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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Man Charged In Impaired Driving Death Granted Day Parole

A man found guilty of impaired driving causing death has been granted day parole.

Jordan Sullivan will eligible for full parole June 12 after serving 8 months of a 3 year sentence. His license will remain suspended for 3 more years.

50 year old Sheila Bayers died after Sullivan hit her car on the Airport Arterial in March of 2011 when he was going the wrong way. 

Bayer's friend Sue Dale tells CHSJ News the sentence is totally inadequate when she and Bayer's family must endure the rest of their lives without her.

Liberal Leader Urges Women To Run For Office

The Provincial Liberal leader says women govern with civility, consensus and co-operation and he says that's why we need to have more involved. 

Brian Gallant says in 100 years only 40 women have been elected provincially in this province.

He says they are some practical barriers they have to look at and the Liberal party has a women's commission that will be giving recommendations on how to get more women involved in provincial politics.

Gallant says Canada now has 6 premiers that are women while this province is lagging behind when women make up less than 15 per cent of the legislature.

Large Shed A Loss In South Bay

It was tense situation for City and Grand Bay-Westfield firefighters and a homeowner in South Bay as flames from from a large shed fire came close to severely damaging a nearby house.

Acting Platoon Chief Mark Wilson tells CHSJ News about 10:15 this morning crews got a call of a structure fire in an out building.

He tells us the shed was located less than 30 feet from the home which did suffer damage but firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading any further.

Wilson says the shed was about 20 feet by 20 feet is a total loss for the owner. 
He says the cause is being looking into with investigators interviewing the owner and going over the scene.

Suicide Awareness Workshops Tour The Province

Activities and workshops will be taking place across the province this month to increase awareness and share ways to prevent suicide.

Suicideologist Dr. Greg Zed tells CHSJ news there are around 17 suicides around Southern New Brunswick a year, a number that's on par with the rest of Canada. Zed says about 7% of the deaths in the province are from suicides, but that number is much lower than it was 30 years ago.

Zed says suicide is more common in people in their late 50's and early 60's, a time where a lot of people have suffered many losses between friends, divorces and employment.

If someone is contemplating suicide, Zed says they have a drastic change in behavior, give away prized possessions, and usually tell someone they're having suicidal thoughts. If that's the case, Zed says you must immediately help them with local resources such as a mental health centre, a doctor, clergy and/or police.

Buy A Toque & Help Build A Home

Time to put on a toque today, and it's not just because of the cold weather.

Toques are being sold for $10 today at the City Market, Brunswick Square, Market Square and McAllister place all in support of building a transition home for kids transitioning from street life to a permanent home.

Called 'Raising The Roof', the national campaign seeks to find a home for over 65,000 kids across Canada. Project Coordinator Colin McDonald says when you buy a toque, 80% of the proceeds goes directly into building a 10-bed facility for Safe Harbour Transitional Youth Services here in Saint John. The other 20% goes towards research.

McDonald says this program not only helps youth on the street, but gives them a safe place to live if their home is full of abuse, neglect and violence.

Over the past 15 years, the Toque Campaign has raised close to $3.3 million dollars to support 145 community agencies serving the homeless across Canada.

Meeting To Be Held For Those People Thinking Of Running In Ward 3

Prospective candidates who are thinking of taking shot at being elected to Common Council in Ward 3 can find out what's they're in for at a meeting tomorrow night at 7. 

The byelection will be held May 13th to fill the seat which opened up with the resignation of Donnie Snook. 

Anne Marie Mullen is organising the meeting and she tells CHSJ News most people are surprised at the commitment you have to make and the fact you could be getting phone calls at 3 or 4 in the morning.

Mullen says the amount of money you have to spend to get elected might deter some people from running. How much you have to spend depends on what you want to put into it. 

Chris Belyea, who ran for Council last May, says he spent something like 25 hundred dollars but adds you really need as much as 4 thousand dollars to do it right.

The meeting is taking place at Saint John High by the Canterbury Street entrance.

Public Meeting To Be Held On Covered Bridge

The future of the Maxwell Crossing covered bridge, which was damaged severely on January 21st after a car went out of control, will be talked about at a public meeting. 

The covered bridge, built in 1910, is located near St. Stephen. 

Vern Faulkner of the L-S-D advisory committee tells CHSJ News people are worried the covered bridge will be replaced by a boring, concrete run of the mill bridge. He says the locals consider it to be a piece of their heritage and would like it restored but there's no word on how much that would cost.

You can have your say at the meeting to be held tomorrow night at the St. Stephen Middle School auditorium beginning at 7:00.

Shed Fire In South Bay

City fire crews responding to a fire on Free Lane in South Bay.

A shed on the property is fully involved and crews are trying to determine if it has spread to a nearby home.

Free Lane is off the Acamac Backland Road.

Fire crews from Saint John and Grand Bay-Westfield are on the scene.

Update On Power Disruptions

The latest update from NB Power on outages, as of early this morning,  is reporting 15 customers are still in the dark with most of them living on the Kingston Peninsula.

Lawsuit Against Town Of Rothesay A Possibility

Wasted water and lost revenue could be the grounds for a lawsuit filed by the city of Saint John against Rothesay; however, that eventuality would come only as a last resort.

Deputy Mayor Shelley Rinehart explains the Rothesay's sudden 2011 decision to switch K-Park and Hastings Cove from the city water system to that of the town was a breach of contract.

She tells CHSJ News problems with the dead-end infrastructure and water quality have arisen ever since switch. The large pipe to K-Park--built to service a larger number of residents--was filling with stagnant water and now needs to be drained off regularly, wasting untold liters of water.

Rinehart says Saint John is asking to extend the one-year statute of limitations to file legal action, until counsellors from both municipalities can meet and work out a solution.She says while neither municipality wants to go to court a viable solution must nevertheless be reached.