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Monday, June 4, 2012

Province To Overhaul Liquor Control Act

The provincial government is planning a complete overhaul of the Liquor Control Act.
The act covers all aspects of liquor control - sales - and - licensing in the province.
It's been in place since 1961 with a number of amendments over the years - but - there hasn't been a complete review in several years.
Part of the review will include a sit down with all those involved in sales and serving of liquor.
Four sessions are planned around the province with a stop here in the city next Tuesday - for more information - click here.

Port Eyes New Highway As Big Advantage

Renewed talk of a connector highway between Calais and Sherbrooke is capturing the attention of Saint John Port Authority boss Jim Quinn.
Quinn tells CHSJ News our port is positioned perfectly to take advantage of the proposed direct highway link - and - can also offer good rail connections through New Brunswick Southern Railway
He also says the proposed highway would be beneficial to tourism in the region.
Quinn recently travelled to Maine to meet with proponents of the new highway to discuss the advantages of having that kind of link with our port.

Trial Date Set For Accused In Charlotte Street Fire

The trial for 20 year old Roger Chiasson will be held on August 9th.

He is pleading not guilty to an arson charge in connection with the Charlotte Street fire last month.

The fire resulted in the destruction of a convenience store, an accounting business, and the old Lyric Theatre.

19 year old Samuel Nolan and a 15 year old were also arrested in connection with the blaze.

Charges Expected In Hammond River Crash

Charges are anticipated in a single vehicle crash that happened around 2:30 a.m. on June 2, on Highway 1 near Hammond River

A 63-year-old Saint John man was sent to hospital with injuries after the vehicle he was driving left the road and rolled over.

Alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the crash.

West Side Residents Could Have Reduced Water Pressure

West Side residents might notice a drop in water pressure or even some dirty water for the next few weeks -- the city is flushing fire hydrants in the area in order to clean up some water pipes.

The flushing will take place from 8 in the morning until 8 at night.  Affected areas will include King William Road, Ocean Westway, Manawagonish Road,  Dever Road, Fairville Boulevard, Main Street West, and Milford/Randolph.

Customers may experience dirty water for up to 20 minutes if they use water during the time that the line on their street is being flushed.

Labour Union Marches Down King Street

A protest snaking it's way through King Street this afternoon -- the New Brunswick Federation of Labour holding a demonstration over the recent public sector job cuts on both the provincial and federal level.

Marilyn Quinn is the President of the NB Nurses Union and she tells CHSJ News there are hidden costs to constant tax cuts.

She says less taxes mean reduced services which will result in less money for the community

She says less taxes affects healthcare, education, and highways.

Quinn believes the solution lies in the fair taxation of people and corporations.

Firefighters Union Concerned With Possible Changes To Pension Act

The Saint John Firefighters Association not happy with the city looking to repeal the Pension Act.

Repealing the Act would give the city the power to make changes to the pension plan without needing approval from the province.

The association will be going to the legislature this morning to express their concerns.

It has been critical of the recent cuts to the fire department budget as a way to deal with the city's pension deficit.

Moncton and Fredericton run their pension plans through city by-laws.

Mayor Norton Speaks Out On Mistakes

Mistakes were made, but they won't be repeated--that from Mayor Mel Norton regarding a so-called "sneaky" clause included in a list of pension reforms submitted to the superintendent of pensions. The clause stipulating highly-paid city staffers could retire early with full benefits was not voted on by council.

Norton says he appreciates the gravity of a clause like that making it through and there were clearly numerous mistakes that beg thorough investigation.

The Mayor is reportedly behind enforcing a by law to make sure councilors have enough time to look over documents before being asked to vote.

NDP'ers In Rothesay To Select Candidate For Byelection

The NDP in Rothesay will be choosing their candidate for the June 25th provincial byelection tonight and that will be party lesder Dominic Cardy who says voters in the riding should be offered a clear alternative which the Liberals are failing to do.

He doesn't find it an odd riding to be running in considering it is probably the wealthiest in the province.

Cardy tells CHSJ News just because you're affluent doesn't mean you won't vote for the NDP claiming business in the province has been held back by political patronage and that's the reason the byelection is being held because of the appointment of former Rothesay M-L-A Margaret Ann Blaney to be C-E-O at Efficiency NB.

Cardy is already facing the charge levelled by Conservative candidate Ted Flemming of being a parchute candidate because he doesn't live in the riding.