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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Superheroes Coming To SPCA's Rescue

Help is coming faster than the Flash and hitting as hard as Thor's hammer.

Local non-profit group (and comic fans) Harbour Con-fusion is holding an emergency fundraiser Monday for the Saint John SPCA.

President of Con-Fusion Margaret Cornfield tells CHSJ news over 400 people -- and superheroes -- will be meeting at the Admiral Beatty Parking Lot on the corner of Princess and Charlotte at 10am to start collecting donations and bottles to prevent a closure of the non-profit animal shelter.

She says the SPCA has always been their charity of choice, and when they heard they were in danger of closing they quickly "mobilized their geek force" to spread the word and take action.

Cornfield says all are welcome to help give donations or volunteer.

The SPCA say if they don't raise a million dollars this week, they'll be closing their doors on Saturday, leaving 14 people without a job and animals to be euthanized.   For more information click here.

Boil Water Order In Woodstock

Officials in Woodstock, have issued a boil water order for areas of the town.

Residents who live in the downtown core and also part of the southside of the Meduxnekeag River are being told to boil their water for at least one minute.

The town says the boil order is precautionary after a water reservoir on St. Andrews Street lost power on Friday.

It's not known how long the order will remain in effect.   Courtesy of The Canadian Press.

Saint Johners Coming Together To Save SPCA

Hair Salons, jewelry makers, auctions and even super heroes are all coming together to help keep the Saint John SPCA open.

The SPCA announced if they don't raise a million dollars in a week the centre will close it's doors this coming Saturday, leaving 14 people without a job and animals facing euthanization.

President Melody McElman tells CHSJ news they had to come out and tell the truth to the public. She says they've been planning to start a capital campaign for months to raise enough money to convert rooms at the 295 Bayside Drive building into viable revenue source, such as a dog grooming and obedience centre.

She says they've done as much as they could to cut costs for the non-profit animal shelter, including cutting the executive director position to help pay for the stack of vet bills and operational costs.

In December the group was given 30 days notice by the NBSPCA to move out of their decrepit building on Taylor Avenue, which had problems with mold, old concrete cages and as McElman describes as "not fit for man or beast". She says the $750,000 price tag on the Bayside property was affordable compared to $4 million if a new building was made.

McElman says she knows she set her goal high by asking for a million, but what they need is a miracle.

The centre has been around for 99 years.

To donate by going in the shelter, click here or call 642-0931. You can also visit their facebook page. 

Iconic Lobster Dies

The Fundy Discover Aquarium in Saint Andrews is bidding farewell to one of its iconic residents...Big Dee-Dee, a 22 year old lobster donated to the aquarium in 2008, was thought to be 40 years old.

Large lobsters are thought to be important in the ocean as a large female can carry as many as 80,000 eggs, although only a small percentage of these reach maturity. Aquarium manager Jim Cornall tells CHSJ News they don't like to speak about the question on many people's minds: what does a 22 pound lobster taste like? He says no idea... it's something they don't speak of at the aquarium.

The aquarium has another 22 lb. lobster, Tiny, and several other rare lobsters, including several blue lobsters, a yellow lobster and a calico.

Saint John Welcomes First Health & Wellness Expo

Saint John is getting it's very first Health & Wellness expo this month.

The two-day event will feature everything from fitness, nutrition, mental health and even finances.

Organizer Mike McGraw tells CHSJ news there will be demonstrations, speakers and even a fitness challenge with teams like the Saint John Sea Dogs, firefighters and local businesses.

Another unique part of the expo is proceeds go towards The Children's Wish Foundation. The event starts on Friday September 14th from 11:30am-8:00pm and 10:00am-4:30pm Saturday September 15th at Harbour Station.  

Admission is regular $6, $5 for seniors & students, and $10 for a family of five.

For more informaiton, click here.