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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Government Receives Report On Aging Well In NB

The provincial government getting a report on how to help our seniors stay happy and healthy during their golden years. 

What Was Heard is a report from the New Brunswick Health Council compiled after nine public sessions were held last summer to identify challenges and opportunities facing our older population. Healthy and Inclusive Communities Minister Dorothy Shephard tells CHSJ News transportation seems to be the biggest issue.

Shephard says transportation ties into being social in terms of being able to get to community events. She says that's one of the areas where more community involvement is needed in order to take care of senior isolation. Getting out and about, socializing and keeping their mind in tip-top shape listed as very important for seniors.

Click here to read the report.

RCMP Cracking Down On Distracted Driving

That phone call you answered while driving could cost you upwards of $170.

The RCMP say they are cracking down on cell phone use while driving. Officers in Oromocto issuing seven fines to motorists on Tuesday and Wednesday while in an unmarked vehicle to people who were using their phones behind the wheel.

They stress drivers who are distracted behind the wheel put themselves and others in danger as they're at a higher risk for being involved in a crash. Constable Derek Black says you have to pull over if you want to use your phone, or have a hands-free device installed in your vehicle. He says you have to be able to react quickly and be paying attention to the roads at all times.

For information on the law regarding cell phone use while driving or if you have questions about any motor vehicle law, head over to the N.B. Department of Public Safety website  or contact the RCMP at 1-888-506-RCMP (7267).

BREAKING: UNB & Teachers Announce Deal To End Strike

Both the school administration and the faculty at UNB announcing a potential deal in their more than two week old strike.

A tweet on the UNB profile says the Association of UNB Teachers and UNB are pleased to announce an agreement to recommend suspension of the strike/lockout.

In a news release, UNB says the recommended suspension comes as a result of reaching a tentative agreement on the key issues related to wages.

The parties agree to jointly announce further details over the next 24 hours.

City Businesses Take Part In Northern Lights Trade Show

19 provincial companies are in Ottawa attending the Northern Lights 2014 Business and Cultural Showcase highlighting the business and cultural diversity in the regions of Nunavut, Nunavik and more.

Economic Development Minister Bruce Fitch describes it as an event for New Brunswick businesses looking to partner and operate in Northern Canada.

The province is hosting a pair of workshop sessions during the event.

Maple Leaf homes from Fredericton along with Atlantic Towing and Irving Equipment from Saint John are all taking part.

Security Camera Catches Break, Enter & Theft

An early morning break, enter and theft at a home on the East side getting caught on tape.

Sergeant Jay Henderson of City Police says just after 1:30 Wednesday morning a security camera at an apartment building on Ellderdale Street catching a man breaking into a work room in the basement and stealing about $350 worth of power tools.

The suspect is described as being a 25-30 year old white man, approximately 5'10, of average build, with dark hair. He was wearing a white baseball hat, blue jacket with a white collared shirt underneath, dark jeans, white sneakers, and was carrying a purp

carrying a purple duffle bag.

Meantime, police arresting a 26-year-old man for making threats. He's facing charges including uttering a death threat and probation violation.

Alward Government Under The Gun On Daycare Inspections

The Alward Government is being pressed to release reports of inspections that have taken place at publicly licensed daycares in the province.

Provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant calls it a no brainer, dismissing the government explanation about the reports being kept under wraps to protect the privacy and financial interests of the daycare operators. 

Gallant maintains releasing the reports would not only be good for parents but also for the operators themselves to ensure top notch quality. He argues if daycares get public funding then parents are entitled to know how they're doing.

He points to a study done in 2012 which concluded New Brunswick and Quebec were the least likely of any of the provinces to release information.

Police Association Not Surprised

The President of the New Brunswick Police Association is hoping any talk of switching Saint John over to the RCMP will end once and for all. This follows the recommendation by City Manager Pat Woods against the switch, warning of dire financial implications. 

Dean Secord tells CHSJ News Mayor Mel Norton should have listened to the new chair of the Police Commission, Jonathon Franklin who's well aware of Moncton's experience with the RCMP. Franklin has been vocal in his support of retaining City Police. There has also been criticism of Common Council for bypassing the Police Commission. 

In a written report to Common Council, Woods says any switch as he warns it could sink the shared risk pension plan and result in the tax rate rising by 28 to 35 cents.

The suggestion has been made that all this talk of changing over to the RCMP was an attempt to influence contract negotiations between the city and the Saint John Police Association.

Kittens Found At Fernhill Are Doing Well

It's good news for the 7 kittens found in a laundry basket in Fernhill Cemetery on Monday afternoon.

3 have been adopted and 4 are being fostered by SPCA Animal Rescue League president Melody McElman. McElman tells CHSJ News says the kittens are quite young.

She says their teeth have just broken through so she had to bottle feed them the first night and the next day she put some older cats in the same room and they showed the babies how to use the litterbox and eat soft food.

McElman tells us that Dr. Cathy Adams of the Fairvale Animal Hospital has offered free vet checks and the first two vaccinations for the four kittens she is fostering.

McElman says this situation shows the serious problem of cat overpopulation and how badly a low cost spay and neuter voucher program is needed.

A man walking his dog on the Rothesay Avenue side of the cemetery found the 7 kittens in a laundry basket shivering, wet and hungry. He took them home, posted a Kijiji ad which McElman saw and went to get the 4 who still needed homes. 

McElman says all 7 kittens are spoken for.

City Taxpayers Would Be Hit Hard By Switching To RCMP

Common Council is being told by City Manager Pat Woods to drop the idea of switching policing of the city to the RCMP, in part, because it would cost too much money. 

Woods says there would be massive financial hit to the city's pension plan if it has to be closed up which could happen with the loss of a significant number of members and that could mean the city would have to make a payment of 100 to 125 million dollars. 

That sort of payment could raise the tax rate anywhere from 28 to 35 cents.

No Relief In The Price Of Gas And Propane Is Way Up

Another increase in the price of gas, heating oil and propane after the weekly setting.

Self serve regular will cost you over 2 cents a litre more and is at $1.29.8 in the city. 

Diesel has gone up by more than five cents at $1.50.8 a litre. 

Furnace oil rising by 3 cents to a maximum price of $1.33.1 and the maximum price of propane has increased to $1.45.9, which is 7 cents a litre than it was just yesterday.