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Friday, October 11, 2013

New School For Grand Bay-Westfield Seen As A Priority

Grand Bay-Westfield is making a full court press to get a new elementary school built in the town. 

Fundy-River Valley M-L-A Dr. Jim Parrot is on board even though he may not have as much influence since leaving the Conservative caucus. 

Mayor Grace Losier tells CHSJ News she believes the town is second on the list but what's being used now is not up to standard with nary a blade of grass for the kids to play on and no way to provide hot lunches.

Losier also points out more young families with children are settling in the town judging by the latest figures from Canadian Mortgage and Housing that show housing values rising by 15 per cent.


Liberal M-L-A Sticks By Claim That Drivers In Province Are Being Gouged

Drivers in the province have paid 900 million dollars more for their auto insurance than they should have over the last ten years. That claim being made by Moncton East M-L-A Chris Collins who tells CHSJ News that works out something like 150 to 174 dollars more for their car than they should be.

Collins wants to see the New Brunswick Insurance Board disbanded because he doesn't think it's looking out for the best interests of consumers. 

He tells CHSJ News the job it does could be taken over by a new more non-partisan body or the Energy and Utilities Board. 

Provincial Justice Minister Troy Lifford doesn't see a problem with what drivers in New Brunswick pay for auto insurance, saying the rates are lower than in other provinces.

An Event For Lunar Lovers Tonight

If you love the wonders of the moon, you can join members of an astronomy club tonight at the Irving Nature Park for Observe the Moon night.

It will begin with a brief talk at the Interpretative Shelter and head to the observing ground where several telescopes will be set up.

Organizers expect the highlights will be the craters and mountains on the Moon and the half-moon phase of Venus.

Participants are encouraged to dress in layers for the chilly temps and bring along their own warm beverage. 

The event runs from 7 to 9 tonight.

Chipman Hill Briefly Blocked After Truck Fire

There was a brief traffic interruption uptown after a truck fire in the lower level of the Chipman Hill parking garage.

One of the regular drivers making deliveries started up his truck and smoke starting coming from the engine. 

The City fire department was called and it was quickly extinguished.

Police blocked access to Chipman Hill at the top and bottom for a short period.

Thanksgiving Weekend Hours For NB Liquor

It's almost the long weekend, and NB Liquor advises customers that all of its corporate stores will be open from noon until 5 p.m. on Sunday and closed on Monday.

NB Liquor's agency outlets will be open during the weekend, but hours vary from location to location.

RCMP Speaking Out On Shale Gas Blockade

There doesn't seem to be any end in sight to that shale gas blockade along highway 134 near Rexton prompting the Commanding Officer of the RCMP in the province, Roger Brown to release a statement about what's going on. 

Brown says this protest has to be resolved while conceding the ongoing efforts to find a peaceful resolution have been disappointingly unsuccessful with emotions running high. 

He's also asking people to respect the law and recognise the way things have been going is not producing positive results for anyone.

A Warning From Nurses In Province

More than 2 thousand registered nurses in the province are over 55 and almost one-third of R-N's in New Brunswick will be retiring in the next five years. 

The President of the Nurses Union Marilyn Quinn has been asking for a six month freeze in nursing layoffs but there has been no response from the province. 125 nursing positions have been cut in 2012-2013. 

The union also pointing out there is little in the government's new five year healthcare plan about a strategy to deal with this.

Fire On West Side And Collision Out East

There's a lot of smoke this morning from a fire at the remains of a body shop on Dever Road. That call coming in around 4:00. The body shop was destroyed in that recent blaze but the remains were reignited.

About an hour after that, a crash occurred along Loch Lomand Road by the airport sending one person to hospital. 

Traffic in the immediate area by the Airport Arterial was blocked off because of a power pole appeared ready to come down and a pump at a nearby gas station may also have been hit.

Saint John Energy has determined the power pole is safe as is so traffic is again being allowed to proceed along Loch Lomand Road in both directions.