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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Parking Police Stepping Up Patrols



If you're one of those working in the uptown -- and -- parking in the south central peninsula residential neighborhoods -- listen up.
Parking Commission General Manager Richard Smith admits enforcement of the two hour time limits has been lax thanks to a shortage of enforcement officers.
But Smith says new officers have been hired bringing the force back to full strength -- so -- they will be stepping up patrols to enforce the one and two hour time limits and tickets will be issued to violators.

Parking Commission Ponders Tweaks



news-parking meet.jpg

(City official addresses public session on parking - photo by Gary MacDonald)

The Parking Commission now has some food for thought on how to fine tune the parking system in the south central peninsula area of the city.
About 30-people turned out last night for the final in a series of public information sessions on how to enhance the alternate side parking - residential parking passes - and - snow ban systems which have been in place for five years.
Parking Commission chair - councilor Chris Titus - tells CHSJ News most people appear satisfied -- but -- there are some tweaks which can be made to make the system work better.
A consultant will now finalize a report for the parking commission -- the commission will then take its recommendations to common council for approval.

Community Group Pushes for Middle School Classes at Millidgeville North



A group of Millidgeville residents calling themselves "Community First" is asking School District 8 to  include the English and Late French Immersion programs for grades 6 to 8 at Millidgeville North this fall. Spokesperson Cathy Simon is also recommending the district education council address over crowding at elementary schools and strike a committee to develop and implement an education action plan.

Superintendent Susan Tipper says she is not surprised by the request, but there are budget and staffing issues to consider. The community group is asking for a response within two weeks--but--Tipper says that's unlikely because of the amount of research they will have to do. She does say, however, the DEC and district staff will work hard over the next to weeks to crunch numbers and consider the implications of making Millidgeville North a middle school.


Resident Supports Middle School in Millidgeville



Millidgeville resident, Robert Davis echoes the sentiments of many parents in the neighbourhood who would like to see their children attend middle school at Millidgeville North.

Davis tells CHSJ news his two daughters were really looking forward to attending the school--and--were disappointed to learn the Education Minister turned down the districts request to make Millidgeville North a middle school with the closure of two North End schools.

Evandale Ferry is Back on its Run



The Evandale Ferry is back on its run after being out of service since Sunday afternoon when a tie down that holds the cable in place was hit by ice and snapped. 

Repairs have been made but the ferry is back in service subject to ice conditions. Huge chunks of ice are still making their way through the river.

Paint Recycling Program Expands



There is now a system in place for people to recycle old paint. RecycleNB has given the paint industry the green light to move ahead with the 2nd phase of the provincial paint recycling program. A network of 42 drop-off locations are now in place and that's expected to increase by 50 per cent this year.

Approximately five million litres of architectural paint are purchased every year in the province and at least 70 per cent of it can be re-manufactured into new paint.

The Province is Getting a New Correctional Facility



The province is planning to build a new 40 million dollar prison in Shediac. The 81 hundred square-metre  facility will include three accommodation units, each containing 30 cells. The centre will be located on a 62-acre property on Lino Road which was purchased for about 112 thousand dollars.

Preliminary design work is underway and Construction is expected to begin this fall and finish in the spring of 2011.

Ottawa Giving Another Five Million To Fundy Trail



More federal cash for completion of the Fundy Trail Parkway -- Prime Minister Harper has announced another five million dollars to help with construction of the connector road between Route 111 and Route 114.
The provincial government will match the funds to help with completion of the 11-kilometer stretch of roadway.
Work is expected to begin shortly.

Plumbing Problem Closes School



Cambridge Narrows School in District 17 is closing for the rest of the day due to a plumbing problem in the building.
Buses will be at the school to take students home starting at 1:50pm this afternoon.

More Parking Talk Tonight



More talk about parking in the South Central peninsula area tonight -- the city's consultants will spearhead a presentation on feedback received from a public session last month and where it goes from here.
The city is reviewing the alternate side parking and snow ban regulations which have been in effect for five years.
Tonight's public session is set for seven at the Church of St Andrew and St David.

Search is on for Missing Man




[Photo Courtesy of the RCMP]

The search is on for missing man. RCMP are asking you to keep an eye out for 74-year old Donald Leach, who hasn't been seen since early Monday morning when he left New Maryland for his home in Whitney. He is driving a green Taurus, license plate GGB-645 and may seem confused.

