taking questions in a shale gas webcast.
One man asked how royalties will be dispersed from the companies doing exploration in the province.

Northrup says in the States landowners own the mineral rights but in Canada and in this province, the government owns them.

He says they want to create a three-tier royalty system with the biggest percentage going to the province to help pay down the debt and to help with healthcare.
He says the second tier would see a percentage going to the landowner and the third tier would see money going to the community.

Tourism In Saint John Up A Bit This Year

Excluding the cruise ship visitors, tourism in Saint John was up by 1 per cent this year over last based on hotel occupancy. Its the job of Discover Saint John to sell the city and boost the numbers.

Marketing Manager Jillian MacKinnon tells CHSJ News the number of unique restaurants opening up in the uptown is becoming more of a draw, especially for weekend getaways and considering most of the visitors to the city, 63 per cent of them, come from elsewhere in the province.

Executive Director Ross Jefferson is hoping to see progress in getting the money to upgrade the Trade and Convention Centre because this business is booked a couple of years ahead and the city has lost out on some. Saint John used to be ahead of the game but now finds itself falling behind with newer facilities opening up in Fredericton and Moncton.

Jefferson describes the Trade and Convention Centre as looking a bit tired these days but adds he has been encouraged by the discussions that have been held so far.

Activist Is Youngest Recipient Of The Order of New Brunswick

 The co-founder of a national anti-bullying charity is the youngest person ever to receive the Order of New Brunswick.

Rob Frenette was invested by Lieutenant-Governor Graydon Nicholas and received a certificate from Premier David Alward. 

Frenette says by receiving the Order of New Brunswick, it will not only help promote the importance of Anti-Bullying efforts here at home but across Canada. 

Premier Alward says the recipients including Rob Frenette provide everyone with examples of what can be achieved here with vision, perseverance, and an innovative spirit.

Other recipients include Pat Darrah of the Saint John construction associaton, Dr. Satya Paul Handa of Rothesay and a posthumous honour for Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook.

To see the rest of the list: click here

New Bike Racks In Place Uptown

If you see an eel, a coffee cup or wine glass on the streets uptown, don't panic, they are just new bike racks.
It came about after a Saint John Parking Commission study found the bicycles were being parked against trees.

Anne McShane of the Green Feet committee of Uptown Saint John tells CHSJ News they started asking why don't we do something fun like custom racks.

She says they thought why not do something cool that is interesting to look at and raises the profile of cycling.

You will find the other racks on King, Princess and Prince William Streets.

Police Asking For Help In Nabbing Two Robbers

The Major Crime Unit is asking for your help in identifying the people responsible for a robbery that occurred on October 13th.

At around 7:00 that night, a woman was robbed while waiting for the bus on Prince Edward Street.

Two men were loitering at the corner of Prince Edward Square Mall just prior to the robbery and are described as being in their late teens wearing grey hooded sweatshirts. One is about five feet 8 and the other about five-three.

If you can help out, call City Police at 648-3333 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477(TIPS).

Gas Prices Are A Bit Cheaper

Gas prices in the city are down after the weekly setting.

The maximum price for self serve regular is lower by more than 3 cents a litre while diesel is cheaper by less than half a cent.

Heating oil is at $1.17.6 and the listed price for propane is $1.16.5 a litre.

Renowned City Doctor Passes Away

Accolades are pouring in for urologist Dr. Arthur Chesley who has died at the age of 79. He was the very first baby born at the old General Hospital in November of 1931.

Dr. Chesley has been honoured for his efforts at raising awareness of, research into and the early detection of prostate cancer with the establishment of a 1 million dollar endowment fund.

He was also notable for his many inventions. They included a special needle guide for prostatic biopsies when there was no ultrasound available and even used his own money to buy a transrectal ultrasound machine for St. Joseph's Hospital. It was Dr. Chesley who started a prostate cancer support group in the city. 

The American Cancer Society honoured him in 1996 with its National Prostate Cancer Detection Programme Award and he received the Order of Merit from the New Brunswick Medical Society in 1995. 

