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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Port Authority Still Waiting For Ottawa To Call

(Cruise ship docked at Long Wharf - file photo)

The waiting game continues for the Port Authority -- port officials are looking for federal and provincial stimulus funding to help with a proposed 42-million dollar upgrade to expand docking facilities beyond Pugsley Terminal to handle more and larger cruise ships. Port Authority chair Stephen Campbell tells CHSJ News he's waiting for some indication from Ottawa.Campbell says the clock is ticking for applications under the government stimulus packages -- he says the expansion is crucial to growing not only the cruise business but also to handle increased shipments of potash.

Grand Manan Resident Facing Arson Charge

32-year old Henry Harris has been charged with arson and is due in court to enter a plea next month on the 17th. He was arrested by RCMP earlier today in connection with a fire on Grand Manan back on May.13th.
It happened on the Hill Road when a rope and a crate had been torched beside the home and quickly spread. The person living in the home noticed the flames after it burned through the television cable. Harris has been released until his court date and is from Grand Manan.

Guilty On All Counts

The tax payers won't feel this court case in the wallet. Anthony Lawrence Foote pled guilty to robbing two Dooleys Pool Halls, and the Grove Lounge, and trying to rob another Dooleys, Lin Chau Restaurant, and the Fundy Heights Convenience Store.Foote has owned up to committing the rash of robberies in the city during the month of July.He will remain locked up until he is sentenced on October 13th.

Drug Seizure In Charlotte County

There are close to 600 marijuana plants less in the Charlotte County area.RCMP in partnership with other provincial agencies have seized the dope in several locations throughout the area, and it roughly equals 300 thousand joints.The mounties say the seizures are apart of efforts to reduce crime in the province, and those involved in marijuana production generally have ties to other organized crime.

Provincial Officials Urging If You Feel Ill Stay Home

[Rural Health Executive Director Lynn St-Pierre-Ellis, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eilish Cleary, and Department of Post-Secondary Education and Labour Spokesperson Dan Fraser---Photo Courtesy of]

Provincial officials advising students who feel ill this fall to stay away from the community college. Spokesperson with the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, Dan Fraser, says they will do what they can to ensure students with the H1N1 flu don't fall behind while they are home sick. He also says they will be taking some extra precautions at the colleges to try to prevent the spread of the swine flu:
Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr.Eilish Cleary says there is not a huge difference in the symptoms between the swine flue and regular seasonal flu. So she says those with any flu symptoms should isolate themselves from the public until they feel better.

Fire Fighter Sent to Hospital During Uptown Blaze

One fire fighter taken to hospital last night with undetermined injuries after crews met heavy smoke and thick fire at vacant boarded-up building in the uptown. When crews arrived at 154 Queen Street South around nine o'clock they contained the blaze to one side of the basement. Fire investigators believe the fire is suspicious and may have been set in a basement bathroom.

The building suffered smoke and water damage.

13 Year Old Robbed on the West Side

Police are investigating a robbery near the West Side Carleton Community Centre yesterday evening. A 13 year old was jumped by two teenagers who stole his money and took off. Police say no weapons were involved and the boy is fine.

Gas Prices Take Dip

Good news for drivers heading into another summer weekend. For the first time in five weeks the price of gasoline has dropped. The Energy and Utilities Board has set the maximum retail price for regular self-serve gas at 101.8. That's about a cent lower than yesterday and most stations in the greater Saint John area are selling gas for just under a dollar a litre.

The cost of diesel has also fallen to a dollar-four a litre, while propane has creeped up to 96 cents.

School District 6 Has Solved Busing Issue

School buses picking up children in District 6 will continue to get all students who live more than 1.6 kilometres from the school. The earlier announced budget cuts stated the rule would be changed so that only students living 2.4 kilometres from a school could use bus services. Superintendent Zoe Watson tells CHSJ News, a new computerized transportation software has solved their problems.

Watson says even though the district has one less bus than last year, this software has found a way to provide the same level of service. She says there will be fewer stops and buses will be picking up more students, which is where the budget realizes savings.

School District 8 Prepared for Fall Flu Season

Schools in District 8 are preparing in case of an onslaught of H1N1 in the upcoming school year. To be sure students are safe during flu season, staff will be asked to review the importance of sanitation with students. District 8 Superintendent Susan Tipper tells CHSJ News the district will be prepared with a hygiene strategy plan when the school year begins.

District Officials urge students who feel they may be falling ill this fall to see a doctor straight away.