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Friday, September 30, 2011

Three City Men Faces Child Porn Charges

Officers from Saint John, Rothesay, Fredericton and the RCMP conducting a bust at a home in the north end.

A 52 year old man arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography and he'll be in court in December.

This investigation also leading to two searches,  one at a home in east Saint John last month and the other in the city's south end on the 13th.

A 55 year old man and a 44 year old man were arrested and will be appearing in court in November on charges of possession and distribution of child pornography.

Four Teens Face Charges After Uptown Stabbing Incident

Several charges are facing four teens including the victim that were part of a fight that led to a stabbing on the Boardwalk.

City police tell CHSJ News a 15-year-old boy was being beat up by three other teens when a 17-year-old was stabbed.

Two 16-year-olds are facing assault charges and the 15-year-old is facing two charges including possession of a dangerous weapon and will be facing more charges.
All three are back in court on Tuesday for a bail hearing.

The 17-year-old who is in hospital recovering from a stomach wound faces at least one charge when he's well enough.

A Warning For Province About Seniors

New Brunswick will have to start paying more attention to seniors because they will be making up a greater percentage of the province's population. That, from the chair of the Provincial Human Rights Commission Randy Dickinson.

As of this July, seniors made up more than 16 per cent of the population in the province. That's expected to rise to 22 per cent by 2021 and 29 per cent by 2031.

Dickinson expects the number of age discrimination complaints in hiring to go up even though they can be tough to prove.

He goes on to say seniors in the future will be better educated and therefore more aware of their rights which will make them more assertive.

Our province becomes the first tomorrow to mark the inaugural National Seniors Day.

Nurses Union President Takes Up Food Bank Challenge

One of the people who took part in the food bank challenge organised by the Common Front For Social Justice calls it a real eyeopener.

Marilyn Quinn is President of the New Brunswick Nurses Union. She had to make do for three days on what was in a hamper that she got from a food bank.

She tells CHSJ News there was nothing in the food basket she received that would promote wellness and good nutrition although there was fresh milk and eggs.

Quinn became fixated on food and how you could stretch it out. She adds it would become even more complicated if you had children.

NB Power Warns Of Another Scam

The Provincial utility is warning its customers of a scam making the rounds.

Someone impersonating an NB Power employee is going to homes in an unmarked car demanding payment to avoid disconnection.

NB Power tells CHSJ News any payments should only be made at the company's authorized payment locations, online through their website or at your bank.

Boil Water Order Lifted For Redhead Subdivision

A boil water order for the Harbourview subdivision in Redhead has been lifted.

Test results have confirmed that water taken from the Ocean well is being properly disinfected and is now safe to consume.

The Department of Health has rescinded the boil water advisory.
Saint John Water staff will now proceed with lowering the chlorine dose.

16 Strongmen Take Over Coast Guard Site Tonight

A pile of tough guys will be showing off their skills at the Coast Guard site tonight.
Saint John is one of three host sites of the Strongman Canada Champions League competition.
Mike Saunders tells CHSJ News there is something for everyone in the family.

He it will features a medieval times combat with full combat featuring armour and swords.   
He adds it's 16 of the strongest men on the planet going head to head in a four-day competition.

The event runs from 6 to 10 tonight at the Coast Guard Site.
Tomorrow it moves to Dieppe and from there to Shippagan.
For ticket information, click here

Ferry Returns To Service

The Belle Isle ferry, which was off its run earlier this morning, is back operating. 

The Department of Transportation told us it got stuck and would be a few hours before it returned to service but that was done alot faster than anticipated.

Car Collides With Moose Out East

A moose was killed near the airport after a car ran into it.  The car was heavily damaged but the people inside were lucky......They escaped unscathed.

Shortly after 8 this morning, a bicyclist was struck by a vehicle on Thorne Avenue by Liquidation World and taken to hospital.

A two vehicle late yesterday afternoon at Bayside Drive and Courtenay Avenue is under police investigation. One person was taken to hospital.