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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Body Discovered In Long Wharf Waters

City police confirm a body was discovered by a fisherman and removed from the water around Long Wharf at 11:55 Saturday morning.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Jay Henderson tells CHSJ news there is an autopsy scheduled for Sunday to find the cause of death as well as the persons identity and gender, which are all unknowns at this time.

Sgt. Chuck Elgee was on scene and he tells CHSJ news the body was very decomposed when discovered, so it most likely had been in the water for weeks. Elgee says the body was taken to the Saint John Regional Hospital after it was removed from the waters near where the cruise ships come in. According to Eglee, it's not common to find a body in the water by Long Wharf but it has happened before.

Police were on scene for about an hour. Saint John Police Major Crime Unit with the assistance of the Forensic Identification Unit are currently investigating.

Body Found in Water Near Long Wharf

City Police are investigating the discovery of a body by fishermen in the water at Long Wharf by Harbour Passage around noonhour.

The body was taken from the water. There's no word on how long the body has been in the water or whether it's a man or woman.

An autopsy will be carried out.

Bar Fight Uptown Leads To Arrests

Two men are facing a court date in December after a bar fight just before 2 am in the uptown area.

City police say the two men in their twenties were arrested after assaulting another man in the Princess and Canterbury Street area.

The victim suffered minor injuries, the two other men were arrested then released.

Home Invasion Causing Injuries

Photo courtesy of Doug Epton
Three people are being held for court and facing charges of robbery with violence.

City police say a woman and two men were arrested early this morning after breaking into and robbing a home on the east side, which caused minor injuries to the homeowner in his eighties.

The suspects, in their thirties and forties, were arrested a short time later in the old north end after being spotted by a patrol officer.