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Monday, May 26, 2014

You Can Report Flood Damage Until June 27th

About 870 reports of damage.... and an estimated cost of more than $15 million.....after serious flooding in the region this spring.

If you were flooded out, you can still visit one of the temporary centres set up in Sussex and Grand Falls....where you can get assistance with your application for Disaster Relief funding.

The centres will be open from 8:15am to 4:30pm until June 27th.

The Sussex office is in the Justice Building, 707 Main St. The phone number is 506-432-2635.

The Grand Falls office is in the Grand Falls Municipal Complex, 131 Pleasant St. The phone number is 506-473-7595.

Still Time To Apply For Disaster Assistance After Flooding

Lots of homes and businesses are still getting back to normal after flooding this spring in Sussex, Fredericton, and elsewhere.

If you were effected by flooding and you haven't yet applied for Disaster Assistance, there's still help available. Temporary centres in Sussex and Grand Falls will remain open until June 27 to aid you with your application.

The centres are open from 8:15am to 4:30pm. The Sussex office is in the Justice Building, 707 Main St. The phone number is 506-432-2635.

The Grand Falls office is in the Grand Falls Municipal Complex, 131 Pleasant St. The phone number is 506-473-7595.

Tensions Still Running High At Fundy Regional Services Commission

The annual general meeting of the Fundy Regional Services Commission getting heated with the local service districts expressing that they feel disrespected by the cities and towns. 

L-S-D representative Joan Seeley who represents Simonds telling the members of the commission "don't ever think your L-S-Ds are nobodies" adding that she is very discouraged by the board and that she was never in favour of it in the first place.

Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier who was just re-appointed as the chair of the commission tells CHSJ News she is empathetic to their concerns but she doesn't think there is a democratic deficit when there are four people at a table of nine representing only 11-percent of the population.

Frustration has been expressed in the past over the fact that little appears to be getting accomplished at these meetings. Losier says there is history that needs to be put behind them and she thinks they can move forward and believes it's important that they do.

What If You've Pre-Paid For Something And The Store Goes Out Of Business?

We all heard about the bridal store in Fredericton that closed suddenly, leaving disappointed women wondering what to do about their dresses.

The Provincial Finance Commission is advising New Brunswickers to research companies, check the return policy, and get everything in writing before you buy anything.

If you find yourself in a situation where a business closes and you've pre-paid for something, you should visit the location and see if any contact info has been posted, then check with your credit-card company or bank and see what your options are for cancelling payment. 

If all else fails, you can always contact the Finance Commission directly for specific advice.

The Atlantic Premiers Talk EI, Immigration and Cooperation in SJ

The four premiers in Atlantic Canada share some of the same struggles like youth out migration and high unemployment.

At a news conference in Saint John at the conclusion of their Council of Atlantic Premiers Meeting, PEI Premier Robert Ghiz tells CHSJ News he finds the meetings very valuable.

He says the premiers have a lot of commonalities in areas like healthcare and education and he says learning from one another is extremely important.

Premier Alward echoed Ghiz' comments says sometimes as a premier you can feel like an island but when you come together they are facing a lot of same issues using the signing of an agreement to harmonize apprenticeship training across all four provinces.

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil says in each province the training model was different and at the end of four years you would cover the same material  but it would be in different sequences.    He adds lining up the training will make it easier for the mobile workforce we have to work in all four provinces.

Vandals Strike In Hampton

The RCMP in Hampton arresting two 17-year-old boys, one from Lakeside and one from Upham along with an 18-year-old man from Barnesville after at least 18 incidents of vandalism of vehicles and homes in Hampton. 

All of the damage with rocks was carried out between the evening of May 23rd and early the next morning. There was also damage caused to Hampton High School.

Police are asking anyone else who was victimised by this spate of vandalism to contact the Hampton detachment at 832-5566. If anyone else has any information about these acts of vandalism, please report it to police or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at or 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Two People Arrested For Assaults With Weapons

A 21 year old man is facing a charge of assault with a weapon after a 42 year old man sustained what are described by police as moderate injuries after a fracas on Garden Street. The man who was injured didn't have to be hospitalised. 

City Police also reporting a 24 year old woman was arrested for assault with a weapon after another disturbance. This one involving a 35 year old man she knows on Queen Street South.

Atlantic Premiers Visit The Refinery

The four Atlantic premiers visiting the Refinery this morning.

Irving Oil President Paul Browning tells CHSJ News he told them the availabity of crude oil and natural gas is important to the future economies of all the Atlantic provinces.

He says we all stand to benefit by ensuring that access adding there are many projects heading our way that have the potential to drive employment and economic opportunity not only for Irving Oil but for the whole region.

Browning was asked if the proposed Energy East pipeline would lead to lower gas prices in the region, he says with a large supply available it stands to reason that this region would benefit.

Saint John Hosting The Four Atlantic Premiers

The Premiers from the four Atlantic Provinces are in town to discuss various issues. The Council of Atlantic Premiers is being hosted by Premier David Alward and one of those issues is a study on the what sort of impact changes to Employment Insurance have had on the region.

This isn't the first study on the changes. There was one done for the Alward Government. It showed the changes would reduce E-I benefits in the province by an estimated 7 million dollars. 

A poll done by Corporate Research Associates found 62 per cent of New Brunswickers were opposed to the changes with opposition strongest the older people were. 

Under the changes, if unemployed you would be forced to travel as far as 100 kilometers for a job and accept as much as 30 per cent less pay. Even without the changes, less than 40 per cent of people who lose their jobs qualify for E-I benefits.

Assault In City And Black Bear In Valley

City Police reporting a man is in the Regional Hospital following an assault with Major Crime now investigating. Police say they got the call after he was brought to the hospital and we are expecting more details to be released later this morning. 

Meantime, Kennebecasis Regional Police say they got a call about a black bear being seen on the Vincent Road.   

K-V-H-S Completes Run At Reach For The Top

Kennebecasis Valley High finishes 6th at Reach for the Top in Toronto. 

This is the tenth consecutive year that K-V-H-S has finished in the top six out of 500 schools that participate in Reach for the Top across the country.

The team  comprises Alexis Lamontagne, Chris Huddleston, Keegan Reynolds, Sam White, Sam Cookson and Ryan Queen as well as coaches Jason Gilbert and Jason Thorne.