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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Sweet Visit To St.Stephen

Your school or hockey team can take a sweet trip to St. Stephen any time of the year.
The Chocolate Museum offers groups tour all year round and open for the season on March 1st.
Manager Sarah Goulding tells CHSJ News when you come in you are greeting by a tray of chocolate.

Goulding says the Ganong Brothers have several firsts to their credit including creating the first chocolate bar and the first heart-shaped box which was put for Christmas not Valentine's Day.
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Man Faces Charges For Driving While Drinking And Suspended

RCMP responding to a disturbance in Sussex yesterday discovering a pickup stuck in a snowbank.
A 27 year old man from Apohaqui was arguing with two women outside the truck.

The man failed the Breathalyzer blowing over twice the legal limit. Police later learning he was also suspended from driving.
He was held until he was sober and is due in court at a later date.

Deadline Approaching To File For Disaster Assistance

If you registered damage to your home from the December storm's, the deadline to submit your form is coming on Friday.
All completed application forms must sent to the Provincial Emergency Measures Organization to apply for financial assistance.

Over 1,700 people have registered their damages with all properties being inspected. Of the 400 people submitting their applications for financial assistance, about one-third of the claims have been settled.
Adjusters continue to assess damages and examine claims and the provincial government is asking for patience as this process takes time.

If you need help completing the forms, call the Emergency Measures Organization at 1-800-561-4034.

Common Councillor Comes Out In Support Of Redeveloping Part Of Lower West Side

The city wants to focus time and money on redeveloping Market Place West down by the port on the lower west side. The street takes a hammering from the big transports coming off the Princess of Acadia.

Common Councillor Chris Titus grew up there and says the fundamentals are in place for redevelopment with the squares, the ball field and the Carleton Community Centre with a playground already there so the city doesn't have to start from scratch.

The plans also would see new sidewalks. Titus says there is potential to attract new people to the neighbourhood.

City Police Investigate Shots Being Fired

City police were called to the lower west side last night after getting a report of shots being fire.

They arrested a man and woman. The man remains behind bars awaiting an appearance in court later today on a firearms charge.

Early this morning, police seized another firearm from a vehicle in the same section of the city that had been stopped for a breathalyser.

Mayor Plans To Seek Another Term

Saint John M-P Rodney Weston says he will be seeking your vote if there is a federal election this spring or summer as expected.

Even though it's some time off yet, Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News he plans to seek another term when the next municipal election rolls around.

While acknowledging not everyone will agrees with the decisions he has made, Court says Saint John has to move forward or else this will be an old city for a long time.

He believes this will be a good year despite budgets being under pressure both for Saint John and the provincial government.

 His optimism is based, in part, on the number of inquiries being received by his office from businesses wanting to set up shop in the city.

Enterprise Saint John Says Raise For G-M Was Justified

A big bone of contention between Enterprise Saint John and some members of Common Council was the 21 thousand dollar raise given to General Manager Steve Carson at a time of belt tightening around City Hall.

Tony Goguen, who chairs Enterprise Saint John, tells CHSJ News that raise was in the works for sometime even though the optics were bad.

Goguen says Carson had not undergone an external salary review for 17 years and it was determined by an independent human resources consultant that he was being underpaid for the job he was doing.

Goguen does admit, in hundsight, Council should have been part of those discussions before the decision was made.

Open House On Shale Gas Exploration Generates Huge Interest

Hundreds of people turning out on the weekend in Sussex to hear about shale gas exploration. The big concern is what effect this will have on groundwater supplies.

While saying the number one priority is water, Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup tells CHSJ News the potential benefits for the provincial economy are huge with millions of dollars in royalties possible.

The big concern is with the hydraulic fracturing process in which water laced with chemicals and sediment is pumped into the ground to break up the shale.