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Monday, November 8, 2010

Harbour Bridge Repairs Will Continue Until The 28th

The sometime painfully slow journey home on the Harbour Bridge will continue almost until the end of the month.
Ken Anthony of the Harbour Bridge Authority tells CHSJ news the rain has impacted their progress.

He says they are looking at the end of November but, the rain has slowed them down but, he hopes crews can make that up.
Anthony says they are shooting for November 28th as a completion date for this phase of the project and he says they hope to have one westbound lane open by next Monday, November 15th.

Dogs Owner Plans To Sue The Town Of Quispamsis

The owner of two dogs being held by the town of Quispamsis for an alleged dog attack is suing the town to get them back.
Deborah Quenneville-Clairmont tells says she left court papers with the town clerk after town officials failed to call her back.
She is emotional telling CHSJ News the support she has been getting through her online-petition and Facebook has been bittersweet.
She says it's hard because so many people who are supporting have lost animals and she adds people who know her dogs including the breeder are very upset about this.

According to Quenneville-Clairmont, her dogs are scheduled to be put down on Thursday.

Council Upset With Pesticide's Approval

Health Canada's approval of a new pesticide for use at salmon farms has the Conservation Council up in arms. Salmosan has been approved for emergency use for the next year. The Conservation Council's science advisor Inka Milewski tells CHSJ News the salmon farms have been experiencing a serious problem with sea lice.

She says the solution is much simpler than using pesticides, it is to decrease the concentration of salmon in these farms and spread the farms further away from each other.

Milewski warns there are studies done by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans over the past ten years that reveal salmosan can kill lobsters and adversely affect their spawning at concentrations 10 times lower than the treatment dose used by the fish farms.

Ovation Event Brings In Over $150,000 For Charity

The Saint John Community Foundation hosting a successful fundraiser Saturday night.
Hundreds on hand for Ovation, the foundation's first charity event at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal.
The Foundation's Executive Director Jane Barry tells CHSJ News everyone was ready to celebrate.

She says over 800 people came out and it was a fitting way to wrap up celebrations for Saint John 225th birthday and Rothesay's 150th.
Barry says the event will raise over $150,000 for the foundation.

Another Public Meeting On Metal Shredder Tomorrow Night

(Common Councillor Donnie Snook)
             (File Photo)

Another public meeting on the proposed metal shredder at pier 10 on the west side will be held tomorrow night. This meeting is scheduled for the Carleton Community Centre in the neighbourhood adjacent to where the shredder will be operating.

Common Councillor Donnie Snook tells CHSJ News the big concern he has heard is with the noise levels people can expect and that worry has to be addressed by the company.

There's a study claiming there will be no increase in noise levels but Snook says that will have to be analysed further and not be taken at face value.

The shredder can swallow up a car in 15 seconds with what's left being recycled. The owner of American Iron and Metal, Herb Black promises Saint John will be put on the map if the project goes ahead.

One Woman's Fight To Save Her Dogs

An on-line petition is being circulated by the owner of a pair of dogs to have them released.

They are being held by Town officials in Quispamsis after an incident early last week on the Gondola Point Road.
The dogs allegedly attacked an elderly woman and Rothesay Regional Police continue to look into the matter.
Town Manager Mike Brennan tells CHSJ News, the animal by-law was controversial when it was adopted but the public has seen it has been very effective.

Brennan adds three scenarios can now play out.....the report may find this alleged attack was an accident, if it wasn't, the animals may be deemed fierce and dangerous and would have to be muzzled and fenced in or they could be ordered destroyed.

CHSJ News has tried several times to contact the owner of the dogs but the voice-mail is full.

Work Continues For Francophone School

The final numbers are falling into place for supporters of a Francophone School in the Kennebecasis Valley with roughly 350 students and three classes per grade level.
Vice President Michelle Robichaud tells CHSJ News, no location has been found or a price-tag as the main focus remains making sure the parents and students wishing to attend a francophone school are well served.
Robichaud says the final price tag should be left in the hands of the Province and they hope to meet with the Education Minister soon.

Another Meeting To Discuss Proposed Metal Shredder

(Herb Black, President of American Iron and Metal)
                       (File Photo)

Another chance to get more information about a proposed metal shredder looking to set up shop on the West-Side of the Port happens tomorrow night.
An information session is being held by American Iron and Metal who is looking to put the set-up along Pier 10.
The proposed site is on an area roughly 24 acres on federal land leased from the Saint John Port Authority.
The company is still waiting for both Provincial and Federal approval before moving ahead with the proposal.

Tomorrow night's meeting gets started at six o'clock at the Carleton Community Center.

Rememberance Day Concert For The Veterans

A musical tribute to our vets goes tonight at HarbourView High.

The annual Remembrance Day concert features two choirs and the 3rd field artillery band. Music Director Michael Molloy tells CHSJ News, everyone is welcome.

The show starts at 7:30 and tickets are available at the door.

Blood Clinic For Canadian Blood Services

(Canadian Blood Services Building On Unversity Avenue)
                        (File Photo)

Canadian Blood Services and the John T. McMillian Jr. Foundation are hosting a blood donor clinic on what would have been his 40th birthday.
McMillan lost a battle with leukemia in 2005 at the age of 34.
Amanda Cullen of CBS tells CHSJ News, as the holiday season approaches and people get busier, their supply tends to get low.

The clinic is being held today at the Glenview United Church on Upland Street in East Saint John from Noon to 3:30pm and from 5 to 7:30pm.

Going To Take Time To Dry Out

Some area's of the Province are going to take a little longer than others to dry out when the sky finally does clear.
Environment Canada has been keeping tabs since the rain began late last week and as of this morning, here are some of the more soaked area's.

Mechanic Settlement has received just shy of 300mm's of rain, Greeater Saint John just over 131mm's, St. Stephen 77m's, Gagetown 63.5 and Point Lepreau just over 71mm's.

City Pension Plan At A Cross-Roads

Crunch time coming tonight at Common Council with the city's financially beleaguered pension plan.

It has a deficit of 129 million dollars and Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News, this is serious stuff.

Court warns if the city has to contibute 9 million dollars over and above what it already has to pay, it would translate into a tax increase of 17 cents.

Rain Expected To Finish Up Mid-Week

The end of the rain and dreary grey skies is almost upon us.

George Parkes with the Atlantic Storm Prediction Centre tells CHSJ News, the bulk of the rain should finish up by the middle of this week.

It's been rain for the past few days in the Port City.
A rain record was shattered on Friday when 73 millimetres fell on the city, the previous mark was 40.4 millimetres in 1993.

MP For Saint John On Federal Funding

(Saint John MP Rodney Weston)
           (File Photo)

Saint John's MP says there will be discussion between Ottawa and municipalities on funding for new federal water regulations.

The Mayors say if they Federal government wants to impose the new laws, they should help pay.

Rodney Weston tells CHSJ News, he also hears the mayor's concerns on sustainable yearly funding for ferries like the Princess of Acadia.

Weston adds the relationship between the Federal Government and the municipalities is a partnership.

Anti-Bullying Day Gathering Steam

The support for Anti-Bullying Day continues to grow as Fredericton is the latest city to proclaim December 17th as Anti-Bullying Day.

Co-founder of Bullying Canada Rob Frenette tells CHSJ News, other municipalities have made the proclamation, including Bathurst, Moncton, and Riverview.

Frenette adds Saint John is set to make the same proclomation in the coming weeks.