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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Councillor Thinks Enterprise Saint John Should Get Less Money

Councillor Bruce Court says a way to free up some money in the citys budget would be to decrease the amount of money allotted to Enterprise Saint John.

Court says when Chair Bob Manning criticized the District 8 school system in the media last month, he's bringing negative attention to the city.
Court says when the organization that is supposed to attract people to Saint John is publicly criticizing the education system, they should receive less money from the city.

Canadian Automobile Association Comments on New Phone Regulations

As Provincial officials continue to hash out whether or not there is a need for a law concerning using your cell-phone while behind the wheel, the Canadian Automobile Association is giving them some extra food for thought. Vice President Gary Howard tells CHSJ News, he agrees the hand held devices are a distraction but so are the hands free:

Howard adds CAA isn't advocating for everyone to get rid of their cellphones or Blackberrys but if it does ring when your driving, pull over, hit the four way flashers and then answer.

Health Minister Re-offering in September

[Mary Schryer---File Photo]
Expect to see Mary Schryer's name on the ballot in the fall Provincial Election. The Health Minister and MLA for Quispamsis tells CHSJ News, she is ready to re-offer and stands behind the record of her government since 2006:

As for concern about any backlash from the NB Power-Hydro Quebec proposal, Schryer adds it is a work in progress and the Graham Government continues to listen to feedback.

Busy Day for Saint John Fire Crews

A busy day for the Saint John Fire Crews yesterday.

Just before 10 yesterday morning crews responded to a riot at the Regional Correctional Facility on the Old Black River Road. Crews remained on site for a part of the day.
Sixteen prisoners barricaded themselves into a unit of the jail, then went on a rampage that caused extensive damage.

A spokeswoman for the province's Department of Public Safety says no one was hurt in the incident.
Then just after 11 o'clock last night fire crews responded to a structure fire at 83 Sussex Drive.
When crews arrived at the 24 unit apartment building people were evacuating, and smoke was visible.
After a quick investigation it was determined the smoke was caused by a cooking fire. There were no injuries.

Garden Street Fire

Five people are homeless after a fire ripped through their uptown home early this morning.

The fire began around 3 am on Garden Street, and is resulting in one woman being sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation.
The Canadian Red Cross is providing emergency hotel accommodations for three people, while an elderly couple living in one unit will be staying with relatives.
No word on what sparked the blaze, but the fire is under investigation.