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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doucet Surprised To Hear Parrott Is Back In Caucus

While Liberal MLA Rick Doucet is surprised to hear Dr. Jim Parrott is back in the Conservative caucus, it won't change his game plan for re-election one little bit.

He says like anyone you will be stepping into the ring with, he'll be running under the Alward government's Conservative banner and this government has given the people of his constituency a rough ride over the last 4 years.

Doucet currently representing the riding of Charlotte the Isles where Dr. Parrott will be seeking the Tory nomination after sitting as in independent and a Tory in the riding of Fundy-River Valley in the last four years.

An Outstanding Warrant And A Stolen Safe

According to Sergeant Jay Henderson of city police, a man was pulled over around 4pm yesterday on Manawoganish Road near Barnhill School. Police found him to have an outstanding warrant as well as a large amount of marijuana in the vehicle.

He was hit with additional charges of trafficking on top of the outstanding warrant and will make a court appearance in the near future.

As well, at 4:30am a business off Wilson Street West was broken into an a small safe was stolen. The canine unit was brought out to conduct a search but no arrests have been made yet.

Acute Care Patients Can Fill Out A Survey

Do you have a hospital stay planned next month?

During the month of May, all medical, surgical and obstetrics inpatients discharged from Horizon Health acute-care hospital facilities will be provided a survey before they leave the hospital.

The survey is confidential and the information collected will help Horizon Health evaluate the performances of hospitals and learn how to better serve and understand the needs of patients and their families.

The survey results will be posted on Horizon's website. 


Both Lanes at King Square North Back Open To Traffic

Both lanes are back open to traffic from Sydney to Charlotte after some pothole filling this morning.

Parrott To Rejoin Tory Caucus

Doctor Jim Parrott will be rejoining the Tory caucus effective immediately.

According to the Premier, Parrott apologized for his previous statements that were critical of the government's stance on healthcare and asked to rejoin caucus.

Parrott was elected to represent Fundy-River Valley in the 2010 general election, then ouste fo his controversial comments in 2012.

He'll be seeking the nomination for Charlotte-The-Isles for the Conservatives in the next provincial election.

You Now Have Until Monday To File Your Taxes

You still have some time to squeak in under the deadline and appease the tax man.

The CRA announcing that you have until midnight on or before May 5, 2014, to file your 2013 income tax and benefit return and pay any balance owing.

The deadline was formerly today, but there was five-day service interruption due to the Heartbleed Bug.

As a result, interest and penalties will not be applied to individual taxpayers filing their 2013 tax returns by midnight on or before May 5.

St Andrews Man Fined For Tax Evasion

You could say the tax man came knocking for a businessman in St. Andrews businessman.

Everett Kenneth Lord was fined $2,200 after pleading guilty to two counts of failing to file tax returns.

He failed to file both personal and corporate returns for 2011 and  was given until July 30, 2014 to pay up.

He was previously convicted on four charges for failure to file corporation income tax returns.

What's The Best Way To Mark Potholes?

Big potholes on the road are hard enough to avoid--and marking them with traffic cones doesn't seem to be helping the problem any, according to common councillor John Mackenzie.

He says often it appears the cones are removed or don't adequately show where the problem is.

Bill Edwards of Transportation Services says it's hard to prevent people from stealing the cones--although he has no idea what people do with them--but they're only supposed to be temporary markers
, offering a warning just until crews get back to fix the pothole.

Mixed Reactions To The Darling's Island Road Closure

Early in the day the Darling's Island road is not covered by water so why the need to close road for all  residents. 

Some residents are wondering why when it's partially covered in the morning but covered later in the day when the tide is high.   The province cites concerns over structural integrity of the road itself.

CHSJ News asked Resident Angela Boudreau if she thinks DOT should have filled the potholes to avoid closing the road completely.

She tells us she's not any kind of road repair expert but it seems to her that it would be hard to keep the water off the road long enough to keep those potholes filled for very long right now.

One residents suggesting if DOT filled the potholes with gravel temporarily it would be a much cheaper short term fix.

Eight Department of Natural Resources trucks can be scene on the island along with two boats that are transporting people across the water.   

Some residents are very appreciative of the DNR's help in assisting them leave the island for work or school and get home again.

Traffic Reduced on King Square North

Part of one lane is blocked for pothole filling on King Square North between Sydney and Charlotte.

Breakaway Blimp Found

The mystery of where the runaway blimp promoting Budweiser that broke free on the east side over the weekend because of gusty winds has been solved. 

According to Labatts, it was discovered in a remote wooded area. 
Transport Canada had issued a warning to pilots in the area.

Late Night Fire Call At Boys And Girls Club

Firefighters converging on the Boys and Girl Club last night shortly before 11. 

Divisional Chief Mark Wilson telling CHSJ news they were called because of smoke and odour in the main corridor.

Wilson says they found the motor inside a wall heater had overheated.