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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fundy High School Chemical Spill Contained

Student at Fundy High got an unexpected day off because of a chemical spill today. Several chemicals got mixed together when a shelf they were on collapsed around 8am.

The Saint John Fire Department's Haz-Mat Unit set up a command post and worked with St. George fire officials and 5 other agencies including the RCMP and New Brunswick Public Safety.
Saint John's Deputy Fire Chief Mark Gillan tells CHSJ News there were no injuries to students, staff or any of the responders.
Gillan says the school was turned back over to District 10 by 4pm.

Pile Driving at Long Wharf Is Finished

(file photo)

Irving Oil has completed the pile driving work at the Long Wharf site that started in September.
The International Longshoremen's Association held a news conference this week to speak against the work being done on the company's future headquarters saying it breaks the rules of the Canada Marine Act.
Spokesperson Leslie Macleod tells CHSJ News they have received all the required permits from the City and Port Authority to conduct all the work done to date.
She adds they are excited about the project but, they realize that not everyone is going to share this vision.
Macleod says they are waiting on federal approval and the finalization of the land agreement before proceeding with any more work on the site.

H1N1 Update From the Province

(Chief Medical Officer of Health)
            (File Photo)

By tomorrow, everyone in the priority groups for the H1N1 shot, will have had a chance to roll up their sleeve. So, that is why some of the clinics for the general public will open this weekend but most on Monday. To date, 158 people have had to be hospitalized because of the swine flu and seven around the Province have died. Dr. Eilish Cleary is the Chief Medical Officer of Health the intensity of the activity has gone down.

Dr. Cleary reminds everyone to keep a close watch on the website for clinic times and locations. Regional Health Authorities are still working on locations and how they will distribute the shots.

Chemical Spill at High School

The Haz-mat Unit of the Saint John Fire Department is on scene at Fundy High School. A chemical spill in the building earlier this morning forced the evacuation of the building. Deputy Chief Mark Gillan tells CHSJ News, it appears several chemcials got mixed together when a shelf they were on in a chem-lab collapsed.

A janitor was the first to smell a strange odour and quickly called the fire department about the incident. No one was hurt and St. George Fire were the first on the scene to secure the building.

Business Minister on NB Power

""People always react negatively to change."" That from Business Minister Victor Boudreau in Saint John earlier this week for a funding announcement. Boudreau is talking about the negative reaction to the NB Power Hydro-Quebec proposal and says even with the public utility posting a $70 million dollar profit last year, you have to look at the over-all operation and debt at five billion dollars.
Boudreau says he finds it ironic the opposistion is crying for more information to be released about the proposal and then when they do, they get more grief for spreading what Conservatives call useless propoganda.

Uptown Saint John Lights Up King Street

(City Crews String Lights For Tree on King Street)
               (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Uptown Saint John has partnered with Saint John Energy and Leisure Services to spread some Christmas cheer. White lights have been placed in the trees along King Street and also on some trees that have been added to the flower beds. Uptown General Manaer Peter Asimakos tells CHSJ News, this work is on top of the bells and trees that go on the poles every year.

There is competion for businesses in the Uptown for the best decorated store front with a top prize of $250 cash.

Gas Prices Are Back Up

Gas prices continue their up and down ride of late. The Energy and Utilities Board has released it's weekly price schedule which shows a litre of self-serve going for a maximum of 99.2. Most stations have a posted price of 99.4. Diesel is up percentage points at $101.8.

Furnace Oil also up a few percentage points, coming in at 82.4 with not much movement in propane either at 93.6.

Vehicle on Fire in East Saint John

One person is locked up and waiting to a see a judge after a vehicle was set on fire last night. City Police tell us they were called to Egbert Street off Thorne Avenue just after eight o'clock last night to find flames surrouning a vehicle.

A short time later, a young man was picked up in the area. No word on a court date but there are several charges including arson and mischief.