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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NB Power Warns Of A Scam

Someone is trying another scam over the phone and this time using NB Power's name.

Several calls to the public utility say they have been contacted by someone offering a device for sale that can save them up to 40 per cent on their electricity bills.

It is believed the caller claims that he/she is calling on behalf of NB Power, or that he/she is calling on behalf of "your electricity provider" or " your hydro provider."

NB Power says it is not selling any devices and if you do get this type of call to get in touch with police right away.

Future of Campobello Island Goes to a Vote

A huge decision has been put before the residents of Campobelo Island.

Residents will vote through a plebiscite on May.10th if they want to become a rural community or remain a local service district.

Last year, 50 residents petitioned Fredericton to conduct a study on the feasibility of establishing a rural community.

The study shows of the 330 residents who are qualified to vote, 90 per cent were in favour of both establishing a rural community and holding a pledbiscite."

Unlike a local service district, a rural community includes a mayor and four councilors that has decision-making authority over certain areas.

Two Premiers Team Up to Help Haiti

(Former Premier Frank McKenna Speaking to Reporters)
               (Photo by Stephanie Davey)

$60,000 dollars raised at the Saint John for Haiti fundraiser today at the Delta.

Former Premier Frank McKenna was the key note speaker for the sold out luncheon.

McKenna says he understands why some are skeptical about giving money to Haiti but he says this time it's different.

McKenna says the country should include women more in the rebuilding of Haiti and begin teaching english or spanish in the school system.

Premier Not Offering Any Apologies

He's not sounding very apologetic -- Premier Graham isn't backing down from his comments about municipalities taking a tax grab this year at the expense of New Brunswickers.
Graham says the increased assessments this year would produce extra revenue for municipalities -- and -- his government felt the municipalities had a responsibility to give up some of that revenue to give tax relief to home owners -- but -- they chose not to.
The Premier says he had a good meeting with municipal reps yesterday to discuss how to produce the rate relief New Brunswickers are looking for -- his government has already indicated some changes are coming.
Quispamsis council isn't happy with the Premier's comments throwing the responsibility for high property tax bills back to the council level and is seeking an apology.

Gas Leak Forces Evacuation Of Imperial Theater

(District Fire Chief Lew MacDonald)

Enbridge Gas crews are repairing a leak which caused some anxious moments in the uptown early this afternoon.
District Fire Chief Lew MacDonald says passerbys noticed a strong odour of gas in the area of the Imperial Theater.
MacDonald says fire crews took readings in both the Imperial and the nearby Admiral Beatty Seniors Complex -- and -- didn't find any gas in the buildings.
The leak is outside the Imperial -- that building was evacuated but MacDonald says there was no need to evacuate the Beatty complex.

ACAP Future Undecided

The Atlantic Coastal Action Program is growing concerned about it's future.

It is waiting for word from Environment Canada as to whether or not current yearly funding which totals over $82,000 dollars will be renewed.

The deadline is the end of the month and Executive Director Tim Vickers tells CHSJ News, he is trying to remain optimistic.

Vickers adds the federal cash is project specific money and not core funding and points out with great community partners, ACAP is more fortunate than other organizations that with-out funding, will close.

Fraud Exhibit on Display

(Exhibitors on Display at Brunswick Square)
           (Photo by Jim Hennessy)

In this day of scams and someone always trying to make an easy buck, the New Brunswick Securities Commission is trying to help you hang on to your cash.

It is hosting a fraud prevention exhibit at Brunswick Square with several firms taking part.

One is the Bank of Canada and spokes-person Allan Paquet tells CHSJ News, they are always trying to stay one step ahead of thieves.

Paquet points out a quick way to examine your cash is by holding any bills you might think are phoney up to the light.

If you see a face in the middle of the note, it is real. The exhibit is being hosted by the New Brunswick Securities Commission.

Saying Goodbye to Winter in Quispamsis

As the winter season winds down, not many battle scars showing in the Town of Quispamsis. With storms few and far between, Director of Engineering Gary Losier tells CHSJ News, they have come to the conclusion that an extra route for plowing has to be added bringing the total to 12:

Losier adds the lack of big storms gave crews the opportunity to get in between and clean up properly with their supply of salt not taking a huge hit like last year.

Mayor Maintains Saint John Has Not Lost Its Momentum

(Saint John Mayor Ivan Court)
(File Photo)

Mayor Ivan Court refuses to accept the notion that Saint John has lost its mojo from the days just a couple of years ago when former Premier Frank McKenna predicted the city would become Alberta with a view. Even though the second oil refinery in Mispec and Irving Oil's world headquarters at Long Wharf won't be built, the Mayor tells CHSJ News, there are other projects in the works. He points to the Justice Complex on Hazen Avenue, the new police headquarters and parking garage as part of the Peel Plaza development. Court is also predicting there will soon be word about progress with the Coast Guard site opposite Market Square where a new hotel and condos have been proposed. He goes on to say an effort should be made to ensure young Saint Johnners have the jobs skills necessary to take advantage of the new opportunities that Court believes will arise. The Mayor is a big supporter of the co-op programme as a way to secure employment. He acknowledges going to university can be unaffordable for many families and may not be necessary depending on what career you want to pursue.

Rothesay Mayor Says Town Is Not Being Unreasonable In Dispute Over Fire Service

(Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop)
(File Photo)

If the new fire chief and deputy chief in the K-V recommend the hiring of another firefighter, Rothesay town council will do the right thing. That word coming from Rothesay Mayor Bill Bishop after Quispamsis town council voted for arbitration to settle the dispute. Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll says there should be the same number of firefighters at the fire stations in his town and Rothesay. Bishop tells CHSJ News he can see where Driscoll is coming from because Quispamsis has more people and pays more for fire protection and, as such, wants equal status with Rothesay.
Bishop would prefer to see another meeting with Quispamsis and the K-V Fire Board before hiring an arbitrator because he says you never know how that will turn out and there's always a cost. Rothesay has been pushing for a 100 thousand dollar reduction in the fire budget.

Record High Temperature Reached

If you thought it was abnormally warm yesterday afternoon, you're right as Environment Canada is reporting a record high was reached. The temperature at the airport got up to 11.4 celsius. That breaks the old mark of 10.6 that was recorded back in 1984.

Man Injured In The Woods In Quispamsis

Emergency crews had to rescue a man from the woods early last night in Quispamsis. Rothesay Regional Police say the victim, in his 60's, suffered undetermined injuries. He was working in the woods when police believe a tree may have fallen on him off French Village Road. They go on to say the victim had to be carried quite a distance before he was rushed to hospital for treatment.