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Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow and Ice Causing Problems On Highways

The early morning snow and rain causing some havoc on the roads today.

A tractor trailer jacknifing on the MacKay Highway going westbound.

The accident occuring shortly after 5 this morning by the Foster Thurston exit.  No one was hurt.

Police say black ice is the cause of the accident and seveal other trucks and vehicles have gone off the road on the highways. 

They are advising all drivers to slow down.

Hazen Street Closed Beginning Today

If you're travelling in the uptown today, here's a quick traffic note: Hazen Street will be closed beginning today for construction work. 

The city is doing underground infrastructure improvements.

Flooding A Challenge For Rothesay Upon Reflection

2010 was a year with highs and lows for the Town of Rothesay.Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News the Oakville Acres flooding problem is one of the big challenges they faced and now some of the work is complete to alleviate it.

Bishop says a highlight would be the 150th anniversary of the naming of Rothesay.

Development Not Slowing Down in Quispamsis

The pace of development in the town of Quispamsis is not expected to slow down in 2011.

A huge chunk of land on Millenium Drive beside Lane Furniture has just been sold and it will be just a matter of weeks before the Q-Plex is opened up.

Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News some of the challenges that come with new development including having an adequate supply of water for everyone.

Driscoll doesn't see regionalisation of water happening anytime in the near future.