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Thursday, July 8, 2010

East Saint John Man Charged With Murder Back In Court

A 30 year old man accused in the brutal stabbing death of his estranged wife will remain in jail until a preliminary hearing begins on October 5th. Two days have been set aside to determine if there's enough evidence for Jason Getson of Martha Avenue to stand trial. He's charged with first degree murder in the killing of 28 year old Melanie Getson of Douglas Avenue in a parking lot on Rothesay Avenue May 10th.

Update On One Mile Interchange

(Shot Of Construction At One Mile Interchange)
           (Photo By Jim Hennessy)

As if there wasn't enough traffic confusion in the metro area, here comes another change in the pattern.
Starting Saturday, the eastbound lanes of Route One near the One Mile Interchange will be closed and traffic will be shifted to the westbound lanes with one in each direction.
Transportation Minister Denis Landry is pleased with the progress being made on the project.

Supervisors at the site says the project is both on time and schedule and should be open in two years.

Conservatives Comment On Areva Deal

(Margaret-Ann Blaney comments on the Liberal's deal with Areva)
(Photo By Sherry Aske)

Conservative M-L-A Margaret-Ann Blaney says she can't help but notice the timing of Shawn Graham's Areva announcement.

She says this, like the NB Power-Hydro Quebec deal, was done behind closed doors.

Blaney says she'd like to know where Graham's Minister of Public Engagement was when they were having discussions with Areva because it doesn't seem like the public was consulted.

Blaney says they don't know enough about the deal to know if they'll keep it on the table if elected, but it looks like it could have a lot of value if it fits in with their energy plan.

Province and Areva Sign Letter of Intent

     (Premier Graham At The Podium)
         (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

It's official. A letter of intent has been signed between the Province and nuclear giant Areva.
Following the completion of a feasibility study Areva will be entirely responsible for managing the design construction and financing of a new light water reactor the first of it's kind in the country.
Premier Shawn Graham says the tax-payer is not on the hook for this project should it move forward.

If the plant and energy park move forward, over 8000 construction jobs could be generated and close to 500 permanent positions.
It's hoped a detailed agreement can be ironed out by the end of the year.

Areva Happy With Proposal

Also touting the economic spin-offs from this proposal and safety of nuclear energy is the Chief Executive Officer of Areva.

Jacques Besnainou says this proposal will be up front and not hidden in the back board-room.

Besnainou adds his company is not here to make a quick sale.....they are here for the long run saying this Province provides many benefits including it's bilingual work-force.

New Report On Cancer

The province is making progress in reducing the number of deaths caused by common types of cancer.

A new report from New Brunswick Cancer Network shows a reduction in mortality rates for people with prostate, breast and colorectal cancers.

The report says nearly 20,000 people were diagnosed with some form of invasive cancer in the province between 2002 and 2006, and roughly 9,000 people died as a result.

The report says lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in both men and women.

Hampton Fires

RCMP are busy investigating some suspicious fires in Hampton.

Police responded to a grass fire that was started in a wood pile off the Base road in Willow Grove.

They say the fire was deliberately set.

Two other fires were set in a field on Highway 111 in Willow Grove.

Humidex Continues To Soar

There is no relief in sight from the muggy temperatures.

Environment Canada has issued a humidex and health advisory for several area's including Sussex, the Kennebecasis Valley, Kings County, St. Stephen, Fredericton and Oromocto.

The warm airmass that has been lingering over the Province is going to persist with humidex values to reach between 35-40.
The Department of Health reminds everyone to stay in the shade or seek shelter in air conditioning if possible.

Drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and take plenty of breaks if your working or exercising outside.

Common Council To Decide On Residential Development Near Rockwood Park

           (Entrance to Rockwood Park)
                      (File Photo)

Common Council will have another hot potato on its hands about whether to allow more housing to be built near Rockwood Park along Sandy Point Road. Consultant Brian White of A-D-I tells CHSJ News its all about making the area more of a people place and safer. Opponents fear to allow more housing near the park will eventually lead to residential development inside the park itself.
White acknowledges there is alot of distrust between some Saint Johnners and the city when it comes to development and there's a good reason for that considering the history of less than steller well planned and designed development. White believes if more people live in a particular area, their presence alone improves security.

Major Announcement In City Involving Areva, The Provincial Government And NB Power

           (Premier Shawn Graham)
                     (File Photo)

The betting man's money is riding on a letter of intent to be signed between the Province and French nuclear giant Areva today. Both sides have called a news conference for later this morning at the Delta but nothing confirmed from either party. Premier Shawn Graham says the announcment will help build jobs in the community.
Energy Minister Jack Keir spent time in Florida last week meeting with Areva and discussing the possibility of a second reactor at Point Lepreau or an energy park. Also taking part in the announcement is President and Chief Executive Officer of NB Power Gaetan Thomas. The news conference gets started at 11am.

Liberals Choose Their Final Candidate In Saint John Area

Kit Hickey is the newest Liberal candidate running in the fall Election. Hickey was nominted by acclimation last night in the riding of Hampton Kings and says she decided to run when she heard about the Liberal poverty reduction plan.
If elected, Hickey says some of the things she wants to focus on in her home riding would be road repair, water quality and ferry services. The Liberals got into trouble when they tried to cut ferry service at Belle Isle.

Early Morning Fire In The Uptown

City fire crews called out in the early morning hours to a blaze in an apartment building on Leinster Street. The Red Cross was brought in to help 11 people find alternate accomodation after they were evacuated from the building. The cause is under investigation.

Gas Prices Fall In Saint John

Saint John drivers are getting a break if you have to fill up today. Gas prices are down after the weekly setting. The price of self serve regular fell by three cents a litre to 96.4 in the city with diesel down to 98.3. Propane is listed at a dollar a litre.