A private funeral service is planned.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T&C Neighbour Supports $10 Million In Upgrades

While Councillor Bill Farren's motion to have the City fund $10 million dollars in upgrades for the Trade and Convention Centre did not receive support, Market Square's owners say the work is necessary.
Colin Whitcomb, Vice President of the Hardman Group,  says very little work has been done of the convention facility since it was built in the 80's.
Whitcomb tells CHSJ News says Saint John shouldn't be prepared to say let's close the file on that.

He's says those booking conventions will go to newer facilities first and as a result that may hurt business in Saint John.

Whitcomb adds there is new competition now with Fredericton and Moncton opening new convention centres and he points out it took many years for Halifax to secure federal funding for their upcoming project.

Protestors Will Not Be Moved Out

The city will not be asking the the Occupy Saint John movement to leave King's Square.

City spokesperson Leah Fitzgerald tells CHSJ News despite a few complaints and some minor issues like removing hammocks from the bandstand, things have been fine.

She's other than that they haven't heard too adding they are generally pretty quiet.

She says parks crews are keeping a close eye on the landscape to make sure it isn't damaged.

Looking ahead to Remembrance Day, she says if the cenotaph is needed for a ceremony or for laying down a wreath, the city will ask the protesters to move aside temporarily.

Pair Plead Guilty In Grand Bay-Westfield B&E

Just after midnight on Tuesday, RCMP responding to a break and enter in progress on River Valley Drive at Big Mike's Barber Shop in Grand Bay Westfield.

City Police intercepted a vehicle a short time later arresting  a man and a woman were arrested in connection with the break and enter.

22-year-old Darryl Raynes of the Kingston Peninsula and 20-year-old Melissa Craft of Saint John appearing in Hampton court on charges of break, enter and theft and wearing a disguise in the commission of an offence.

Raynes pleaded guilty to both charges and will remain locked up until sentencing which is set for December 13th in Hampton.

Craft is being held in custody until a bail hearing in Sussex Thursday morning.

Meantime, City Police have arrested two other people for a breakin at New Systems Laundry on Lansdowne Avenue.

Chase Says Clean Water Top Priority Despite Drama With MP

Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase says the bottom line is to get money for clean drinking water for the city -- despite being upset at the fact that he was not asked to be part of group looking into the matter.

The group was created by Saint John MP Rodney Weston and consists of members of council as well as 2 local MLA's.

Chase says since he was part of a city committee with the same goals, he should have been asked to join.  But he's willing to step aside fro the greater good.

However, Chase is concerned with the fact that the group is being spearheaded by an MP and not someone from city hall.

Chase ran against Weston in the federal election but the MP says the exclusion was not politically motivated.

Penobsquis Residents Disillusioned With Government

Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup will be going on the web tomorrow afternoon to talk about shale gas exploration and take your questions.

One of the residents in Penobsquis looking to be compensated for water loss and property damage from mining is Heather McCabe who tells CHSJ News this whole ordeal has soured her on government.

 She says while running in the last provincial election, Northrup promised to do all he could to help them out ever since being appointed to the provincial cabinet, he doesn't return their calls and they feel the government has abandoned them.

Francophone Parents in K-V Talk Turkey With Education Minister

Parents in the Kennebecasis Valley who would like to see a french school built might be a bit more optimistic after a meeting with Provincial Education Minister Jody Carr.

One of the people at the meeting was Ernest Thibodeau who's the President of the School District 1 Education Council. He tells CHSJ News there are 600 students in the Valley who could be attending a francophone school.

Thibodeau says the parents believe any new school should be large enough to accomodate from 300 to 350 students and he's talking about it being built sooner rather than later.

 Carr told the parents he could make any sort of commitment before the Legislature resumes sitting but he vowed to work with them to see it get done.

Driver Collides With Moose

The Simonds Fire Department responding to a collision on Route 111 in Rowley last night around 8:00. 

When crews arrived they found a single vehicle had struck a moose. 

The driver was taken to hospital by ambulance to be checked out. 

 The highway was closed for a short time while things were cleaned up.

Councillor Farren Wants City To Pay For Upgrades

Councillor Bill Farren playing the role of the lone wolf when it comes to paying for upgrades to the Trade and Convention Centre.

