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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Numbers In For Advanced Byelection Polls

238 people casting their early ballot in the municipal byelection for Ward 3.

The returning office has also been taking votes since Nov 26th and combined with yesterday's advanced polls, 323 votes have been cast.

Returning Officer for Ward 3 Mary McAuliffe tells CHSJ News it was a small but steady turnout.

6 candidates are vying for the empty council seat left behind by Carl Killen when he got the MLA nod for Saint John Harbour.

Election day is December 13th.

Texting Is Number One Concern For Drivers

Canadian drivers are now afraid of a new threat while on the road: texting.

In a CAA survey, 85 pecent of respondents feel texting is the number one road safety issue, followed closely by drinking and driving.

Gary Howard with the CAA tells CHSJ News it has become a real threat since everyone uses mobile devices.

Howard says public education is important in order to make the use of mobile devices while driving socially unacceptable.

New Brunswick is banning the use of cell phones while driving with new legislation in early 2011.

City Transit Adding WiFi Service

You can update your status and tweet - all while making your way to and from work.The Saint John Transit Commission officially launching free Wi-Fi for its customers on its entire fleet of buses.

Assistant General Manager Brian Thorne tells CHSJ News they have testing it for over a year and the feedback is very positive.

Saint John Transit is the newest additions to the Freespots program.  

Irving and UNBSJ Team Up To Offer Degrees

Irving Oil and UNBSJ teaming up to deliver secondary education for Irving Oil employees.

The two recently launched an executive MBA program, which allows employees to earn their master's degree while remaining fully employed.

Director of Human Resource Management with Irving Oil Tracy Chapman tells CHSJ News they had more than 130 applicants.

Student JC Besner says it's a great way to learn more about his industry.

The course takes 2 years to complete and it is equivilant to the one year MBA program at UNBSJ.