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Monday, October 8, 2012

Grand Bay-Westfield Sculpture

The sculpture was created by Radoslav Sultov from the Sculpture Saint John symposium. It's located at Brundage Point River Centre in Grand Bay-Westfield.

Hampton High Attempts To Break World Record

One high school is playing it's part in trying to break a Guinness World Record.

Students and staff at Hampton High School will join other schools across the country by participating in the worlds largest practical science lesson. Grade 9/10 science teacher Susan Cochrane tells CHSJ news the record attempt will take place in the school's gym on Friday at 2 o'clock. She says the two-part lesson is based on the Bernoulli's principle. Cochrane says one experiment will involve taking straws and water to create mist, while the other will work with water balloons and air pressure.

Cochrane adds Belleisle will also be participating.

Arts & Culture Park Gets "Scary"

What would fall be without scarecrows?

This month the Arts & Culture park in Quispamsis is home to 13 of them.

Organizer Aaron Kennedy tells CHSJ news the scarecrows are made by local groups like cadets, brownies and the KV figure skating club. He says the annual fall scarecrows have now become a tradition.

Red Head Community Association Up & Running

The Red Head Community Association is officially formed.

Twenty residents now make up the group that will celebrate and also address pressing issues in the community. Ward 4 Common Councillor Ray Strowbridge tells CHSJ news since their first official meeting the association is now planning a website, developing a newsletter, and creating their mission statement.

Now that the group is on their feet, Strowbridge says he and Councillor David Merrithew will no longer have a say in the association's plans.

In August, Strowbridge and Merrithew helped provide ideas on how community associations work to concerned Red Head residents, who felt they weren't being heard or recognized by previous councils.

City Hotel Being Turned Into Apartments

The Courtenay Bay Inn near Haymarket Square is being converted to residential housing made up of studio apartments and ads have already appeared looking for people to move in to Crowne Street Plaza. 

Ward 3 Common Councillor Donnie Snook couldn't be happier saying affordable housing is just what's needed now near the centre of the city with Plan SJ and the desire for greater density.

Snook earlier suggested the courthouse on Charlotte Street across from Horsefield be turned into housing when the new courts building opens up at Peel Plaza.