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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

District Eight Finalizes it's Budget

The Province has released the operating budget for District Eight in 2010-2011 and it includes a $1.9 million dollar increase.

It will receive over 94 million dollars which is an increase of 1.76 per cent and Director of Finance Chris Toole tells CHSJ News, they had significant savings in utility costs this winter.

Toole adds that situation can change if the winter is much worse next year, District 8 could be trying to find resources to cover those costs.

When Will Long Wharf be Restored

(Port Authority Captain Al Soppitt)
             (File Photo)

The question remains....when will Long Wharf be de-commissioned?

The work is necessary after Irving Oil's plan to build it's headquarters on the site was scrapped.

Captain Al Soppitt with the Saint John Port Authority tells CHSJ News, the best idea is to keep the pilings in the ground.
Soppitt adds there is no real urgency to decommision the site because the first Cruise ship at Long Wharf is not scheduled to dock until September.

Leslie MacLeod with Irving Oil tells CHSJ News, the Port Authority has asked them not to decommission the site at this time but they will work with them to meet their requirements and schedule.

Hampton Kings Has It's Conservative Candidate

(Hampton Kings Conservative Candidate Bev Harrison)
              (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

By acclamation, Bev Harrison has accepted the responsibility to fly the Conservative banner in the riding of Hampton Kings.

A full house was on hand at the Hampton River Center last night to usher him in.

Harrison tells CHSJ News, the Liberals are poised to make history.....they are going out after one term.

Harrison says if the Conservative Government is elected to the position of power, the first thing it pledges to do is engage people.

Alward Wonders What is the Rush

(Conservative Leader David Alward)
              (File Photo)

What is the rush?

That is the question on the mind of Conservative Leader David Alward as several bills are being pushed through in order to shut down the Legislature on Friday.

Alward tells CHSJ News, the Liberals claim this is one of the longest sessions in history but the reason is, the NB Power-Hydro Quebec proposal bogged things down.

Alward adds it's ironic the anti-bullying bill which has passed first and second reading, will not make it to committee of the whole for debate, questions or possible amendments.

Anti-Bullying Campaign in District Six

(One of the Dozen Anti-Bullying Posters)
       (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

Even though anti-bullying legislation will not be passed by the Graham Government, District Six is kicking off a new campaign to stop it.

It's called ""Nobody Hurt"" and Superintendent Zoe Watson tells CHSJ News, new posters featuring students from one of the 24 schools in the district are being distributed today.

There are 12 different posters and 500 of them, laminated by a company in Hampton, will be handed out with four going to elementary schools, four more to middle and the remaining four to high schools.

New French Immersion Program Rolling

Enrolment in the new Grade 3 French Immersion program is off to a strong start for the upcoming school year.

Figures from the anglophone districts' registration process show that 1,619 students have signed up.

Currently there are 1,450 Grade 3 immersion students from the previous early immersion program.
In September, there will be 84 Grade 3 immersion classes, up by six from the current 78, with a total of 169 more students.

Recent changes to French Second Language instruction include eliminating the Core French program and replacing it with an Intensive French program and moving the entry point for the immersion program to Grade 3 from Grade 1.

Making Room For an Artificial Turf Field

The Principal of Millidgeville North wants to convert one of the natural grass fields at the school to artificial turf.

Gary Sullivan, who's also a member of Common Council, tells CHSJ News, the three fields they have now are great although they have their limitations.
Sullivan believes one and a half million dollars will have to be raised.

A meeting has been scheduled for next Wednesday night at 7:00 in the Millidgeville North school cafeteria to set the wheels in motion.

Anti-Poverty Board Structure

Anti-poverty activists are concerned about who will serve on a new board which will determine who gets funding to combat poverty and where that money will go in the province.

Jean Paul Basque of the Common Front for Social Justice tells CHSJ News, the members will have alot of influence.

There will also be members representing business and government.
Basque also points out where the members live could also have a bearing on which parts of the province receive funding.

Fire at Superstore on Rothesay Avenue

(Crews Working On Fire at Superstore)
      (Photo by Andrew Sanojca)

Nobody hurt but the Superstore on Rothesay Avenue did sustain some damage after a fire.

Crews were called to the building just before eleven o'clock and Deputy Chief Mark Gillan says they found a section of the roof and a vent pipe burning and large pieces of embers falling into the store near the meat shop.

Back-up generators kicked on to make sure product in the store didn't go bad.

The store is back open for business.

Cause Of North End Fire Is Suspicious

The Major Crime Unit is investigating the cause of a fire at 78-80 Victoria Street in the old north end yesterday afternoon. District Chief Eric Garland says the fire began in the rear of the three storey building and spread to the attic area. The ceilings on the third floor had to be taken down. There were no injuries and firefighters rescued a small dog from the building. The residents next door at 82 Victoria Street were evacuated as a precautionary measure. 15 people are now homeless and Garland says they won't be returning anytime soon.

Former Member of District 6 Education Council Threatens To Sue

Legal action is being threatened by a former member of the District 6 Education Council. Tom Oland was given the heave ho from the Education Council and has since shown up the monthly meetings attempting to be heard. He claims his right to be heard during the public comment portion of the monthly meetings of the Education Council is being denied. Oland advocates charter schools and an end to French Immersion which he claims is taking the best students and is contributing to lower literacy rates in the province. Oland is also threatening to take the province to court charging Education Minister Roland Hache is ignoring him.