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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Lights Are Back On Uptown

Power is now restored in the uptown.

It went out for about 45 minutes starting around 1:45 this afternoon.

City fire telling CHSJ News a transformer blew along Bayside Drive and Wullet Drive.

The wire was coming in off NB Power's tower and the utility was notified of the problem.

Saint John Fire also telling us many alarms are going off today.

That's because pipes are thawing and water flow in buildings activates the alarms.

IT Expert Says Cyber Crime Is Getting More Sophisticated

An IT expert at the University of New Brunswick saying the public would be shocked as to how sophisticated cyber crime is getting.

David Shipley is the Enterprise Strategy Analyst at the university. He tells CHSJ News it's getting easier for hackers to gain access to personal information online. 

 "There are automated tools now that even someone with a moderate level of computer knowledge can use to basically input your name, and some basic details and it will scour the entire internet. Publicly available information on social media, stuff they can pick up on Google and build, within minutes, a profile on a person," he says.
 He says there are some things you can do to protect yourself from cyber crime such as, having unique passwords for each website or service that you use.

 Shipley predicts cyber crime is only going to get worse and educating users will help reduce the risks significantly.

Making Mental Health A Priority At School

The District Education Council making mental health one of its main priorities this year. Superintendent Zoe Watson of The Anglophone South District says mental health problems are becoming more common among students.

In a year-end interview she tells CHSJ News, "over the last few years that is an area of concern that has been identified by our teachers, and by our school leaders. I think a lot of research would point in that direction as well, that we are seeing mental health issues at a young age."

She says the district will focus on more mental health fitness programs in 2014, and will continue to provide mental health first aid training for teachers.

Safe Harbour Plans To Open This Summer

Next year there will be a beacon of hope for at-risk youth. That from Safe Harbour Project Coordinator Colin MacDonald.

 In a year-end interview he tells CHSJ News about impact of the youth shelter that will be opening next year.
 He says 2013 is the last year homeless youth will be turned away.

"In the summer of 2014 we'll be able to open our doors and start providing residential services to young people at risk," he says.

This year saw lots of community interest in the project, from Safe Harbour making it past the first round in the Aviva Community Fund, to the New Brunswick Children's Association giving them more than 37-thousand-dollars for the project.

Two-Vehicle Collision In The Valley Overnight

Rothesay Regional Police responding to a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Gondola Point Arterial and Millennium Drive.

Police say the cause was due to slippery conditions. No injuries were reported.