A picture of the man is on our web-site at news. If you do see him, you can call the RCMP at 1-triple eight-506-7267.

Update on Ferry Repairs



For those who have been waiting patiently for the Evandale Ferry to get back to business, this could be your day. Repairs continue on the tie down that holds the cable in place for the vessel after it was hit by a chunk of ice Sunday Afternoon.

Department of Transportation spokes-person Andrew Holland tells CHSJ News, if everything stays on schedule, the ferry should be cutting through the water by late this afternoon.

Mayor Court in Fredericton



The budget, cancer coverage for fire-fighters and local government reform. Just a few of the topics that were discussed with municipal leaders in Fredericton yesterday at the Premiers Forum. Mayor Ivan Court was there and tells CHSJ News, this is a great day to network with colleagues.

Court says it's important all municipalities in the Province are healthy and that is why funds are being set aside to help those who need assistance. 

Teacher Attacked in Sussex



No word on charges but one person has been arrested after a teacher was attacked in Sussex yesterday. It was 3:30pm when the teacher was hit with a piece of wood in the face when he came around the corner of a building. Two people ran from the scene and another teacher rushed in to help the man who was hit.

He was taken to hospital, stitched up and released. No word on charges or a court date.

Canadian Blood Services Speak



Some answers today after weeks of guessing about why Canada Blood Services is moving the distribution center out of Saint John and into Halifax. Ian Mumford is the Chief Operating Officer and tells CHSJ News, this change is part of an over-all new look for CBS from coast to coast.

When asked by CHSJ News if the changes are set in stone, Mumford says they look forward to meeting with hospital officials over the next two and a half years to work through the details to figure out the best way to make the plan work.

Update on Fires in Rothesay



It was a sleepless night for crews with the KV Fire Department which battled three separate fires all on the same street. They arrived just after eight o'clock on Newport Road in Rothesay to find smoke and flames pouring from the home. Despite their best effort, the house was gutted with explosions from the garage.

While covering the flames, they were called to another house on the street for a fire under the kitchen sink and another blaze following that at a neighbors house. No major damage but Chief Larry Greer tells CHSJ News, his initial reaction is the fires are connected. A dog did perish in the flames of the first fire but no one else was hurt. 

Local Housing Starts On Par Wtih A Year Ago



The city continues to lead the way for new housing starts in the province -- the latest numbers from Canada Mortgage and Housing show 44-new starts last month.
That's down slightly from the 50-new starts a year ago -- but -- well ahead of Moncton and Fredericton.
The federal agency reports the number of new homes started in the first three months of this year on par with the same period in 2008 while Moncton is down by 30-percent while Fredericton's new home construction is off by 45-percent compared to a year ago.

KV EMO Keeping Watch on the River



The Director of the K.V. Emergency Measures Organization says the area looks safe from flooding and other emergencies right now. Brian Shanks says Quispamsis is not anticipating the challenges being faced in Perth Andover. There is less snow on the ground in comparison to last year, which makes the group optimistic about the conditions, but says things can change at any moment.

The exercise will take place next Wednesday.


New Report card on Municipalities



Just like students who have received their report card in recent days, municipalities have received their grade today from the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies. They have ranked the top municipalities in the province according to number and grade. The top three are Florenceville, Cambridge-Narrows, and Port Elgin all with a B-plus. The AIMS Performance Report grades municipalities based on the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery using a three year average between 2005 and 2007.

Saint John finished in 82nd spot with a grade of C, Rothesay has a B minus and sits in 16th. Data for Quispamsis is reported as not available. Grand Bay Westfield is 35th with a grade of C Plus, St. Stephen comes in 14th with a B Minus and Hampton is 18th with a grade of B.

Three Fires in Rothesay



Plenty of questions left to be answered after three homes on the same street in Rothesay were hit by fire last night. Regional Police and the Kennebecasis Valley Fire Department were called to Dunedin Road at 8:30pm to find flames and smoke coming from a home. Despite their best effort, the home was gutted by flames.

No sooner did they have their hoses rolled up, crews were called back to the area at 11:15 and then 11:30pm for two more house fires. There was some damage but not as bad as the first blaze. Still no word on how they started and investigators will be back at the scene today.