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Monday, November 11, 2013

Stabbing Near Phoenix Rehabilitation Center

Saint John Police saying two people being arrested after a stabbing shortly after 11 this morning.

It happened near the Phoenix Rehabilitation Center. Police are investigating and no other information is available at this time.

NB Students Want Real-Life Experience At School

New Brunswick students are saying they want more real-life experiences before leaving high school.

New Brunswick was the first stop the "It's My Future" summit, a cross-country tour capturing the student 
 voice on education. Students from eight school boards in the province and the NBCC attended the summit.

Akela Peoples is President and CEO of "The Learning Partnership," the national charitable organization that held the summit.

She tells CHSJ news the goal of the summit is not only to find opportunities for enhancement, but to find out the kind of information that is and isn't useful to students.

She says money management is one real-life experience that students are asking for more of.

VIDEO: Remembrance Day At Harbour Station

Very few empty seats at Harbour Station this morning for the Remembrance Day ceremony.

After the ceremony, attendees gathering in the arena to place their poppies on the cenotaph.

Police Keeping An Eye On Bacchus

The police continue to keep an eye on the Bacchus Motorcycle Gang. City Police Chief Bill Reid says they have been watching them, so it's no surprise there have been arrests made. He tells CHSJ News, make no mistake, they are a criminal organization.

 Back in August,The president of the group and six others were arrested following a six-month investigation by four local police agencies. 
"They will do things that will make you think they're just people that enjoy bikes," says Reid, "but at the end of the day the reason they're together is for criminal activity. We know that and we're well aware of it."

44-year-old Brian Schofield of Public Landing, president of the group, recently plead guilty in court to two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Sparks Of Hope In Economic Forecast

It's not all doom and gloom for the economic fortunes of our province.

The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council does not paint a pretty picture when speaking of the zero growth this year due in part because of the closure of a mine up north.

Senior Policy Analyst Fred Bergman says there are some projects that they could not factor in.

He says the Oxford announcement of a 184 million-dollar investment into blueberry processing and production in the province. 

He says that will cushion the chances it will be positive.

Bergman says the Trans Canada Pipeline project should it go forward is valued at about 2.2 billion-dollars.

Two Fires Overnight In Saint John

City Fire responding to two fires overnight. 

Crews were called to a fire at Highmeadow Drive, where a fire was reported in an oven at a home. Crews smothered the fire, took the contents from the oven outside, and ventilated it. 

The other fire was at Shamrock Park. Crews confirming that a Porta Potty was on fire and was destroyed.

House Fire In Rothesay

KV Fire responding to a call around 1:30 last night on Fox Farm Road in Rothesay.

The fire started in the chimney and went undetected, causing a wall to catch fire in the basement.

Two people were sent to hospital for smoke inhalation. Everyone was out of the home before fire crews arrived. Smoke damaged parts of the house, but it's still livable. Fire fighters were on scene for three hours.

First Remembrance Day Ceremony At Q-plex

For the first time ever, a Remembrance Day Ceremony will be held at the Q-plex today.

Organizer and Legion member Gordon Friars tells CHSJ news, this means there will be more space for people to attend. The capacity is about 1,200.

"I think it will allow a far greater number of people to attend, many people have certainly voiced their interest in attending," he says.

After veterans were polled, all responded that moving the ceremony indoors would allow them to continue attending.

Remember In Your Neighbourhood

Thousands will be gathering at their neighbourhood memorial to remember the sacrifices generations ago.

If you are coming to the Habour Station ceremony, you are asked to be in your seat

It's a first for the qplex..the KV Legion is hosting a service of Remembrance today and you are asked to be in your seat at 10:30am.

In Grand Bay-Westfield....ceremonies will be held at River Valley Middle School.

In Sussex...the Remembrance Day parade leaves from the Legion at 10:30 to the Cenotaph via Main Street for the ceremony.

In Bordertown today,  there are two at the cenotaph on Milltown Blvd in front of the St. Stephen's University and another at the war memorial in Milltown by the grandstand.

Both begin at 10:30am.

VIDEO: Gaudet Says Veterans At Ridgewood Are Well Cared For

By today's standards he would be considered a triple threat having served in the army, navy and in the air force. 

86-year-old Maynard Gaudet of Black's Harbour tells CHSJ News his trade was meterology so he could go anywhere they flew planes or be stationed where they needed weather reports.

He tells us he spent three years in France with the occpational forces following World War Two and from there went to Ottawa, Cold Lake and then Halifax.

Gaudet lives at the Ridgewood veteran's wing in west Saint John which he describes as a must adding the vets there are very well taken care of.