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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Water Upgrade

A difference of opinion is bubbling beneath the surface over water -- last week -- Rothesay mayor Bill Bishop indicated water supplied by the city for K-Park residents isn't potable and doesn't meeting national standards. But mayor Ivan Court begs to differ.
Court says the city water meets existing national drinking water standards -- meantime -- Rothesay is beginning work on an expansion of the town's water system to K-Park thanks to help from federal-provincial funding amounting to just over five million dollars. The city has also received 16-million from the two upper levels of government to begin a multi-year upgrade to its drinking water system.

Student Rep at DEC

District 8 Education Council and other's around the Province will welcome a new member this fall. The council is testing a new idea that involves a Student Representative that will sit in on meetings and act as the voice of students in the respective districts.
The representative will be elected from student council and will serve for 1 year with the term ending June 30th. The student's for the upcoming school year are expected to be announced next week.

Quispamsis Growing

[ Murray Driscoll -- Photo by Diane Henry]

Quispamsis is one of the fastest growing communities in the province and the mayor says he doesn't expect any drastic changes in the momentum. Mayor Murray Driscoll tells CHSJ News, it will be a long while before they reach peak capacity:
Driscoll says there are still volumes of land available for development in the town.

Bus Routes

Students may need to be at their bus stops 10 to 15 minutes earlier this fall. School District 8 officials say everyone who had a bus last year will have one this year, however, cuts to the budget for transportation may mean mixing high school, middle and elementary school students on some routes to make that possible.
Students return to school September 8th and letters explaing the new bus routes and schedules will be in the mail in the coming days.

Bill Headed For NS, Not NB

Hurricane Bill is on it's way, but not in our direction. The Category 1 storm is expected to churn east today, bringing strong winds and heavy rain to coastal areas in Nova Scotia. Bill isn't expected to make landfall anywhere in Nova Scotia but is projected to do so in Newfoundland's Burin Peninsula early tomorrow. So far the storm is following the path of weather predictions.