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Sunday, April 26, 2009

River Residents Score Victory In Bid To Keep Ferries In Service




(Liberal M-L-A Eugene McGinley - photo courtesy CNB)

Residents in the Belleisle and Gagetown areas have been successful in reversing a government decision to tie up their ferries on a permanent basis in a cost cutting measure.
Grand Lake-Gagetown Liberal M-L-A Eugene McGinley tells CHSJ News an agreement has been reached between the province and residents to keep the ferries floating beyond an April 30th deadline.
More details on the agreement including tolls will be announced within a day or two -- but -- McGinley says it will involve setting up a non-profit group to operate the ferries.
However -- the government M-L-A says the seasonal Hampstead ferry won't be plying the river waters as previously announced.

Save Our Ferries Member Says Service Will Continue



The Save Our Ferries Initiative appears to have arrived at a success--- that is the word of one man involved with the group who says the Gagetown and Belleisle ferry services will be kept afloat. Billy Carter of Save Our Ferries tells CHSJ News the recent news isn't what they wanted but does meet their goal of keeping the vessels in the water---  

Carter says they want the ferries to remain a free service, but he assumes if they are run by a private company brought in by the provincial government then a toll will be put on the ferry usage. A formal announcement is expected to be made by the provincial government as early as tomorrow.

Pets to Swarm City Hall Today



The pet population in the uptown will grow dramatically this afternoon. A rally is being held on the steps of City Hall to bring attention to animal cruelty. Sarah Herring is the spokes-person and tells CHSJ News, they also hope to continue collecting signatures for their petition which currently stands at 2000:

Herring says the current legislation is full of loop-holes and needs to be updated to protect the rights of animals. Similar rallies have already been held in Moncton and Fredericton and today's at City Hall will conicide with 10 other's across the country. The rally gets started in front of City Hall at 2:30pm.  

Immunization Week From Coast to Coast



No time like the present to get to a doctor and catch up on your vaccinations.
This week Regional Health Authority B is promoting National Immunization Awareness Week and is suggesting families get their shots.
For more information on vaccinations contact your family doctor, or the Public Health Office at 658-3109.

Quispamsis' New Look



If you have been to the Town Hall in Quispamsis recently or know someone who works for the town, no doubt you have noticed their sporting a new look. Magnetic pins are being worn which read everywhere. Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, this is a wonderful quote which says alot about the arena project:

Some of the new green technology for the project will take heat off the ice and warm the pool and bleachers. A special meeting of council on Tuesday at the Town Hall will announce the tender for the contract to build the facility.

Imagine The Possibilities Conference Wraps Up With Enthusiastic Aims



There are lots of ideas down on paper following a weekend conference in the Port City--- The Imagine the Possibilities conference gathering over 125 participants together to come up with plans for regional cooperation in the Greater Saint John area. Facilitator of the conference Jamie Golding tells CHSJ News
having so many people from all areas putting their minds together is critical---

Golding says this is just one step of a long journey and they must now go through all the information gathered during the day long event yesterday.

Dodge Ram Suspected in North End Crash Which Split Hydro Pole In Half



Be on the lookout for a black and white Dodge Ram--- it's the vehicle suspected to have caused serious damage in the North End Friday night before fleeing the scene. The truck allegedly slammed into a hydro pole, splitting it in half and leaving wires to dangle dangerously close to nearby buildings. The City's fire department and hydro officials were on the scene along Adelaide Street for many hours following the crash, forunately it appears no one was hurt.

Local Flood Watch Continues



news-fredericton flooding.jpg (Flooding in Fredericton area - photo courtesy CNB)

Residents living along river banks in the greater Saint John area continue to keep a close eye on water levels.
Provincial emergency measures officials are predicting water levels in our area will peak at or near flood levels by tomorrow -- but -- no significant flooding is expected.
In the Fredericton area -- the Saint John River has spilled over its banks but no major flooding is reported and the water level is expected to begin dropping by tomorrow.

Provincial Health Officials Monitoring Progress Of Swine Flu



As the number of confirmed cases of swine flu grow in Mexico and the southwest U-S -- public health officials say there haven't been any confirmed cases of the virus here in the province.
But -- they are asking anyone who is sick enough to see their doctor and have just returned from those areas - to let the doctor know of their travel history so it can be determined if you need to be tested.
At the same time -- public health says if you have just returned and are not sick - do not go to the hospital or clinic just because you have been travelling.
And as always -- washing your hands frequently - covering your face when coughing or sneezing - and - staying home when ill will help reduce the spread of most viruses including the swine flu.