He wanted the city to pay for the 10 million dollar upgrades in order to encourage economic development but council voting down the idea.

Farren says we're losing business to other cities and you have to spend money to make money
Council has only committed to a third of the upgrades and wants funding from the other levels of government.

Apartment Building Fire In Millidgeville

A three storey apartment building at 9 Polaris Court off University Avenue had to be evacuated last night between 9:30 and 10 after a fire broke out. 

Acting District Chief Kevin Clynick says it started in a ground floor apartment where heavy fire, smoke and heat were coming from and was put out quickly.
21 people were living in the building which has 12 apartments.  Everyone got out safely and some of the residents received help in finding a place to stay by the Red Cross.

                                                 (Photo Courtesy of Joe Comeau)

University Student In City Being Treated For T-B

Public Health officials are investigating after a student at U-N-B Saint John has been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

Something like 300 students and five professors who had contact will be tested over the next few days. The student who's afflicted is being treated by an infectious disease specialist and reportedly is doing well.

Saint John usually has one or two reported cases of T-B each year. Only those people who have close contact with someone who is afflicted are considered to be in any danger of becoming ill from T-B which spreads through the air.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In A Seller's Market, Get A Realtor

The Province's Real Estate Association reports housing sales came back to life last month.
The average residential price for a home is now higher in the Saint John area, which includes the K-V, than either Moncton or Fredericton.
Saint John Real Estate Board President Jason Stephen tells CHSJ News he thinks it's more important now for people to have realtors sitting at their kitchen table.

He says they can help you price your house competitively and stage it because it's a difficult market right now for seller's.

The average price of a house in the Saint John area is now up to almost 170 thousand dollars.
In Fredericton, it's about 153 thousand and over 163 thousand in Moncton. 
 For more information, click here

Jewels Of The Seas In Port

The Jewel Of The Seas cruise ship in Port today.

Wetland In Quispamsis Is Restored

Canaport LNG spending over $500,000 to complete a restoration project returning Matthew's Cove to a functioning natural wetland.

It's located near the Gondola Point arterial where as a decommissioned sewage lagoon it was a contaminated environment and a threat to wildlife.

Canaport LNG’s Environmental Manager Fraser Forsythe tells CHSJ News he is very proud of the work they've done with the Town of Quispamsis and their contractors in the restoration.

He says they have taken an unusable piece of land and returned it to what nature intended it to be - a functioning wetland habitat that is home to many different wildlife species.

September Housing Sales Rebound A Bit

September saw a blip upward in housing sales across the province. 

The average residential price for a home in Saint John is just shy of 170 thousand dollars. 

The New Brunswick Real Estate Association includes the Kennebecasis Valley as part Saint John which increases the average price.

By comparision, the average price of a home in Fredericton is 153 thousand and over 163 thousand in Moncton. 

The Real Estate Association estimates it would take ten months to sell all of the homes now on the market as compared to over 11 months as of the end of August. 

The average price for a home nationally is now over 352 thousand dollars.

Mercer Gives The Bay A Push Tonight

Canadian political satirist Rick Mercer is giving the Bay of Fundy's drive to be one of the new 7 wonders of nature a boost on his show tonight.

The Bay is one of 28 finalists in the global contest that wraps up on November 11th.

In tonight's episode of the Rick Mercer Report, he goes whale watching in the Bay of Fundy with Opera singer Measha Brueggergosman and goes on a jet boat ride with Premier David Alward.

To vote for the Bay of Fundy in the New 7 Wonders of Nature contest, click here

For more on tonight's show, click here

Sussex Hearing On Compensation To Resume Before Mining Commissioner

26 residents of Penobsquis who are seeking compensation at a hearing before the Mining Commission will be back at it tomorrow morning with the resumption of proceedings.

Heather McCabe is one of the residents and she tells CHSJ News she lost her water but that's not all. 

The walls have cracks. The ceilings are sagging. She can't use two rooms of her home because of mould and is now sleeping in the dining room. 

The residents blame Potash Corp for their problems. McCabe doesn't expect the hearing to end for another year and the residents have to make do with no legal representation because of the expense.