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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Malls Crowded

Once you manage to fight the traffic gridlock and find an elusive
parking spot - the malls are almost wall to wall people with lots of
line ups to even get through the doors of some stores.

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Bargain Hunters Swarm Eastern Retail Area

Traffic backs up on Westmorland Road as throngs of shoppers descend on
the eastern retail area in search of Boxing Day bargains.

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District 8 Looks Back and Forward

Technically, school District Eight is only halfway through it's year despite the rolling of the calendar in a few days. Officials have plenty left to do with a new literacy plan, rebuilding the district education plan along with revised math curriculums. Director of Education Bev MacDonald tells CHSJ News, one of the biggest achievements has to be how smoothly the H1N1 vaccination process rolled out.

MacDonald says in the new year, the District Education Council will hold open houses to ask parents and the public what they feel should be priorities as far as infrastructure needs are concerned.

Holder Reflects

[ Trevor Holder -- on file]

The MLA for Saint John Portland looks back fondly on alot of things accomplished in 2009. Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News, he never imagined how-ever his party would be locked in a debate over the future of NB Power.
Holder says despite the NB Power-Hydro Quebec bombshell, alot of positive things were accomplished including setting up a nature preserve in Millidgeville and great strides continue to be made in the Old North End.

Boxing Day Sales Start Today

[Photo taken by -- Melissa O'Rourke]

It may say the 27th on the calendar but for the die-hard bargain shopper’s, today is the yearly Boxing Day sales at most stores through-out the metro. Advertising on store-wide bargains were announced two days before Christmas to lure those looking for a sale or someone who snatched a gift card from Santa this year to come and see what was up for grabs.
Many people showed up at malls around the region yesterday hoping to get a head start but because of the Provincial Days of Rest act, stores were closed with the exception of a few. There are reports out of Moncton that some stores opened at six this morning to try and draw in those hungry to get back to the mall and do some shopping.

Accident on the MacKay

[Photo taken by -- Mark McGraw]

An accident last night on the MacKay highway.

9 o'clock last night a car rolled onto it's roof after a collision with another vehicle.
There was one injury, but nothing serious.
Cars were backed up for over 30 minutes in some area's.