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Sunday, August 22, 2010

St. Joes Cemetery To Hold Ceremony

The Catholic Diocese is holding a special ceremonial mass this afternoon at St. Josephs Cemetery.

You'll remember the East Saint John resting place was the scene of vandalism earlier this year when close to 400 headstones were kicked over by one man upset about losing his girlfriend.

LeAnne Nogueria is Acting Manager of the Catholic Cemeteries and tells CHSJ News, this is another step in the healing process.

The ceremony will also pay tribute to Darryl Olsen, the former Cemetery Manager who spear-headed the restoration but passed away in an accident a few weeks ago.

The service gets started at two o'clock.

RCMP Going To The Ball Game

If your going to be checking out the Blue Jays Red Sox game on the tube this afternoon, keep an eye out for three RCMP officers from home.

Corporal Jean-Marc Paré, Corporal Greg Lupson, Constable Ian Grassman and Staff Sergeant Jamie George of Prince Edward Island will carry the Canadian and American flags prior to the game.

Red Sox management made the request to the Mounties back in July about serving as the Colour Guard for the game.

All four officers are thrilled with the opportunity and are paying their own way to take part.

The game gets started at 2:35pm.

Remembering A Crash

70-year old Lawrence Cummings and an old friend are going to get together this week to remember what could have been a tragic accident.

The Salt Spring resident was working on his farm back on May.19th, 1958 when a plane crashed into his field and he rescued the pilot.

Cummings tells CHSJ News, he doesn't consider himself a hero.

Cummings says the pilot, who now calls British Columbia home, is eighty years old and he is looking forward to seeing him.

Final Decision On Rothesay Condos

(Crowd of people petitioning against the building of condos in Rothesay)
(File Photo)

It's final, Rothesay council will allow two contractors to build condos on land near Rothesay Elementary School.

Mayor Bill Bishop tells CHSJ News there is a great demand for that type of housing in Rothesay and he bets they'll be sold before they're built.

77 people petitioned the development saying it would change the characteristic of the neighbourhood.

The condos will make Robertson Drive and Clermont Lane moderate density areas.

City Tries New Traffic Marking Technology

The city is trying out some new traffic marking technologies over the summer.

They're looking at ways to make the white lines and arrows painted on the pavement last longer.

Two new technologies are now installed at the intersection of Rothesay Avenue and McAllister Drive for a trial run.

One is 3M marking tape and the other is a material known as "Thermoplastic".

Both are supposed to last for close to 3 years, whereas traditional water-based paints only last for 4 months to one year in areas that get snow.

Tucker Says Ferry Toll Is Unfair

With the Liberals saying tolls can't be removed from the Grand Manan Ferry without services being lost, the Conservatives are singing a different tune.

Sharon Tucker is the PC Candidate for Charlotte the Isles and tells CHSJ News, her party is committed to removing the tolls without creating an additional cost to taxpayers and without eliminating ferry runs.

She says the people of Grand Manan are the only people in New Brunswick who have to pay to travel within their own province and this decision is about fairness. 

Tucker says getting rid of the tolls will help kick start the economic engine of the island, and bring new jobs and businesses to the area.