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Monday, May 4, 2009

Water Announcement on the Way



It's only a matter of days now before a major funding announcement is made for the city's water system. Mayor Ivan Court has confirmed millions of dollars are on the way from multiple levels of government --but--would not go as far as to say the money would be used for clean drinking water.

The city is currently considering it's options when it comes to drinking water treatment--including whether to have two water treatment plants at a cost of about 214 million dollars--or--having just one central plant which may cost only 65 million dollars. Court says council will be meeting this week with a consultant to look at ways to get the most for less.

City Moves Ahead with Massive South End Park Project



The city is going ahead with the construction of a 2.3 million dollar Rainbow Park in the South End but it is foregoing plans to add housing to the project. Councilor Bruce Court says having people living next to-- and watching over-- the park would cut down on vandalism.  But Councillor Donnie Snook says adding housing to the project would leave less room for green space.

Council has voted to use the park design presented by the Glenn Group which will include an outdoor rink, splash pad, arts and culture stage and a playground. The city currently only has 500 thousand dollars for the project but Snook says they can use one million from the sale of the former Lantic Sugar site and raise the remaining 800 thousand dollars through private donations. Construction can begin as soon as all of the funding is in place.

Next Two Weeks Critical For Swine Flu Progress



Public health officials say the next week or two will be crucial to determining how widespread the so called Swine Flu is in the province.
Chief Medical Health Officer - Dr Eilish Cleary - says we don't typically see a lot of influenza through the warmer months but she says it's too early to determine what sort of pattern the virus may take in the province.
There have been two confirmed cases of Swine Flu in New Brunswick -- one in the Moncton area while the other was in the Fredericton area -- both were women -- and -- both have recovered without requiring hospitalization.

Update on Abbey Saint Andrews Project



Just a few more hurdles to jump for advancement on the Abbey St. Andrews project.
Chair Peter Jollymore tells CHSJ News, they are seeking approval from New Brunswick Housing on the changes to the design they have made, and says the timeline for construction start is over the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Jollymore says common council has recently named the Abbey Saint Andrew project one of the most important housing starts in the city for this year, and says that vote of support will help the progress of the mixed income housing project.

2009 Environment Awards



Do you know someone who goes out of their way to be a friend to the environment?--If so, the city wants to know.
The Saint John Environment Committee is looking for nominations for the 2009 Environment Awards.
The award will be going to an individual, or group who do the little things everyday to help the environment---such as composting and recycling.
The awards will be presented at city council on June 1st, and the deadline to nominate someone is May 15th.

To make a nomination, please send a letter to The Awards Committee, City of Saint John Environment Committee, c/o Planning & Development, P. O. Box 1971, 10th Floor City Hall, Saint John, NB E2L 4L1 or by e-mail to:

Please provide a complete description of the environment enhancing contribution of your nominee, and the reason your nomination should be considered. Please also provide a name, contact address, and telephone number for you and your nominee.

Top Vet Says Pork Meat Is Safe




(Dr Mike Maloney - photo courtesy CNB)

The chief veterinary officer for the province says pork is safe - and - there's no increased risk of getting the so called Swine Flu from the meat.
But -- Dr Mike Maloney says Pork N-B has been asked to step up its surveillance procedures as a precaution.
He says they already have good bio-security in place for swine herds in the province with all herds posted so no unauthorized people are allowed access.
Maloney says a herd of swine in Alberta infected with the influenza virus picked it up from an individual who had been in Mexico and exposed the herd to the virus.

Help for Young People Finding Summer Jobs



The Service Canada Centres for Youth are opening across the province to help young people find summer employment.
The centres link youth and employers by providing businesses the opportunity to advertise summer jobs to younger members of the work force.
The centres advise young people on interview preparation, resume building, and how to search for jobs.
See below for local centre information:

Saint John SCCY1 Agar Place

Saint John, NB   E2L 4V4

Telephone: 506-636-4595 Fax: 506-636-4255

Open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Sussex SCCY

10 Gateway Street

P.O. Box 5245

Sussex, NB  E4E 5L3

Telephone: 506-433-7703 Fax: 506-432-6965

Open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Another Confirmed Case Of Swine Flu



news-cleary 2.jpg

(Dr Eilish Cleary - photo courtesy CNB)

Public Health Officials are now confirming a second case of Swine Flu in New Brunswick.
Chief Medical Health Officer - Dr Eilish Cleary says a Fredericton area woman in her forties is the latest case after a trip to Mexico about two weeks ago.
Cleary says she wasn't hospitalized and is well now.
She says there are a number of others awaiting test results -- and -- she also says the next week or two will give us a clear indication of just how widespread the influenza will be.


