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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crescent Valley Redevelopment Announcement

Mayor Gives Firm Thumbs Down To Offer

(Saint John City Hall - file photo)

The city's chief magistrate is brushing off an 11th hour offer from the owners of the City Hall building.
They are offering up more space and renovations to keep the Police Department from moving to its proposed new headquarters at Peel Plaza -- but -- Mayor Ivan Court tells CHSJ News it's too little - too late.
The Mayor says the city would have to forfeit 10-million dollars in provincial funding and face the loss of other potential funding for the Peel Plaza building.
And he says people have lost sight of the fact that every time there has been a change in location or design -- it's cost the city additional money.    
Court says make no mistake -- city police will be moving to a new building at Peel Plaza.


Pesticide may be the reason for dead lobster in Grand Manan and Deer Island

Too many dead lobsters are turning up in traps at Deer Island and Grand Manan apparently killed by a pesticide which is used to kill sea lice.
David Coon of the Conservation Council tells CHSJ News the pesticide in question is not approved for use in this country and he believes it was used on salmon cages.
Coon says it appears someone who was desperate took matters into their own hands. M-P Greg Thompson is asking Fisheries Minister Gail Shea to investigate. Environment Canada has already launched its own investigation.

New Policy for Social Assistance

Social Development and Housing Minister Kelly Lamrock announcing a major change to the rules governing social assistance when he spoke to the annual meeting of Vibrant Communities in the city. Lamrock says those people who go on social assistance this year can apply to not be financially penalised if they want to share accomodation and expenses pending a major overhaul of the whole system.
In the meantime, those people who were receiving social assistance as of January of this year can have roommates without applying for any exemption from the previous policy.

Fire in a North End apartment building

(8 Boyd Street)
(photo courtesy of Andrew Sanojca)

Fire crews are on the scene of a fire in the North End.
The fire in a 6-unit apartment building at 8 Boyd Street is confined to the basement and fire crews have it contained.
The building has been evacuated after smoke was found in the buidling.
It's expected the tenants of the building will be displaced for the night possibly longer.
No one was hurt.

A School District and a school honoured for Inclusive Education

A local school district and a school won awards for supporting inclusive education. District 6 received a national certificate of merit. The Association’s partnership with School District 6 began in 2006.

A District 8 school also gets some hardware, The Spirit Leaders Program at Forest Hills school gets the Inclusive school club award.
The awards from the Canadian Association for Community Living recognize teachers, students and everyone who works every day to include all students in education and school life.   They were handed out in Frederiction today.

Provincial Investors warned about possible high yield investment fund

Investors are being warned about a possible high yield investment fund website operator called Genius Funds or Genius Investments.
The New Brunswick Securities Commission says this Cyprus-based company is not registered to sell securities in this province.
The alert follows a temporary order by the British Columbia Securities Commission this month alleging the company has breached various securities laws. The NBSC does not know of any investors in this province but, if anyone has been contacted they should phone the NBSC at 1-866-933-2222.

M-L-A Has Mixed Emotions About Redevelopment

The Tory M-L-A for Saint John Portland is happy to see the proposed Crescent Valley redevelopment moving a step closer.
But Trevor Holder tells CHSJ News is a bit concerned there is more talk than action especially with another round of consultations next month.
He says another of public consultation next month is appropriate -- but -- at some point politicians have to come back with an announcement the plan is beginning to move forward with an actual start on construction of new housing units.
Holder wants to see some definite time lines in place over the next five years -- and -- says he will be asking Social Development Minister Kelly Lamrock about establishing the targets.

Cresent Valley Tenants Happy With Proposed Changes

(President of the Cresent Valley Tenants Association Janet McLaughlin)
                              (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

The President of the Cresent Valley Tenants Association is thrilled with the proposed new look for the area. Janet McLaughlin says the reputation the neighbourhood as taken on over the years as a tough place to live is starting to fade away.

McLaughlin adds the area desperately needs more green space and an upgrade to the current play areas for children.

Crescent Valley Plan Being Rolled Out

  (Proposed Look For Construction in Cresent Valley)
                (Photo by Gary MacDonald)

A 20-year five phase plan has been laid out for the Cresent Valley area by Social Development and Housing Minister Kelly Lamrock. It includes new multi-storey high rises, five new four storey apartment buildings, semi-detached and new row homes. Lamrock says there is no price tag involved with the proposal just yet.

If the entire project lives up to it's potential, there would be 1373 new homes constructed in the area. Minister Lamrock says they hope to begin phase one which is replacing some of the homes lost on Churchill Boulevard this year.

K-V Fields Committee Looking For More Money

The KV Fields Committee is back before Quispamsis Council looking for more funding.
Kennebecasis Valley High School Principal Robert Munro says the project requires an additional 100 thousand dollars from the town. Munro says time is a concern, as the the project is aiming to be completed by the summer.
Councillor Lisa Loughery says since the town has completed it's budget already, and money is tied up in the Q-Plex the request raises concerns. The motion to refer the application for additional funding to the finance department was denied.
Munro says Quispamsis M-L-A Mary Schryer is lobbying the province for additional funding for the project.

Daycare In Quispamsis Gets Approved

An application to rezone a portion of land on Sugarmaple Lane in Quispamsis for a daycare has finally been approved.
Janie's Kids Zone is approved to continue operations and has been open for business for the past 4 months.
The application sparked concerns from neighbours over drainage and traffic issues, but was ultimately passed by Quispamsis Town Council.
The process has been ongoing since July.

New Business in K-V?

The whispering is getting louder out in the Kennebecasis Valley as the guessing game continues. Residents want to know who is getting ready to move into the former Brookside Market location on the old Hampton Road? Brookside shut down early last month reporting the parent company, D.E.S. Holdings is bankrupt.
Trucks have been at the store for weeks with tar-paper on the windows covering up what-ever is going on inside. The Brookside Market first opened it's doors in November of 2008.