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Monday, March 21, 2011

City Police Investigate Possible Attempted Abduction

The Saint John Police Force investigating the possible attempted abduction of a woman in East Saint John.
The Major Crime Unit is handling the investigation of the incident late this afternoon.

It involves a 35-year-old woman.

Grand Manan Man Dies In Weekend ATV Crash

An ATV crash on Grand Manan killing a 39-year-old man on Saturday.

RCMP tell CHSJ News the man was visiting friends Friday night and left before midnight on his ATV.
Early Saturday morning a passer-by spotted the man’s body near the roadside next to his crashed ATV.

The ATV is being examined and alcohol is not being ruled out as a factor in the crash.

RCMP Investigate Undergarment Thefts In Grand Bay-Westfield

Someone is stealing ladies underwear in Grand Bay-Westfield.
Members of the RCMP are looking into two break and enters between yesterday and Thursday in which women's undergarments were taken.

The break-in's occurring near Inglewood Drive and Epworth Park Road.
No one was hurt in each incident and nothing else was taken but, in one case, the door was left unlocked.

If you having any information on this crime contact Crime Stoppers at 1-877-222-T.I.P.S.

Doherty Will Not Run Federally

A well-known City doc and former provincial politician is not trying his hand at federal politics.
Dr. Ed Doherty tells CHSJ News despite many calls for him to run, he will not be pursuing a federal liberal nomination.

He says he has reopened his ophthalmology practice and while he's been lucky enough to pursue two careers, he will be focusing on his medical career.

Doherty says this decision does not reflect upon his experience in the previous Graham government.
He adds it was an honour to serve with the province and he enjoyed every minute of it.

The Peel Plaza Project Is On Track

Construction continues on the massive Peel Plaza project.
It includes provincial law courts,a new police station and multi-level parking garage.
Despite a tough winter, Project Engineer Gerry Mattson tells CHSJ News the project is running on schedule.

He says the winter impacts production but they are able to work on other aspects of the project when it snows or rain and he says it evens out. The seven-level parking garage will have 446 spaces with entrances and exits from Carleton and Sewell streets.

Hundreds Take Part In Peace March

About 300 people walking down the middle of King Street as part of a peace march against racial discrimination.

Organizer Diane Govindsamy tells CHSJ News the march is about promoting equality for all, including those in the gay, lesbian, and transgendered community.

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, which was declared by the U.N. in 1966 after 69 people were killed in South Africa during a peaceful demonstration against apartheid.

Public Safety Minister Says Deficit Will Be Key Issue

 Public Safety Minister Robert Trevors says it won't be easy getting rid of the deficit during the Conservative's mandate.

He tells CHSJ News the public input gathered around the province during consultations will be seen in the budget.

He says New Brunswicker's are expecting tough decisions to be made.

The provincial budget will be released tomorrow.

Weston Says No Corporate Tax Cuts In Tomorrow's Budget

As the federal budget comes down tomorrow with speculation it could very well trigger a spring election, Saint John M-P Rodney Weston scoffs at the notion of the federal Liberals being the party of the middle class.

Federal Liberal leader Micheal Ignatieff has been railing against corporate tax cuts which Weston also finds ironic. He says there will be no corporate tax cuts in the budget because they were in the last budget which Ignatieff voted in favour of.

Weston maintains you can't tax your way to prosperity.

Anxiety On Eve Of Provincial Budget

There's some anxiety and worry among university administrators and students with what will be in tomorrow's provincial budget on higher education.

The President of the Student Union at U-N-B Shannon Carmont-McKinley tells CHSJ News students find themselves with their backs against the wall financially with tuition fees higher than most other provinces, including Ontario, if you exclude the expensive courses not available in this province.

U-N-B President Eddy Campbell says the provincial government will have to start investing in post-secondary education because New Brunswick is near the bottom in per student funding.

Pension Board Lawsuit Slammed

It's time the Pension Board's lawsuit against former Common Councillor John Ferguson for his outspoken criticism of the city's financially beleagurered pension plan is dropped for the sake of the financially beleaguered city taxpayer.

So says Saint John businessman Sandy Robertson who supported Ferguson's bid to become Mayor in the last municipal election. Robertson estimates the legal costs have now exceeded 2 million dollars.

Robertson also points out the city's insurance is paying for Ferguson's legal fees and complains about a lack of transparency........No one seems to have the slightest idea when this will ever get to court and why the pension board is continuing to go after Ferguson who is now the Town manager in St. Stephen.

Warning From Premier On Tomorrow's Budget

Premier David Alward is warning there's going to be some pain in tomorrow's provincial budget.

Former Premier Bernard Lord is suggesting Alward should cut the deficit by 40 or even 50 per cent now that he's got the political capital to do so.

The President of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour Michel Boudreau tells CHSJ News it would be madness to cut taxes especially for large corporations.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation Debt Clock which is a 12 foot long, 6 foot high scoreboard showing the provincial debt and the rate it's growing by the second will be making a stop today in Fredericton. The Taxpayers Federation is calling on the Alward Government not to raise taxes.

Ethanol Now Part Of Your Gasoline

Irving Oil gasoline now contains ethanol as part of new federal regulations.

The Refinery's general manager Mark Sherman says as of last week it is required by government regulation.

Sherman says it's nothing new for them as they have been blending their gas with ethanol in the U.S. for 6 years.

Ethanol contains oxygen allowing for cleaner and more complete combustion which help the environment.

Long Term Strategy On Wetlands Next On Agenda

Realtors say they want to be part of the discussions leading to a long term provincial strategy on wetlands. So says Jason Stephen who chairs the Government Relations Committee for the New Brunswick Real Estate Association.

He welcomes the changes that were announced by Environment Minister Margaret Ann Blaney especially getting rid of the predictive layer which he maintains caused alot of confusion and most of the anger from landowners.

Tim Vickers of the Atlantic Coastal Action Programme agrees there was alot of confusion, much of it misplaced. He doesn't see wetlands being lost even tough the changes give a gree light to developers to move ahead.

Blaney does warn real estate developers, they have found themselves in trouble in the past by building in areas where flooding has occurred.

Talks Still On At Moosehead

Talks between Moosehead Breweries and the locked out 172 employees are continuing -- that from Moosehead's Vice-President of Public Affairs Joel Levesque.

Negotiations began last week after weeks of picketing by union members over prescription drug coverage and will resume tomorrow.

He tells CHSJ News he believes progress is being made.

Levesque adds Moosehead supplies are fine and doesn't forsee any supply issues in the near future.