Cat-Cracker Work at the Refinery



Maintenance crews at the refinery were kept busy with the cat-cracker over the weekend. Short term work on the unit got started with cleaning and Irving Oil spokes-person Leslie McLeod tells CHSJ News, this is considered a pit-stop leading into their turn-around project this fall.

McLeod says this maintenance work should be finished by next week and anyone living close to the facility will notice some flaring and extra noise when the unit does come back on-line.  

Review of the Liberal Convention



No big surprises coming out of the Liberal Convention held in Vancouver over the weekend. The party officially annointed Michael Ignatieff as it's full-time leader, taking over from Stephane Dion. Political Scientist at UNB Saint John Don Desserud tells CHSJ News, he puts alot of weight behind the recent talk of Prime Minister Harper offering a deal to the Bloc and NDP.

Desserud says the party should have no problem living up to Ignatieff's word of having a new platform in place by next month. 

Asphalt Work Continues



City Works Crews continue their effort at getting the upper hand on potholes. Patch work jobs are popping up to fill the craters that showed up during the spring thaw. Director of Public Works Shane Galbraith tells CHSJ News, along with the patch-work jobs, bigger projects are on the work order.

Galbraith adds not alot of rain last month and an early opening of the asphalt plant was good for both drivers and City Crews.

Work Continues on New Transit Home



With just under two months left before they have to vacate their current on Saint John Transit's new facility in East Saint John continues. Crews are pouring the concrete for the floors and should start installing windows in the coming weeks. General Manager Frank McCarey tells CHSJ News, he likes the way things are falling into place.

McCarey says they have to be out of their current location on Fairville Boulevard by the end of next month.

Hampton Master Plan Unveiled



Your input is needed for the development of a Master Plan as the Town of Hampton begins to guide recreation services over the next 10 years. It is expected to look at possible sites for a public library and assess what need there is in the community for recreation facilities.

An over-view of the plan will be unveiled tonight at Hampton Middle School. Things get started at seven o'clock.

Common Council Not Holding up to Schedule



City councillors are getting together tonight to complete last week's regular meeting agenda. It is one more sign that council's attempt to meet bi-weekly is not going as hoped as by our tally, council has met ten weeks out of the past fourteen.

City council will sit down around the horseshoe tonight at 5 o'clock.

Meeting Tonight to Discuss Water



There is a public meeting tonight thanks to an agreement between the province and the Village of Sussex Corner to provide clean, safe drinking water to Penobsquis residents. Under the agreement, Sussex Corner will manage and operate a new water system serving Penobsquis.

Things get underway tonight at 7 at the Penobsquis Fire Hall.

Ferry Group Still Not Happy About Set-Up



news-ferry protest.jpg

(Ferry demonstrators - Photo Courtesy of Billy Carter)

The Save Our Ferries Group is concerned about the schedule the Belleise and Gagetown ferries are now keeping because of emergency response times, but that's not the only issue. Spokesperson Billy Carter tells CHSJ News, other privately owned ferries use tolls, and if tolls are implemented on these two ferries, they will not be sustainable.

Carter says there is not nearly enough traffic to put tolls on the ferries and if they are put in place, traffic would decrease by about 50 per cent. Carter adds they have suggested having a resident volunteer at the ferries to keep them running overnight, but that idea was quickly shot down by the Premier.

Update Today Swine Flu



The Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eilish Cleary will have an update this afternoon on the status of the swine flu. There is still only one confirmed case of the virus in the Province, a young women in her 20's living in Moncton, has what is being described as a mild case. Provincial officials have also set up a web-site and toll free numbers for anyone with questions about the virus.

You can check it out at or call 1-800-580-0038. Officials say there will be more confirmed cases around the Province as the number of confirmed cases in the country and around the world increases. Once these numbers increase, it is normal to see some severe cases, including deaths.

Tim Hortons Targetted Again by Thieves



Thieves have again tried to make some easy money at a Tim Hortons location. City Police were called to the Russell Street Drive-thru location just after two this morning to find someone broke in. No word on what or of they got away with anything. This is the second time in as many weeks this store has been hit by thieves.......a quantity of cash was stolen last week. 

This is the fifth time in the past two weeks a Tim Hortons location has been robbed including the Westfield Road, Lower West and the Hilyard Street stores.