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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Minister Keir Is Curious

(Energy Minister Jack Keir)
         (File Photo)

With word a counter-offer from the Province on the future of the Harbour Bridge could take months to review, the eyebrows of the Energy Minister have been raised.
this following a report that Southwest MP Greg Thompson has accused fellow Minister Keith Ashfield of holding back millions of infrastructure dollars to make sure the Graham Liberals can't ride the wave of good news announcements into the fall vote.
Keir tells CHSJ News, he would hope that is not the case.

Keir adds he has known MP Thompson for a long time and if he believes politics are being played with the Harbour Bridge, he believes him.

Victoria Clarke Is In For the Liberals

The Liberal Party has it's candidate in the riding of Rothesay and it's Victoria Clarke.

The mother of two who works for the Regional Hospital Foundation beat school teacher Jacques Theriault on the first ballot 78 to 53.

Clarke tells CHSJ News, she is thrilled with the victory but knows there is still a lot of work ahead.

Clarke adds she is proud to have the support of former women Liberal MLA's such as Jane Barry and Lorrraine Jarrette, who was the last Liberal to hold the riding of Rothesay.

Sub Standard Housing Up For Discussion

The topic of sub-standard housing was discussed between several community members at the Boys and Girls Club yesterday.

It was hosted by the Greater Saint John Homlessness Steering Committee and spokes-person Kit Hickey tells CHSJ News, many on hand have no idea some of the conditions people are living in.
Hickey adds there were no conclusions made during the forum and still a lot of work to be done.

Teen Girl Missing From St. Stephen Found Safe

A 16-year old girl missing from the St. Stephen area has been found safe sound.

Heather Dawn Daye of McAdam was reported missing on Sunday after she was dropped off at her grandmother's residence in Honeydale and never returned from a walk.

RCMP tell us Daye was located outside the province after a routine vehicle stop.

Saint John Man Back In Court On Murder Charge

A thirty day psychiatric evaluation has determined a 30 year old east Saint John man is fit to stand trial for first degree murder in the death of 28 year old Melanie Getson of Douglas Avenue. Judge Anne Jeffries told the court Jason Getson's stay at the Restigouche mental health facility determined he is not suffering from a mental disorder that would prevent him from criminal responsibility. Getson, of Martha Avenue, was charged after his estranged wife was stabbed to death in the parking lot of a tanning salon on Rothesay Avenue May 10th. They were living apart at the time. Getson returns to court July 8th at which time a date for a preliminary hearing is expected to be set to determine if there is enough evidence to warrant a trial. In the meantime, Getson will stay behind bars.

DOT Responds To Mackay Highway Concerns

In an e-mail, the Department of Transportation is responded to Mayor Court's concerns. Officials says exsisting traffic volumes warrant the expansion of the Mackay Highway which is not just a link from Saint John to the outlying area's. It is a key trade corridor between New England and Atlantic Canada and to help make way for further industrial and business growth.

The e-mail also points out the information on the expansion of the highway has been public knowledge for 16 months now and this is the first time they are hearing this concern which is a suprise to the department.
To date, DOT has not received any letter or e-mail from city officials voicing any concern about the project.

Premier Graham on Mackay Highway Expansion

The Premier was on the MacKay highway a few weeks back where he witnessed a traffic accident that tied up traffic for over two hours.

Shawn Graham says it's one of the most travelled highways in the province.
He says the traffic counts show it is warranted to be upgraded to the first six-lane highway in the province.
Graham says the government's upgrade will allow goods to flow safely in and out of Saint John.

Mayor Court Concerns about MacKay Highway Expansion

(file photo)

City Hall is growing concerned about an expansion of the MacKay Highway to six lanes. The project is to aleviate traffic congestion during the morning rush and afternoon drive home. Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News, the only thing this project will do is move the bottle-neck from Rothesay to Saint John:

Mayor Court adds if they only convenience of adding the extra lane is to get people in and out of the city faster, then there is no benefit but create more urban spawl.

Missing Girl in St. Stephen

RCMP need your help in locating a 16-year old girl who was reported missing on Sunday.

Heather Dawn Daye of McAdam was last seen on Friday around noon when she was dropped off at her grandmother’s residence in Honeydale, near St. Stephen.
She told her grandmother she was going for a walk and has not been seen since.

Her family thinks she could be with a 26-year-old man she knows who drives a 2001, two-door black Chevrolet Cavalier with the New Brunswick license plate GJC 577 and that they may be heading towards British Columbia.

Her family is encouraging Heather to contact them directly or through the police.

Heather Dawn Daye is described as 5'5" tall, 110-115lbs, with dark brown hair past her shoulders and blue eyes. She also has a nose piercing.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RCMP at 1-888-506-7267.

Marigolds On Main Street

Twelve Hundred school children are up to their elbows in dirt this morning planting Marigolds on Main Street.

Event Co-Chair Jackie Henneberry says she likes to see the smiles on the kids' faces.

Henneberry says it's an education program for the kids, as they plant their own marigolds in school and learn how to water and plant flowers.

Marco Polo: The Musical

Marco Polo: The Musical is getting some cash to fund production.

The Project, which brings together the Saint John Theatre Company, the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and the Saint John High School Concert Choir, has received a 30,000 dollar grant from the Greater Saint John Community Foundation.

Stage Director Stephen Tobias says the money will make a big difference.

Tobias says he can't wait to stage the show in Harbour Station and to experience the theatricality of the space.

Drug Raid On West Side And Vandalism In Hampton

City Police seizing some crack cocaine with a street value of 11 hundred dollars after a drug raid at an apartment on the west side. It happened at 336 Sherbrooke Street. A 33 year old man is facing a charge of possessing crack for the purpose of trafficking. Two men, aged 25 and 38, were also nabbed for obstructing police.
Meantime, more than 2 thousand dollars worth of damage was caused to a greenhouse owned by the town of Hampton behind the community centre. The RCMP say something like twenty rocks were thrown through the glass.

Serious Collision Along Millenium Drive And Short Chase On West Side

Two people were taken to hospital last night after a two vehicle smashup on Millenium Drive at the lights. Rothesay Regional Police tell CHSJ News both vehicles are writeoffs. City Police nabbed a suspected drunk driver, who's now under lock and key, after a short chase early this morning that wound up on Fairville Boulevard just beyond Catherwood.

Marigolds On Main Street Starts This Morning

(Marigolds On Main Street)
           (File Photo)

The North End will be a vision of orange with the annual Marigolds on Main event set to go this morning.
It's the 13th year and 40,000 of the plants will be put in the ground by local school kids starting shortly after 9:00. Organizer Barry Ogden tells CHSJ News the program has grown so much that over the new few days 150,000 marigolds will be planted between Sussex to Welsford. More than 2 million marigolds will have been planted over the 13 years.
Ogden says the programme came into beging to create pridge in the community. It has been recognised internationally and is being copied in New York, Germany and Britain. It has also become a popular attraction for the cruise ship passengers.