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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Clean Air Coalition Supports Report on Lung Cancer Rates



A spokesperson for the Clean Air Coalition says he's not surprised by a report released yesterday showing Saint John has higher rates of lung cancer than Moncton and Fredericton. The study by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick also found that cancer rates peak at a younger age, contradicting the view that they are the product of an aging population. The Clean Air Coalition's Gordon Dalzell tells CHSJ News it's time government took action such as capping emissions.

Dalzell says the situation will only get worst for Saint John if a second oil refinery is built.

Fundy Bay Festival Prepares for Another Year



Organizers of the Fundy Bay Festival are looking for another five thousand dollars from the city. Common council granted the festival five grand back in November, but organizers were hoping for ten thousand dollars. President, Fred Little says they are hoping to make the Fundy Bay Festival Saint John's signature event by 2015.

This year's festival will run from August 6th to the 8th at various locations throughout greater Saint John and will include an Eric Clapton tribute show, East coast country show and mardi gras party at Long Wharf. Common council has referred the funding request to city staff.

MP Rodney Weston Responds to Forestry Demands



MP Rodney Weston says there is only so much money to go around for suffering industries in the country. During a phone interview from Ottawa Weston tells CHSJ News he hasn't had an opportunity to speak with the Minister or Prime Minister regarding the forestry workers' demands for loan guarantees--but--Weston does say he understands the need to stimulate the economy.

More than one hundred forestry workers rallied in front of Weston's office today seeking wage and pension protection, as well as help for forestry companies.

Forestry Supporter Speaks Out at Rally



news forestry protest(1).jpg

(Forestry Workers March up King Street to MP Rodney Weston's Office--Photo By Diane Henry)

Therese Tremblay with the Restigouche District Labour Council, says when Abiti Bowater came to Dalhousie is destroyed the local resources and made the community fully dependent on forestry jobs. She says many workers who have been working their for 35 years are still not receiving their pensions.

Tremblay says government does not care about the forestry workers, about women's rights or about children and the need for a childcare program.


Forestry Workers Protest for Federal Support



news forestry protest.jpg

(Rino Ouellet with Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada--Photo By Diane Henry)

More than one hundred forestry workers and fellow union members marched up King Street to MP Rodney Weston's office today over the noon hour. Forestry employees are demanding the federal government wake up and help the dying industry. Rino Ouellet with the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union tells CHSJ news they are not looking for a bail out. He says they want guaranteed loans and pension and wage protection.

Weston is in Ottawa today, but his spokesperson Lisa Ferguson says she will bring the workers' concerns back to the MP. Meetings are underway today in Ottawa between forestry unions and the Finance Minister.

Disablity Support Program Coming to Saint John



The Disability Support Program is coming to Saint John and Bathurst this year.
Social Development Minister Mary Schryer made the announcement today.
The program can provide home support workers, and transportation supports that are disability specific.
Right now the program is only available in Fredericton and Madawaska, but Social Development expects the it to be in all regions by 2010-11.
For more information on the Disability Support Program click here

Blood Services Fight Continues



Members of the task force formed to keep the blood services distribution centre in Saint John want to meet with Canadian Blood Service officials on the 15th or 16th of this month. Saint John Fundy M-L-A Stuart Jamieson says the fight to prevent moving the centre to Halifax has been a collaborative effort.

Jamieson adds for the upcoming meeting, they are gathering people from the medical and business sector to voice their concerns.


Isotope Supply is Getting Low



Health Minister Mike Murphy says the supply of radioactive isotopes for medical use is improving in some provinces, but there is a small time frame for this province. The supply is steady for the next week, but Murphy says if the Chalk River reactor, which produces the isotopes, stays down for in excess of three months, than rationalization will have to be used.

Murphy says by medical direction those in the most need, or in the most dire circumstances will be moved ahead.

A New Form of Cancer Test is Available



Beginning this fall for the first time in Saint John, HPV testing will be available at the Regional Hospital. Human papillomavirus has been associated with several types of cancer, including cervical. The Vice President of Community and Primary Health Services for Regional Health Authority B Fonda Kazi says this announcement brings services needed for residents right here at home:

Previously for HPV testing, patients had to leave the province to receive the service.

Green Awards are Handed Out



They say ""It's not easy being Green"" but the Saint John Environment Committee has found three people that don't find it tough. The group has handed out it's year end awards which recognize those who have made a significant contribution to the enhance the environment of the city. The winners are T.D. Insurance, Reverend Lloyd Lake and the Restore on Rothesay Avenue.

T.D. has set up a full waste diversion program at it's offices on Rothesay Avenue. Reverend Lake has been nominated for his efforts to save and protect the trees of Manawagonish Road for over 30 years and the Restore sell new and used building materials to reduce the amount of materials going to the landfill. 


Suspicious Fire in Oromocto



No word on charges but two people are locked up after fire ripped through a building in Oromocto yesterday. It began on the porch of a structure situated near the tennis courts and sports fields on Winnebago Street.

Nobody was hurt and no word on how much damage was caused.

Two car Crash on Highway One



A two vehicle accident last night on highway one saw both drivers walk away. The vehicles collided just after nine in front of Ossie's Restaurant and one of the vehicles was forced from the road. It couldn't get stopped and went right through a garage. The driver walked away with no serious injuries but the motorcycle in the garage was damaged.

Both drivers, a man from St. Andrews and a woman from Nova Scotia, were taken to the hospital to get looked over.


Lung Cancer Study Released



Lung cancer rates in Saint John were significantly higher than rates in Moncton and Fredericton and are linked to occupational exposure and air pollution. That according to the first of a two part study from the Conservation Council. When you break down the numbers, a higher percentage of men in Saint John than in Moncton and Fredericton work in occupations known to be associated with increased risks of lung cancer such as welding, machining, heavy equipment operation and the transportation sector.

The study calls on the provincial Health Minister to work with the Environment Minister to improve air quality standards and eliminate the release of carcinogens from industrial sources in communities. Part two of the study will be released in the fall.


Cupe Union Not Happy with Cuts



School bus drivers and maintenance staff are making their voices heard. Representing Cupe Local 1235, the membership is very concerned about the axe that continues to chop away at the provincial education budget including two million on transportation alone. Vallie Stearns is the union rep and tells CHSJ News, making the announcements this late in the year means alot of people won't find out about new rules.

Stearns says some children, regardless of age, will have to start walking to class if they live with-in 2.4 km's of the building. Some districts are even considering staggering start times at schools so they can bus the children there and some bus runs will be amalgamated. 


Protest Rally in Uptown Saint John



Forestry Workers from around the Province and country will rally in several cities today to fight for their jobs, pensions and families. Today marks a national day of protest by the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union. Rino Ouellet is the union rep and tells CHSJ News, the future of the industry is not very stable anywhere.

Ouellet says they are not asking for a bailout but loan guarantees to keep mills viable. The rally gets started at Noon at the Delta and workers will march to Saint John MP Rodney Weston's office here on King Street. Weston has confirmed to our news-room he will not be here but is in Ottawa.


Two Men Beaten up in Saint John



A trip to the Regional for two men earlier this morning. This after they were jumped by two other men by the Royal bank Building on King Street at one o'clock.

City Police tell us the two men who were jumped are going to be fine. No word on specific charges or a court date at this point.

Two Men Beaten up in Saint John



A trip to the Regional for two men earlier this morning. This after they were jumped by two other men by the Royal bank Building on King Street at one o'clock.

City Police tell us the two men who were jumped are going to be fine. No word on specific charges or a court date at this point.