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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tomorrow Is The Last Day To Vote For Island View School

If you want to see Island View school on the west side get an outdoor classroom getting the mouse clickin and the fingers tappin.

Tomorrow is the deadline to vote for the school in the Majesta Trees of Knowledge contest.
Principal Mark Blucher tells CHSJ News the school is in the first place in the voting.

He says they were nervous last week when they slipped to second spot and thankful for the community response that brought them back up to first place.

You can vote for Island View school until 11:59pm eastern time tomorrow and the school finds out if they won on May 17th.

To vote, click here

Students And Others Celebrate Pay It Forward Day

Hundreds of students along with police and firefighters, business leaders and regular citizens celebrating Pay It Forward day in the Port City at the Marco Polo Cruise terminal.

The international kindness initiative grabbing hold in Saint John with little acts of positivity like buying a coffee for a complete stranger.
Police Chief Bill Reid tells CHSJ News he thinks the movement will have a good impact on issues like bullying adding it certainly can't hurt when people have a positive outlook over a negative one. 

Rothesay High Palmer Dennison tells CHSJ News she pays it forward herself and thinks it's great people are getting together to celebrate the day.
She tells us she noticed a woman had forgotten her purse in a store and she ran out and gave it to her.

Grand Bay-Westfield Mayor Grace Losier and Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll along with MLA Carl Killen and Saint John Deputy Mayor Shelley Rhinehart for an event with singers and dancers and Pay It Forward founder Charley Johnson.

The qplex is hosting an outdoor fitness party at 6 tonight in the overflow parking lot for Pay It Forward day.

CUPE Charges Frontline Healthcare Workers Are The First To Lose Their Jobs

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is crying foul as the first of the proposed 131 layoffs at Horizion Health come to light.

CUPE provincial co-ordinator Ralph McBride tells CHSJ News the union was led to believe the first 19 cuts would be in administration but claims they're actually top paying unionised jobs that are being chopped. 

He suspects senior management are trying to protect their own.

McBride charges Horizon Health is top heavy in administration and he predicts the job cuts will adversely affect frontline medical care.

Man Accused Of Threatening Girlfriend With Machete In Court

Another court appearance for a 51 year old man from Ontario who was arrested the other night on the Marr Road by Rothesay Regional Police after his girlfriend was threatened with a machete. 

Arnold James Cote was sent back to jail after asking Judge Henrik Tonning for an adjournment and his bail hearing will now be held May 10th. 

The charges include making death threats, possessing a dangerous weapon and  mischief by damaging his girlfriend's car.

Street Named To Honour Saint John Soldier And His Comrades

Private David Greenslade and six of his comrades who were killed in Afghanistan back in 2007 after their vehicle hit a roadside bomb are being honoured with the naming of a street in the north end. 

The street, which wasn't named before, leads to the Millidgeville Ferry and the David Greenslade Peace Park and will be called from now on as Bravo Landing. 

David's mom, Laurie Greenslade tells CHSJ News she and her husband, Don are grateful their son has not been forgotten. A grand opening is planned for June 1st and Saint John High is attempting to raise 5 thousand dollars for the installation of a wrought iron fence. 

Waterloo Street is named after Wellington's defeat of Napoleon and Alma Street, just off Waterloo, is named after a famous battle in the Crimean War.

Retired Doctor Who's An M-L-A Is Unenthused About Lawsuit

One M-L-A who should know something about health care is Dr. Jim Parrot, the independent member for Fundy-River Valley and he's not crazy about this lawsuit being launched against the provincial government by the Medical Society which represents 16 hundred doctors.

Dr. Parrot tells CHSJ News what we need is dialogue, not legal action and no matter who comes out on top in such a lawsuit, the win will be hollow because attitudes then harden.

He does concede the two sides are fairly far apart on the issues that divide them.

Car Accident Uptown

A car strikes a light pole on King Street around 11:30 this morning after going backwards just outside the studios of Country 94 and the Wave. A fire hydrant was knocked over but there were no injuries.

Gas Prices Rise Slightly

You'll have to pay a bit more for gas if you have to fill up after the weekly setting. 

Self serve regular around town is selling for $1.23.4 a litre which is half a cent more expensive.

Diesel going up by  less than half a cent a litre at $1.26.9. 

Heating oil went down with a maximum price of $1.07.4 while the max for propane is a bit higher at $1.04.6 a litre.

Meet The Candidates Forum Told Lower West Side Is Under Siege

Another Meet the Candidates Forum held in Ward 3 on the lower West Side with Anne Marie Mullin saying that part of the city has been neglected after photos were displayed that showed illegal dumping that hasn't been cleaned up. 

Gerry Lowe says it's time for the city to bring back the yearly cleanup and there should be incentives to build on vacant lots. Graeme Stewart-Robertson, who works at the Atlantic Coastal Action Programme, suggested A-Cap might be able to help out with that. Michelle Hooten says if the city has to clean up a lot, the property owner should be billed.  

Rhoda Welshman of the Lower Westians tells CHSJ News there are two issues that stick out......the garbage and drug use by young people. Welshman says the city has been made aware of the debris but nothing has been done. Candidate Barb Ellemberg went so far as to suggest the community is under siege.

On safe drinking water, Gerry Lowe warned it could be 20 years before that's achieved and at what cost because he claims the underground pipes have to be replaced along with the building of a water treatment plant. Graeme Stewart Robertson, who works at the Atlantic Coastal Action Programme or A-Cap, says you need a councillor who actually understands the science of clean water which he does. Brian Boyd argues clean water should have been done 10 years ago and he accuses previous Councils of being ineffective on the issue.