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Friday, February 7, 2014

City Hall Might Not Be At The Foot Of King For Much Longer

City Hall's been at the foot of King for a few decades now--but that could soon change. 

The city is currently getting quotes from a developer, talking to property owners, and inquiring about the heritage status of other buildings that might be cheaper for council. City Manager Pat Woods explains there are a few different options: build, buy or lease, and they've had ongoing discussion with their current landlord.

No specific sites have been named--although some conspicuously vacant buildings in the uptown include the former Synagogue on Wellington Row, and the former Sydney St courthouse.

Not A Big Reader? You Can Still Help Your Kids Learn

Bookworms aren't exactly a flourishing breed here in New Brunswick.

According to Natasha Bozek of the Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick the majority of adults in this province don't have the literacy skills you'd expect--and that means they're not passing them on to their kids.

Bozek suggests if you're a parent who struggles with reading, work along with your kids when they do their homework and make reading together a bonding experience.

Sex Workers Will No Longer Be Prosecuted For Plying Trade

With the Supreme Court recently ruling it's unconstitutional to prosecute prostitution-related offenses, Police Chief Bill Reid tells CHSJ News he completely agrees and the force has been hearing the same thing from the Sex Trade Action committee for a long time.

He says there are only about 25 workers actively plying the trade in the Saint John area, and what they need are compassionate people working with them, not further persecution.

Real Estate Market Outlook Decent For Buyers And Sellers Heading Into Spring

If you are wondering about whether it's a good time to buy or sell a home - the outgoing president of the Saint John Real Estate Board - Jason Stephen - is suggesting "why not?"
Find out why in the video below.

The average sale price of a home last year came in at $179,489 - up slightly from 2012 helping to make the city one of the most affordable housing markets in the country.

Survey Aims To Improve Cancer Care For Kids

The parent of kids who had cancer in their teens or childhood being asked to take part in a survey.

The Pediatric Oncology Patient Navigator Program is conducting a confidential, online survey with the aim to improve children’s cancer care services across the province.

They would like parents or guardians of children or teens that had cancer under the age of 17 between 2005 and 2013 to provide feedback about the service they received during their time of treatment.

To take part in the survey click, here

SJ No Longer Has Highest Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate in Saint John went down in February from 6.8 to 6.4 per cent which is a lower rate than in Moncton and Halifax.

Provincial unemployment rose to 9.9 per cent with the loss of 24 hundred jobs. Nationally, the jobless rate is 7 per cent with the addition of 29 thousand jobs when the analysts expected 20 thousand.

Conservatives And Liberals Spar Over TV Ads

Premier David Alward's TV ads coming up in the Legislature with Provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant saying the Olympic coverage should not be polluted by his message of despair. The Premier responded by saying the only pollution is being spewed by the Liberals.

Alward has taken to calling the Liberals, the party of press pause and moratoriums with no new ideas on offer to grow the provincial economy.

University Students Getting Some Money Back

The U-N-B Board of Governors will be giving the money the university saved during the recent strike by faculty back to the students because of the hardship and inconvenience they suffered. 

The Board of Governors deciding the university should not financially benefit because of the strike.

The exact figures and details are still not known but it's thought full-time students will receive a lump sum credit on their account of over $200 with part time students getting a lesser amount.