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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thief Continues to make the Rounds in the Metro

City Police continue to get frustrated and business owners nervous after two more attempted robberies in the city last night. Officers were called to Fundy Heights Convenience just before 9:30pm. The clerk told them a man with a slim build and wearing a brown hoodie walked in and demanded cash. She refused and he left.

Less than a half hour later, a man fitting the same description walked into Sandys Convenience on the Sandy Point Road and also demanded cash. The clerk also turned him down and he ran off into the night. There have been six robberies and five attempted robberies in the metro over the last three weeks.

Water Pipe Breaks at 300 Union Street

There is quite a mess to clean up at 300 Union Street today after one of the building's main water pipes burst last night. City Fire Crews were called to the building last night at 9:30pm to find water pouring onto the ground floor of the building. This was affecting the mechanical rooms and power to most of the building had to be shut down.

The City Water department had to be called in to shut down the broken pipe. Fire Crews spent four and half hours trying to get the water out of the building. No word on what caused the pipe to burst.