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Friday, July 9, 2010

People's Alliance To Put Together Policies For Provincial Vote

(People's Alliance Of New Brunswick Leader Kris Austin)
                             (File Photo)

After this weekend, we should have a better idea what the newest political party in the province, the People's Alliance stands for. The party is meeting in Oromocto to put together a platform to offer voters for the September 27th provincial election. Party leader Kris Austin tells CHSJ News what won't change is the pledge to hold free votes in the Legislature so M-L-A's can better represent the views of the people in their ridings. He claims that won't be as chaotic as some people might think. Austin vows the policy meeting will give those people who haven't been listened to by the mainstream parties a chance to be heard for a change.
The Party's Executive director Stirling Wright says they will have a lot to talk about including transportation, health care, education, the environment, energy and employment opportunities.

Mayor Says Projected Cost Of New Police Headquarters Proves Naysayers Wrong

(Saint John Mayor Ivan  Court)
              (File Photo)

Mayor Ivan Court says all the fear mongers were wrong about how much the new police station at Peel Plaza will cost. The figures being bandied about ranged from 40 to 60 million dollars. The Mayor tells CHSJ News those were wildly off the mark and he's pleased with the lowest bid. Court goes on to say both the city ands the province explored the possibility of a public-private partnership and found it to be too expensive. Mayor Court predicts the majority of Common Council will be pleased although Deputy Mayor Stephen is expected to vote against at a special meeting of Common Council planned for Tuesday to vote on the project.

Body Found

The body of the missing 54-year-old Saint John man has been found.

A family member reported him missing after they found an empty aluminum boat on the South Oromocto Lake earlier this morning.

After searching the area, RCMP found the body just before noon.

The man's name has not been released yet.

Energy Conference Raps

(Jack Keir speaks at the energy conference)
(Photo by Sherry Aske)

Coming out of a day and half long energy conference, Energy Minister Jack Keir says it's important to have the whole community involved.

He says they need the universities, the building trades, the unions, and social organizations all involved.

Keir says they've established a task force that will be responsible for moving the energy hub forwards, defining it, and coming up with key projects.

Welsford Man Is Going To Court

Tuesday morning is when a 65-year old Welsford man will appear in Hampton Court to answer to two charges of luring over the Internet.
The charges stem from an ongoing investigation initiated by the Halifax Regional Police Department into a man allegedly attempting to lure a child over the Internet.

On April 14 a search warrant was executed at the man’s home by the RCMP where computer and electronic equipment were seized.

Where Will All The People Go

As the issue of out-migration from Saint John continues to swirl, there is a question that needs to be answered?

Hypothetical, if everyone who calls the Kennebecasis Valley home were to say they wanted to move into the city, is there enough room?

Dave Cochrane is a realtor with Remax and tells CHSJ News, not a chance because with just over 25,000 people living in Quispamsis and Rothesay alone, there are not enough properties to go around.

Cochrane says if you also take the price of a home for example in Millidgeville, along with the $1.72 tax rate and a lot of people simply can't afford to hang their shingle in Saint John.

Arrest Made in Oromocto Legion Fire

(Photo Of The Oromocto Legion Before The Fire)

                (Courtesy of a Listener)

A teenager from Oromocto has been arrested in connection with a fire that destroyed the Legion in that town last month.

RCMP picked up the 18-year old man yesterday and a charge of arson is expected to be laid.

The man has been released and is scheduled to appear before a judge September.13th to enter a plea.

Special Meeting To Discuss New Police Headquarters

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
          (File Photo)

Mayor Ivan Court says the new police headquarters at Peel Plaza will cost as little as 20.7 million dollars which is far less than some of the estimates that were put forward by those opposed which ranged from 40 to as high as 60 million dollars.
The Mayor tells CHSJ News there has been alot of fear mongering when it comes to the final price of the proposed headquarters.

The fate of the project will be decided at a special meeting of Common Council on Tuesday night.

Saint John Harbour Independent Candidate Talking Water

(SJ Harbour Independent Candidate John Campbell)
                      (File Photo)

The independent candidate for Saint John harbour is talking water.

As the City struggles to find the hundreds of millions it needs to improvement the current system, he applauds Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase for bringing options to the table instead of complaining.
John Campbell tells CHSJ News, a solution to this problem is going to take some creative thinking.
Campbell admits the over $200 million dollars needed for the water upgrade is a tremendous amount of cash and is one of the biggest issues facing the city right now.

Search Underway On Lake For Missing Saint John Man

The RCMP in Grand Bay-Westfield are looking for a missing 51 year old man. They were told about his disappearance by a family member who discovered an empty aluminum boat floating on South Oromocto Lake. The missing man was last seen around 7:00 yesterday morning. The search resumes this morning with the RCMP's underwater recovery team. The man's name has not been released.

Enterprise Saint John Welcomes Areva Announcement

As you can imagine, Enterprise Saint John is thrilled with the letter of intent signed between the Province and Areva. General Manager Steve Carson tells CHSJ News, this is an exciting time for all of Greater Saint John and he isn't concerned about the proposal being lost if the Graham Government fails in it's bid for re-election. Carson adds even with the plan for a second refinery being shelved, investments continue in Greater Saint John which gives him every indication the energy hub is alive and well.

Head Honcho At NB Power Denies Allegations Of Lax Work Habits At Point Lepreau

(NB Power President And C-E-O Gaetan Thomas)
                        (File Photo)

Do video games and movies have anything to do with the refit schedule at Point Lepreau falling 18 months behind schedule? Callers and e-mails to our news-room over the past several weeks tell us employees are doing both while on the job. President and CEO of NB Power Gaetan Thomas tells CHSJ News, this couldn't be further from the truth.
Thomas says the delay is caused by the leak tightness of the calandria tubes but they have a solution to the problem and will then move on to the fuel channel installation and the lower feeder being put back on line. An udate on the refit schedule is due out next week.

Motorcycle Collides With House On West Side

One man was taken to hospital after suffering significant but not life threatening injuries after his motorcycle collided with the side of a house. This happened at 429 Prince Street on the lower west side. City Police say the motorcycle was heavily damaged. The house, itself, also sustained some damage. There was also a fire in a vacant lot with alot of railway ties at the corner of Bay and the Gault Road. Firefighters sprayed them down with foam.