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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Symphony NB Requests 3-Year Funding Model

Four concerts a year isn't a season--that's the complaints from music lovers at Symphony New Brunswick. General Manager Caroline Condon wants common council to commit to a 3-year funding model at a $5000 level.

Condon says the Symphony has proven its adeptness at managing its funds, with 3 debt-free years under its belt. She also emphasizes that it's a local enterprise that recycles a good portion of its annual budget right back into the community.

A $15,000 dollar commitment is on the low side compared with other similarly-sized orchestras in the country.

Changes Afoot for Fundy Regional Solid Waste Commission

With the Alward government pushing for regionalization, Common Councilor Chris Titus says that changes are in the works for the Fundy Regional Solid waste Commission. He says that the action plan for new local government systems is vague, but one this is certain: as of January 1, 2013, the Fundy Regional Solid Waste Commission won't exist anymore as a commission.

He says that the action plan could have farther reaching implications as well--but it's impossible to predict what those will look like.

He says the municipal governments won't just be looking at solid waste, but also planning and other issues.

Titus says that he expects that the changes will be hammered out more specifically during a transition period in September.