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Friday, March 29, 2013

M-P From Charlotte County Speaking Out About The Right To Speak

Unrest within the Conservative caucus over stiff party control is showing no signs of calming down. 

Three more M-Ps stood in the House of Commons to assert their freedom to say what they want in Parliament, without first being vetted by the party leadership.  

Charlotte County M-P John Williamson was among those defending the right to speak in the House about anything they wish. Ironically, Williams, who once headed the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, also served as Prime Minister Harper's Communications Director at one time. 

The backbenchers have been denounced by other Conservative M-P's as going rogue but they say this is actually a matter about the right of an M-P to represent his or her constituents.

New Date For Inquest Into Death Of Chinese Student

There's a new date for the inquest into the death of 17 year old Yi Fan Wang at the Aquatic Centre in September of 2011. 

It will be held from May 21st through the 24th at the Sydney Street Courthouse. It had been scheduled to start on April 8th. 

Wang was swimming in the pool with some friends when something happened to him. He was taken out of the swimming pool but died two days later at the Regional Hospital's intensive care unit. 

It remains unclear what happened that afternoon which is why the inquest was called to look at the circumstances and come up with recommendations.

Vehicles Broken Into In the K-V

Rothesay Regional Police arresting two teens for breaking into vehicles and stealing whatever they could get their hands on. 

Police say the car prowling happened in K-Park, along Rothesay Road and in sub-divisions off Rothesay Road, Grove Avenue, the Pettingill Road and Oakville Acres. 

If you believe your vehicle has been gone through, police say give them a call at 847-6300.

S-U-V Flips Over After Leaving Highway

An S-U-V leaving the highway and rolling over near the Ducks Unlimited Marsh in Musquash. This happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. 

The Musquash Fire Department found the S-U-V on its roof. A mother and her child outside the vehicle. They sustained what appeared to be minor injuries but were sent to hospital as a precaution to be looked over. 

The S-U-V had been going westbound along Highway 1.

(Photo Courtesy Of Andrew Sanojca)