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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quebec Woman Killed In Remembrance Day Crash

RCMP has released the name of the driver who was killed after a crash on November 11 in Upper Gagetown. She has been identified as 76-year-old Colette Babineau, of Quebec. 

Police say she appeared to lose control and rolled over. There were two other passengers in the vehicle at the time of the collision, an 84-year-old woman and an 80-year-old man, both also from Quebec.

The woman had minor injuries while the man has been transported to Quebec where he remains in hospital.

Road conditions were fair at the time of the accident.

Fundraiser For Paramount Theatre Goes This Friday

You've seen the "I Love The Paramount" buttons that have been decorating jackets and lapels over the last few weeks -- now comes the next step in Uptown Saint John's bid to save the Paramount Theatre.

A fundraiser called A Night For The Paramount is taking place this Friday at the Chinese Cultural Centre featuring several local musicians, including John Morrison and The Earthbound Trio.

Uptown Saint John General Manager Peter Asimakos tells CHSJ News the Paramount will fill a void in the city as both Harbour Station and the Imperial Theatre can be too large to host certain events.
Uptown Saint John is hoping to raise enough money to turn the abandoned theatre into an arts and entertainment complex.  The one year option on the building will be over at the end of the month.

For more information or to get tickets for the event, click here.

Bring A Coat Or Food To The Parade

Community groups, schools and businesses are busy little elves finishing up their floats as the Port City prepares for the 59th annual Santa Claus Parade.

The parade is coming closer with the floats set to wind their way around the uptown on Saturday night at 6pm.

Everyone is asked to bring non-perishable food as City workers will be collecting groceries along the parade route before it gets started.
All proceeds will be delivered to the Community Food Bank.

You can also bring along any unused and outgrown coats as NBCC Saint John will be picking up coats for kids before the food donations are collected.

For all the parade details, click here

Women's Football Championship Coming In 2013

Football fever is coming to Saint John in 2013 -- the city will be hosting the Women's World Championship by the International Federation of American Football.

12 out of 16 games will be played here and will feature 8 teams from around the world, including Canada.

Ashlee Clements played in the first championship series held in Sweden in 2010.  She tells CHSJ News it's a huge accomplishment for the city and for the women's football league here.  She says it will be fantastic for local players who make the team to be able to play at home.
Orgaznizers are trying to secure the Canada Games Stadium for the event, which will take place from August 2nd to the 10th in 2013.

Saint John To Be Warned About New Synthetic Street Drug

Saint John parents will get a chance tomorrow night to hear from a police officer from Bangor, Maine who will talk about a new street drug called "Bath Salts".

 Some users have become paranoid with hallucinations and even suicidal even after the effects of the drug have worn off.

City Police Sergeant David Hartley-Brown tells CHSJ News the synthetic stimulant has not become a problem in the Saint John least not yet but they want to stay one step ahead and not have to play catch up.

Lieutenent Thomas Reagan will be giving the presentation in Ridgewood at 7:00 pm Thursday and parents are being advised not to bring along small children.

Joshua Group Is Homeless And Desperate

The Joshua Group may have been honoured nationally for the work it does to help young people, who find themselves on the street, but now finds itself homeless and in desperate need of a permanent location.

A rally will be held at 6 tonight at a provincially owned building on Paradise Row near Brenan's that is up for sale and Joshua Group founder Bobby Hayes tells CHSJ News would be ideal.

When we asked Hayes whether the Joshua Group has been forgotten by the powers that be who earlier wanted to be on the bandwagon, he laughed saying the kids he helps haven't forgotten.

There will be a rally tonight at the site of the building on Paradise Row with a starting time of 6:00. Hayes frankly admits his intent is to try to embarrass the government into helping them out.

Coalition For Pay Equity Launches New Campaign In Province

The poverty of working people is a scandal.........So says Gail Taylor of the Coalition for Pay Equity which is launching a campaign to raise money to press the issue amid fears of what might be coming in the next provincial budget.

Taylor, who chairs the Saint John regional committee for pay equity, tells CHSJ News there is a myth about businesses going belly up if they pay women more because in Quebec, where pay equity has been legislated, there is no such evidence.

On the other hand, she says higher pay for women would help alleviate poverty, which is a big problem in the city, as well as stimulate the local economy.

The Coalition has been told in the south end, poverty has a feminine face.

More Underwear Thefts Up North

It's creepy up North as someone keeps stealing sex toys and underwear in 13 different incidents.

Last week, the Mounties let us know they were looking into a series of break, enter and thefts at homes in the Saint-Paul and Sainte-Marie areas.
Since then, four more people have come forward to report similar thefts.

Sergeant Scott Sawyer tells CHSJ News they realize given the nature of the items stolen, some people may not be comfortable with reporting it to police but it is important that they do.

Sawyer adds they don't know yet if more than one person is involved and by people coming forward it gives them a better chance of catching whoever is responsible.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the RCMP or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Morna Heights Residents Make Their Case For Saving School

Over 50 concerned residents coming out to Morna Heights school to listen or plead their case for keeping the school open.

About a dozen people making presentations to the DEC -- they are taking input on possibly closing down Morna Heights, Inglewood, and/or Grand Bay Primary school in order to build a new school in Grand Bay-Westfield.

Christian Goldie is with the River Road Community Alliance and he tells CHSJ News a lot of residents have put in countless hours to make their case and he's optimistic that the school can still be saved.

Meanwhile, Lori Nason is with the Parent School Support Committee and says if the school does get closed down, parents are not going to let the issue come to a rest.

When asked if she meant legal action, she would not elaborate.

Supporters of Morna Heights say shutting down the school would hurt student learning and be a blow to community activities.

The DEC will be making a recommendation to the province in February.